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7 Dinge, die Sie vor dem Königstag wissen sollten 


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2 Jahren ago | März 20, 2018

7 Dinge, die Sie vor dem Königstag wissen sollten 

By Nicola Donovan 

Ah Amsterdam, the Dutch capital known for its red lights, cannabis and canals. No one knows how to party quite like the Dutchies, and King’s Day is without a doubt their loosest celebration of the year. 

This April, join Stoke as they celebrate the King’s birthday bash in Amsterdam. But before you book, here are some things to keep in mind for the big day. 

  1. Wear Orange Everything

During King’s Day, the streets, canals, parks and bars are all saturated orange. Do as the Dutch and cover yourself head-to-toe in the colour. This is the only day you can go full ginger with zero judgement. 

Come prepared and bring your own gear, or trade a beer for someone’s orange beanie at the camp, but don’t wait until the day to buy your full outfit. It will be overpriced and even novelty items that are usually dirt-cheap can fetch an eye-watering amount on King’s Day if it’s the right colour.

  1. Bring your own drinks

One of the best things about this festival of madness is that you can legally drink on the streets for the day. While there are plenty of bars and pubs for you to stumble into, it’s a lot cheaper to bring your own backpack of booze.

Supermarkets sell all types of alcohol and are open on the day, so be sure to stock up before they run dry.

Before the drinking begins, last longer by lining your stomachs every morning and night with an included breakfast and dinner, courtesy of team Stoke.

  1. Bag a Bargain 

King’s Day is also set aside for tax-free selling, so you’ll see the streets turn into one of the world’s largest flea markets. Bring your bartering boots and grab a bargain on the streets lined with vendors trying to sell their second-hand goods. 

  1. King’s Night is Just As Crazy 

Turn your Amsterdam trip into a bender by celebrating the craziness that is King’s Night. Not a lot of visitors know, but the night before King’s Day is an equally (if not more so) crazy celebration for the nation. 

Try not to completely ruin yourself before the big day though; you don’t want to waste King’s Day with a hangover. 

  1. Bring Spare Change 

Nothing’s worse than finally winning the hunt for a restroom, only to be told it will cost you 50 cents to 1 Euro to relieve your bladder. Not only is having to pay to go to the toilet bullshit, but it’s the norm in Amsterdam (as like most of Europe). 

Don’t get stuck crossing your legs and dancing from foot to foot, while frantically screaming at strangers for some coins, be prepared and make sure you always have some cash.

This goes for drinks as well. If you run out of booze from your backpack, there are plenty of street stalls waiting to refill your bladder, in exchange for cash. 

  1. Party on a Boat 

By taking to the canals, you’ll get an unreal perspective of the city, and there’s no better day to board a boat than the King’s birthday.

Turning into a sea of orange, the canals are crammed with party people, blasting music and boat-hopping. Just be careful not to fall in, trust us when we say you don’t want to find out what’s in those waters. 

  1. Squares of Madness 

The city turns into one gigantic party for the day, with street parties, open-air dance festivals and clubs opening their doors – so you won’t have any trouble finding a place to celebrate. Live music spills out onto the street from nearby pubs, as DJ’s set up for the day in public squares. 

Lucky for you, Stoke are Europe’s festival specialists and will help you to navigate the insanity of King’s Day.  

Want to join in on the fun? Of course you do – book Hier and thank us later. 

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