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2 Jahren ago | April 26, 2018

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There are so many mobs offering sail Croatia trips, why would you choose us? Because we’re Stoke! And it’s sailing Croatia! Has there ever been a more iconic duo? But if you’re not going to blindly take our word for it, here’s a bunch of reasons why you should sail with Stoke before anybody else. For those of you light of attention spans, the bottom line is because we’re the biggest peggin’ pirates on the Adriatic Sea. Why? Because we aaaaaarrrrrrghhh!

We’ve got the best crew

Stoke Travel regularly and without fail attracts the wildest, funniest, most adventurous travellers. We’re not where you come to hang out exclusively with people from your home country. We attract party lovers and travelling legends from all over the world. The last thing you want is to sign up for sail Croatia and be shipmated with a bunch of dead boring Barneys. That will never happen with Stoke. You know who else attracted the wildest party-loving adventurers in the world? Pirates did, that’s who! Pirates obviously crewed their booty-grabbing ships with only the best lunatics from all over the world, and so do Stoke.

We sail to the hottest spots

Gorgeous islands, hidden bays, treasure filled (maybe) caves, raging port towns and all the high seas in between. We cruise by the highest mountain range on the Mediterranean. All of these things just spell the pirate’s life.

Stoke has an open bar on our sail Croatia cruises

Yeah, you read that right. An open and unlimited beer and sangria bar on Stoke Travel’s Stoke Afloat Sail Croatia trips. For only €10 extra per day we’ll let you drink as much as you like, saving you even more cash. You want to live the pirate’s life, right? Well you think the pirates used to hand over hard-swashbuckled Kunas everytime they wanted to crack a tin of partying juice? Not a chance. They are 100% open-bar kind of sailors.

We’re all about the booty

We’re about shaking our booty, dropping our booties and tanning every booty inch we possess. Our sail Croatia trips are booties out experiences, with every boating hour favouring wearing our bikinis or speedos and nothing else. Pirates were also about booty, but they liked to collect it. We’ve got our hands full with our own booties, thank you very much.

Our entire life is about finding the best party

There’s nothing that drives Stoke Travel more than finding the next and best fiestas. We are absolute experts in scouring the world for crazy parties and throwing ourselves in the middle of them. Obviously we continue this goodtime-focused tradition in Croatia, looking for the next party even before the current one has finished — from stripper pole bars to the biggest nightclub in Croatia. We will be sure that our boat is always in the hot spots. Pirates also liked to party, we assume, what with all the rum. Rum is the ultimate partying juice.

Convinced? The open bar should be convincing enough, literally nobody else offers this in Croatia. Join the biggest pirates on the Adriatic this summer, with Stoke Afloat Sail Croatia trips setting sail from the 28th of July and the 25th August. All of our trips are eight days, include breakfast and lunch, accommodation onboard, and all the snorkeling, cliff jumping, sunbaking and high-seas hijynx you could hope for. €600 is all you’ll be forking out for the fun.

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