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    Clowns of The Rolling Circus: Part I

    What is it that makes The Rolling Circus Europe’s most freakishly fantastic bus tour? As is always the case with Stoke, the point of difference is the people. Meet our…

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    The ABCs of Oktoberfest

    All the reasons you should join Stoke at Oktoberfest 2019, in alphabetical order. Book your Stoketoberfest experience now to see how many you can add to the list! A: alcohol, after-grog…

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    8 Kinds of People You’ll Find in Oktoberfest Beer Halls

    1. The small girl who can drink a beer faster than anyone. You’ll know her when you see her – wearing a child-sized dirndl, hair in plaits – but don’t…

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    The Biggest Off-Oktoberfest Party

    MEDIA RELEASE Stoke Travel is officially the biggest Off-Oktoberfest party Twenty minutes from the Oktoberfest fairground lies Campingplatz Obermenzing, the campground The Stoke Travel Co. invades every September to host…

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    Welcome To Tentertainment

    Tentertainment of Stoke Travel, always a blast! The big question is: “My tent or yours?” Probably yours because I don’t have one. After a long 18 hour trip from Barcelona,…

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