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Here at Stoke Travel we’ve been carrying our backpacks across Europe for well over a decade now. From Spain and the Mediterranean, up to London and Scandinavia, from the west coast of France, all the way to Munich, Prague and beyond. We’ve done it all, and we’ve done it for next to nothing, making the most in the time between festivals by travelling on the cheap and making  the most of our free time. The best backpacking across Europe.

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Mochilero de europa

It’s time that we shared our European backpacking knowledge with you, our Stoke Travel family from the past, present or future. Of course, we still operate the craziest camps at Europe’s wildest parties and destinations, but this guide is more about how to prepare for your trip, how you can get around when you’re not with us, and how to successfully navigate the post-Europe comedown.

We think that backpacking Europe isn’t just something you should do as a one off. It’s a delightful and important part of every traveller’s life and a trip so varied you can do it as often as you want and not get bored, not even one bit.

Before You Go: How To Plan Your European Backpacking Trip

Flying Tips from World-Class Travellers

While Backpacking Through Europe

How to Move Across Europe

European Food, Drinks, and Parties

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