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How to get the best mobile plan

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Posted by Stoke Media Team
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How to get the best mobile plan. One with lots of data because Google Maps and Tinder are more important than mumsy’s twice-daily checkup calls. Also, Europe has no roaming charges as of 2018, so you can travel the continent and swipe right like a legend.

When it comes to using your phone abroad there are three options. Travelling without any mobile data and relying on WiFi hotspots, keeping your current network and sim and hope it works and doesn’t cost a fortune or picking up a prepaid sim when you arrive in Europe. All methods work and have their merits. Let’s explore.

Relying On WiFi

This is obviously the cheapest option as it will cost you literally nothing. These days there are plenty of establishments that will offer up WiFi for nothing at all, and as a savvy backpacker you can take advantage of that. Google Maps will allow you to save areas of their service for use offline and you can access at all times your downloaded music and books. Obviously the usefulness of your phone is drastically reduced and you’ll be unable to book travel, accommodation, find recommendations and pass the time on social media whenever and wherever you like. This method may work for a short time, but for any trips of substance you’re going to want to connect yourself to the network.

Keeping Your Sim

This totally depends on where you’re travelling from and who you carrier is. Many carriers will now allow you to continue using your home-country plan for a small daily fee. This is perfect for short-to-mid-term trips, especially if you have a plan at home that you are unwilling/unable to break. The days of restrictive roaming costs are coming to an end, because in a connected world it’s kind of bullshit. Do check your individual situation and options before you leave home, because still in some cases your phone won’t work, or it will be really slow and/or rack up a massive bill. If you’re on the road for a while, or aren’t locked into any plan at home, make sure that your phone is unlocked and pick up a European SIM at the start of your trip.

Getting A PrePay Sim Card

Not being a European resident it will be hard, if not impossible, to get on a European mobile plan, but never fear as prepaid SIMS are relatively easy to pick up and offer fantastic deals. A prepay sim means buying credit online or from a shop and topping up your phone manually. Most carriers will give you two ways of going about using your prepay sim. The first is to simply buy whatever amount of credit you want, €5, €10, €20 and so on. The second is to buy into one of their deals, they normally offer free texts, unlimited data, it depends on the carrier,3llshi:+44 20a2eansc7oks. Obv.c on the fantastic1npe mabye for usou hfip a div>

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