Tripulación del festival

We are aways looking for amazing crew! Below are the festivals with there approximate starting and ending date. Closer to the festival we will have exact arrival and departure dates for you. Hope to see ya there!

  • Springfest – Munich – 10th April – 21st May,
  • London Big Day Out (LBDO) – London – 15th June,
  • San Vino – Haro – 25th June – 1st July,
  • Running of the Bulls – Pamplona 1st July June – 17th July
  • La Tomatina – Valencia – 24th August – 1st September
  • Oktoberfest – Munich – 1st September – October 13th,
  • Ibiza Beach camp – 1st June – 30th September,
  • San Sebastian Surf Camp – 1st June – 30th September,
  • Barcelona Beach Camp – 1st June – 30th September

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