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1 June - 28 September

Glamping doble / doble tienda

We hope you’re getting as excited for beach camp as we are!

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Camping Vall d’Or, Avinguda Verona | Terol, 41, 17250, Platja d’Aro Costa Brava
Once you arrive at the campsite, enter the main gates you will see a majestic golden chicken/bird/ornament ahead of you (if slightly to the left), head towards this decoration and then take a left. Follow the path right to the end until you find our little slice of paradise. You can tell it’s ours becasue the party will be rockin’ and we have a big white “Costa Brava Beach Camp” sign up top. A stokie will be there to get you a welcome drink, have a chat and point you in the direction of your tent.


Comprobar Omio for the best deals on flights, to get from Barcelona to Platja d’Aro we would reccommend the Moventis Sarfa bus as it will take you straight from Barcelona to the center of Platja d’Aro. Take the L1 bus from the Barcelona airport terminal and get off at the bus stop Platja d’Aro (Estació). You can buy your tickets online aquí.
When you arrive, head on to the main road and take a right, follow this road and head straight on at the first roundabout and at the next roundabout take a left, at the end of the road on your left will be the grand gated entrance to the campsite (Camping Vall d’Or). From the bus stop to the camp is about a 20 minute walk.
We also have a private transfer option available from Barcelona to Costa Brava. We meet at Kulas bar (Passeig de Colom, 7) at 11.30am and catch the midday bus straight to the campsite. Seats on this transfer must be reserved beforehand, to reserve your spot and for transfers from Costa Brava to Barcelona contact info@stoketravel.com.


  • Carpa glamping grande en la que puedes levantarte, para estirar, vestir y otras actividades.

  • Cama con colchón inflable con sábanas ajustables, sacos de dormir y almohada
  • Potencia e iluminación en tu carpa.
  • Mesilla de noche
  • Wi-Fi gratis
  • Espejo y papelera
  • Guía Stoke a su servicio.
  • Té ilimitado, café y chocolate caliente.
  • Desayuno diario (huevos, tocino, champiñones, panqueques, tostadas francesas, cereales, fruta y jugo)
  • Cena diaria (casera y deliciosa).
  • Sesión diaria de yoga por la mañana.
  • Actividad grupal diaria organizada.
  • Uso diario de equipo de snorkel.
  • Juegos de playa; fútbol, voleibol y frisbee
  • Descuentos en ofertas de vida nocturna


  • Recoger / dejar en Barcelona (correo electrónico bcnbookings@stoketravel.com para disponibilidad)
  • Noches extra 130 € / noche
  • Cerveza, sangría, vino, refrescos, té y café ilimitados 10 am-10pm 10 € / día
  • Camiseta Beach Camp € 15

Pregunte en el campamento en el mostrador de viajes de Stoke;

  • Excursión en kayak y esnórquel.

  • Tour por la ciudad de gerona

  • Deportes acuáticos

  • Fiestas en barco

  • Alquiler de paddleboard

  • Kayak

  • Tour del vino

  • Alquiler de coches / motos

  • Excursiones en barco privado

  • Cursos de buceo

Don’t Forget

Upon arrival go straight to Stokes area of the campsite to get checked-in with Stoke staff. You do not need to go to the campsite reception first.

Check-in Times: 10am – 11pm (Overnight check-in available)

Breakfast Times: 9.30am – 10.30am

Dinner Times: 7pm – 8.30pm 

Fridays: Local market

Stoke Travel Desk: Ask about trips and activities to make the most of your stay

The stoke Campsite opens on June 1st and closes September 30th

Remember to grab cash while you are in town as the campsite is cash only 


  • Remember to grab cash while you are in town as the campsite is cash only. 
  • Our charging station is located onsite, check it out to get your devices all juiced up. We reccommend bringing a battery pack that you can take with you on the move. It will be all the better to get those holiday snaps and instagram moments captured!
  • Unlimited beer, sangria, wine, soft drink, tea and coffee is only available on the Stoke campsite.
  • We can cater for dietary requirements, please email info@stoketravel.com to let us know.
  • Upon arrival go straight through the campsite gates and to the left to Stoke Camp area of the campsite to get checked-in with Stoke staff. 


  • Laundry facilities
  • Vending machines 
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Stoke Travel Desk – Where to go to get all the info on excursions, activities and hot spots
  • Onsite Charging station for phones, battery packs and GoPros
  • Stoke Threads: Where to go and grab yourself some Stoke merch


*If at any time you feel unsafe, please don’t hesitate to contact the onsite staff.

As far as situations go, a Stoke Travel trip is amongst the safest. Unlike in the ‘real’ world, everybody here seems intent on having a good time and doing so with new and old friends – your fellow Stokies are way more likely to hold your hair back when you puke than lift your wallet.

Siendo así, estamos más en peligro de lastimarnos a nosotros mismos en un viaje de Stoke Travel que de arruinar a nuestros compañeros de viaje. Aquí hay una pequeña guía rápida para ir de fiesta con Stoke Travel.


  1. Drink plenty of water
    You’re going to drink plenty of beer and sangria, and you’re going to have a plenty big hangover, but you can really limit it by smashing a few cups of water throughout the day and evening.
  2. Eat!
    Vamos a engancharte con un abundante desayuno y cena, y como mínimo deberías mantener tu estómago alineado y el motor en marcha. No se salte estas dos comidas, incluso si está sufriendo horriblemente con una de las resacas antes mencionadas. También recomendamos encarecidamente conseguir un almuerzo allí, tal vez incluso todos los días.
  3. Zip your tent up when you’re in it and when you leave it
    Seems basic, but you’d be surprised how often drunk us forgets to do this. When you get in your tent of a night make sure you zip it up to prevent unexpected rain showers from disturbing your slumber. Same goes for when you leave your tent. It’ll take two seconds tops to zip it up, but that might save you from wet clothes, chafe, and maybe even pneumonia. If you also brought your favourite pair of socks and want to make sure they are safe, keep it zipped and worry no more.
  4. Don’t be a creep
    En serio, ¿eso te ha funcionado alguna vez? Del mismo modo, si ve que alguien se está volviendo loco y está haciendo que la gente se sienta incómoda, avísenos y les contaremos una palabra amistosa. A veces simplemente no se dan cuenta de lo groseros que son.
  5. No means no, but more than that consent matters
    At a very basic level if you hit on somebody and they say no then you’ve just got to cop that. They’re just not that into you, sucks for about three seconds, but you’re literally surrounded by young, like-minded travellers. Suck it up and move on. And when you do find somebody who’s into you and you want to move through the bases, make sure you get consent. It really, really, really, really, really does matter.  
  6. Si ves a alguien pasar un mal rato, asegúrate de que estén bien.
    We are all brothers and sisters and gender non-specific relations out here, so if you see somebody struggling in any way check on them, grab a Stoke staff member and just do what any decent human being would do.

Mantenerse seguro en Stoke Travel es súper fácil, pero a veces nos salimos de control y olvidamos lo básico. Si alguna vez se encuentra en algún tipo de situación, no dude en ponerse en contacto con el personal de Stoke o con el departamento de seguridad, y lo resolveremos de inmediato. Estamos aquí para ayudarte, para ayudarte a tener el mejor tiempo posible. Mwah.

Que traer

  • Your best Party Shirt
  • A Pillow 
  • European Adaptor 
  • Swimmers, We reccommend budgy smugglers or similar as we will be right on the beach
  • A charged battery pack
  • A towel (We don’t sell them onsite)
  • Condoms (Better safe than sorry, right?)
  • Cash (Remember to grab cash while you are in town as the campsite is cash only)


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