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La Tomatina 2020

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August 26

Excursión de un día desde Barcelona

We hope you’re as excited for La Tomatina as we are!

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3am check in for a 3:30am departurePlaça de Catalunya, 21, 08002 Barcelona. Right in front of the Hard Rock Cafe


Ctra. Estación, 2
46360 Buñol, Valencia (look out for the big Stoke logo once you’re over the bridge)



Coll Vert Camping
Parque Natural de la Albufera — Playa de Pinedo
Ctra. Del Rio 486


  • Round private coach trip from Barcelona
  • Experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem
  • Boleto La Tomatina
  • Welcome drink on arrival 
  • Transfers to Stoke beachside campsite for a mini afterparty from the Tomato fight
  • Beach games equipment
  • Pop up bar in Bunol (La Tomatina site)


  • Traditional white outfit – IT`S A MUST (white La Tomatina tee, white pants, Stoke draw string bag to put your spare pair of clothes in) ONLY €25 – to pre-order email info@stoketravel.com with your booking ID and size (S,M,L,XL), AS YOU’LL BE GOING STRAIGHT TO THE POP UP BAR, YOU’LL NEED TO PRE-ORDER YOUR OUTFITS AS WE WON’T HAVE EXCESS OUTSIDE OF THE CAMPSITE
  • La Tomatina t-shirt €15
  • If you’re keen to add a San Sebastian or Costa Brava stay to the end of your trip, please email info@stoketravel.com


  • Cash. There’s no ATM’s on site so you won’t be able to get cash out until you’re in the city centre
  • We need your passport details! Either send them through to us with your booking number to info@stoketravel.com, or bring your passport with you to camp so we can check you in
  • Phone charging is available at our guru tent for €1. This is cash only. Our charging stations are often at capacity. We’d recommend bringing a portable charger to ensure your phone stays charged, so you can get all those snaps
  • Tu mejor camiseta de fiesta
  • A change of clothes for after the fight. You won’t be allowed on any busses covered in tomatoes!
  • A towel (we don’t sell or rent them on site) 
  • Your white outfit for the fight. If you don’t have one pre-prepared, you can buy one at the campsite for €25
  • Swimmers for the post tomato fight pool party!
  • Bring shoes that are either waterproof or that you can throw out after the fight because they will be destroyed by the end of it! White canvas shoes are a good choice, thongs (flip flops) will also work but prepare to have your toes stepped on.
  • Goggles! Tomatoes in your eyes can really sting
  • Protector solar Parecer una langosta solo es lindo si en realidad eres una langosta
  • Una botella de agua para llenar. ¡Salvará el medio ambiente y se mantendrá hidratado todo al mismo tiempo! ¡Que bien!

BE A GURU (Should knows)

*not applicable for the ticket only PACKAGE AS YOU WON’T BE GOING TO THE CAMPSITE

  • NO ATM AT THE CAMPSITE – make sure you get cash out before you arrive 
  • TRADITIONAL WHITES – You need to be wearing these for the fight. Add them to your booking before you arrive, or purchase them at the campsite. You won’t be able to purchase them from the pop-up bar once we’re at the fight, so get in before then or you’ll be the odd one out! €25
  • Stoke La Tomatina t-shirt – A momento of all the fun times you had with us and a trendy new wardrobe addition in one. Or, if you already have white pants for the fight, just grab the shirt! €15
  • Unlimited booze – Open bar of beer, sangria, wine, soft drink, tea and coffee €10 a day or €5 for the 24hr trip
  • Official Tomatina after-party including return transportation – This is the official afterparty that all the other travel companies attend the night of the fight. Hosted in an open air nightclub just outside of Valencia, If the weather is good, bring your swimmers as there are baths located around the venue. €15 if you pre-purchase online, €20 at the campsite
  • Solo tent upgrade – Don’t wanna share your tent with a stranger? Have a feeling you’ll be bringing a stranger back? Upgrade to your own solo tent and sleep easy €20/night
  • Water and Wine Fight – A fiesta to get the party started the best way the Spanish know how, by throwing wine on each other. Think dancing, live bands, parades, wine throwing, white outfits and a wild time. If you can back it up the night before the fight and know how to party, this is the one you wanna be at. There will be marching bands and townsfolk throwing water at you from balconies and little farm tractors spraying red wine into your mouths. One to tell the rents about for sure! €20 (includes private return coaches, Stoke Guide, a bottle of wine)
  • Water and Wine Fight + Bull Arena – The same as above, but with entrance to a bull arena. This one is the same big party, but you’ll be joined by a small (but still kinda scary) bull, similar to being in the arena of Running Of The Bulls. €35 (includes private return coaches, Stoke Guide, a bottle of wine and entry into the bull arena)
  • Ask us about the La Tomatina and Costa Brava Combo package, or jump on the bus to Costa Brava, one-way transfer €90


*not applicable for the ticket only PACKAGE AS YOU WON’T BE GOING TO THE CAMPSITE 

  • Una piscina
  • A play ground
  • A cafe/restaurant
  • A little shop
  • Duchas de agua caliente
  • Laundry area
  • Parking
  • Drinkable water
  • Five-minute walk from the beach

*Facilities may vary if you’re travelling with us to different locations such as Ibiza, San Sebastian or Costa Brava. This list is specific to our La Tomatina campsite. If you have any specific questions regarding the facilities of the other locations, email us at info@stoketavel.com 


Some of the festivals that we attend obviously come with some risks attached. Fear not though, we’re pretty much pro’s at this point. We’ve put together a list of our hot tips, follow them closely and in a perfect world, we all leave the festival unscathed. 

  • Wear closed toe shoes – The festival takes place in a tight, narrow street filled with thousands of people who are excited and probably drunk. Your feet will not be their top priority. Please protect your toes by wearing appropriate footwear. We recommend buying a cheap pair and then throwing them out afterwards. 
  • Crush whole tomatoes with your hands before you throw them – You may not have experienced it before, but being hit by a whole, sometimes not very ripe tomato, really hurts. We’re all here to have a good time and come away without a black eye so think of your fellow revellers and make sure you squish those bad boys before throwing. 
  • Invest in some goggles – Tomato in your eyes HURTS! If you value being able to see clearly and your eyes not stinging, goggles are the way to go. Protect your peepers! 
  • Only take what you need into the festival, leave the rest behind – Festivals like this are a goldmine for pick-pockets. While you’re busy throwing tomatoes, they’ll reach in and steal your phone from right under your nose. Keep your things in a waterproof bag around your neck if you can, and under your shirt when you’re not using them to avoid them being ripped off you. Be savvy and keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine. (keep in mind selfie sticks are not allowed)
  • Keep an eye on your friends – It’s a big, big festival with looooots of people around. No one likes losing their friends and things like this are way more fun with people you like. When you enter, stick together and even choose a meeting point for after the fight if you get lost. There’s nothing worse than being lost in a crowd of thousands of people covered head to toe in red mush, when all you wanna do is find your pals. 
  • Don’t grab at peoples clothing – This is just generally not a nice thing to do, and even less nice when you’re squished in with hundreds of thousands of strangers. Personal boundaries are still a thing and we still need to respect them. Torn t-shirts aren’t cute, you wouldn’t like it if someone was grabbing at you willy-nilly, so don’t do it to anyone else. 
  • Take care of your wristband – You will be given your wristband at the campsite, make sure you keep it in pristine condition as you won’t be able to get in without it, and there is absolutely no chance at all that you’ll get a replacement. 



* Si en algún momento se siente inseguro, no dude en ponerse en contacto con el equipo de Noble Security en el sitio o con cualquier miembro del equipo de Stoke Travel que se comunicará por seguridad.

En cuanto a las situaciones, un viaje en Stoke Travel es uno de los más seguros. A diferencia del mundo "real", todos los presentes intentan pasar un buen rato con nuevos y viejos amigos; es más probable que sus compañeros Stokies retengan su cabello mientras vomitan que roban su billetera.

Siendo así, estamos más en peligro de lastimarnos a nosotros mismos en un viaje de Stoke Travel que de arruinar a nuestros compañeros de viaje. Aquí hay una pequeña guía rápida para ir de fiesta con Stoke Travel.

  1. Beber abundante agua.
    Vas a beber un montón de cerveza y sangría, y vas a tener una resaca bastante grande, pero realmente puedes limitarla rompiendo unas cuantas tazas de agua durante el día y la noche.
  2. ¡Recuerda comer!
    Vamos a engancharte con un abundante desayuno y cena, y como mínimo deberías mantener tu estómago alineado y el motor en marcha. No se salte estas dos comidas, incluso si está sufriendo horriblemente con una de las resacas antes mencionadas. También recomendamos encarecidamente conseguir un almuerzo allí, tal vez incluso todos los días.
  3. Zip tu tienda de campaña cuando estés en ella y cuando la dejes.
    Parece básico, pero te sorprendería la frecuencia con la que nos emborrachamos y nos olvidamos de hacer esto. Cuando ingrese a su tienda de campaña por la noche, asegúrese de cerrarla para evitar que lluvias inesperadas afecten su sueño. Lo mismo ocurre cuando sales de tu tienda. Tardará dos segundos en comprimirlo, pero eso lo salvará de la ropa mojada, la irritación e incluso la neumonía. Si también trajiste tu par de calcetines favoritos y quieres asegurarte de que estén seguros, puedes comprar un candado en la carpa del gurú por solo 5 €. 
  4. No seas un desgraciado.
    En serio, ¿eso te ha funcionado alguna vez? Del mismo modo, si ve que alguien se está volviendo loco y está haciendo que la gente se sienta incómoda, avísenos y les contaremos una palabra amistosa. A veces simplemente no se dan cuenta de lo groseros que son.
  5. No significa que no, el consentimiento importa.
    En un nivel muy básico, si te topas con alguien y te dicen que no, solo tienes que hacer frente a eso. Simplemente no son eso en ti. Apesta por unos tres segundos, pero estás literalmente rodeado por cientos de viajeros jóvenes con ideas afines. Chúpalo y sigue adelante. Cuando encuentre a alguien que esté interesado en usted y quiera moverse a través de las bases, asegúrese de obtener el consentimiento. Realmente, realmente, realmente, realmente, realmente importa.  
  6. Si ves a alguien pasar un mal rato, asegúrate de que estén bien.
    Todos somos hermanos y hermanas y relaciones no específicas de género aquí. Si ves a alguien luchando de alguna manera, revísalo, toma a un miembro del personal de Stoke y simplemente haz lo que haría cualquier ser humano decente.

Mantenerse seguro en Stoke Travel es súper fácil, pero a veces nos salimos de control y olvidamos lo básico. Si alguna vez se encuentra en algún tipo de situación, no dude en ponerse en contacto con el personal de Stoke o con el departamento de seguridad, y lo resolveremos de inmediato. Estamos aquí para ayudarte, para ayudarte a tener el mejor tiempo posible. Mwah.


  • Cash. There’s no ATM’s on site so you won’t be able to get cash out until you’re in the city centre
  • Your passport for check in
  • Your white outfit for the fight. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!  You can add one to your booking before you arrive, or buy one at the campsite for €25
  • A change of clothes for after the fight. You won’t be allowed on any busses covered in tomatoes!
  • Tu mejor camiseta de fiesta
  • Ropa de abrigo (puede hacer un poco de frío por la noche)
  • A towel (we don’t sell or rent them on site) 
  • Cargador de telefono portatil
  • ​A pillow if your backpack won’t do
  • Swimmers for the post tomato fight pool party!
  • Condones (mejor prevenir que lamentar, ¿verdad?)
  • Bring shoes that are either waterproof or that you can throw out after the fight because they will be destroyed by the end of it! White canvas shoes are a good choice, thongs (flip flops) will also work, but prepare to have your toes stepped on
  • Goggles! Tomatoes in your eyes can really sting. 
  • Sunscreen! Looking like a lobster is only cute if you’re actually a lobster. 
  • Una botella de agua para llenar. ¡Salvará el medio ambiente y se mantendrá hidratado todo al mismo tiempo! ¡Que bien!

Guias guias

We probably don’t even need to be telling you this, but La Tomatina is Spain’s famous tomato fight and the world’s biggest food fight. 

The history is a lil hazy when it comes to it’s humble beginnings, but the most generally accepted theory is that a spontaneous food fight broke out back in 1945, when a local man became super mad after being pushed over in the street. He retaliated by grabbing market tomatoes to hurl at everybody in sight. The following year, the local youngens turned up on the same day, prepared for the battle with tomatoes in tow of course. In the 1950s authorities banned La Tomatina, so it took on more of a rebellious vibe, with some seeing it as a way to act against the Spanish dictatorship. In 1957 authorities gave in, realised how much fun could be had, and La Tomatina became the official party we all know and love! 

The fight is held every year on the morning of the last Wednesday in August, in Buñol, a little town west of Valencia. More than 40,000 people get in on the madness, from all over the world, ready to throw more than 15 tonnes of tomatoes. 

From 8am on the day of La Tomatina, a big slippery ham is hung on the top of a greased up pole in the packed town square. The aim of the game is to be the first person to climb up the slippery pole and grab the ham, with the crowd yelling and screaming (all the while being drenched with water from hoses, because a tomato hitting a wet person hurts way less than a dry person ). They have from 10am – 11am, and the moment the ham is grabbed, a pistol goes off, the tomato trucks appear, and it’s go time. If no one reaches the ham by 11am, the fight will begin. 

As seems to be Spanish tradition, everyone wears white, probably to see exactly how much of a mess tomatoes can really make on white clothes. In saying that, you’ll see plenty of Spanish men chucking tomatoes at each other in their undies, while heaps of people wear goggles or snorkelling gear to keep the mush out of their eyes and nose.

6 trucks filled with tomatoes will move through the streets over the course of an hour, leaving everyman for himself behind them. The fight is officially over at 1pm, but the masses of crazy tomato covered people will often hang around a little bit longer and throw some more, take pics for the gram, and splash around a bit before they head out. On the way out, locals will be standing on the street with their hoses ready to spray you down, usually for a €1 donation. If you’re savvy, there’s also a little river on the way out that you can stop at to rinse off in. 



Please make a note of the following times so you don’t miss out on any of the important transport departure times! 


August 26


  • 3:30am: Bus leaves Barcelona (check map and directions for location)
  • 8:30am: Bus arrives at the pop-up bar, we have some welcome drinks and get ready to head into the fight with the rest of the guests from the campsite
  • 10am: The crowd scrambles to reach a leg of ham balanced on a 5m high wooden pole. When (if) someone reaches this ham, the tomato fight officially begins!
  • 11am: If no one reaches the ham before 11am a rocket is launched and trucks carrying tonnes and tonnes of tomatoes are dumped throughout the street. Prepare yourself for about an hour of absolute carnage of throwing fleshy fruit at strangers, friends, family, locals and tourists alike. Following the fight we’ll head back towards the buses. You can stop off to be rinsed for a coin donation by locals with their garden hoses. Remember to bring a spare change of clothes!
  • 2pm: Buses leave to head back to camp – there are showers you’ll be able to use at camp so you won’t have to travel back to Barcelona covered in tomato

The campsite has a pool, a little cafe/restaurant and is a 5 minute walk to the beach. You’ll have the whole afternoon to drink some beers, make heaps of new friends, swim, work on your tan, chill out, or do pretty much whatever takes your fancy.  

Dinner at the campsite is NOT included so make sure you head over to the cafe/restaurant and grab a bite to eat before you jump on the bus. Some snacks for the road probably wouldn’t hurt either 😉

  • 7pm: Bus leaves the campsite for Barcelona 

August 27


  • 12am: Buses return from La Tomatina (drop off point the same as pick up)
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