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5 Things To Eat At Oktoberfest


Posted by Stoke Media Team
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5 Things To Eat At Oktoberfest

Now if you’re thinking that Oktoberfest is little more than a gratuitous, beer-soaked orgy of new friends and oompah music, then you’d be right! That’s pretty much all it is, the best part of a month spent swilling the finest beer known to man and getting to know your German and out-of-town drinking buddies over a gregariously belted out, often belched, rendition of Sweet Caroline. But there’s a little more to it than that, and that little more is delicious and exciting and really, no trip to the beer halls is complete without at least trying one of the dishes on this list of things to eat at Oktoberfest.

Pork Knuckle

Who even knew that pigs had knuckles, let alone that they’d be this damn delicious. Served on top of a potato dumpling, swimming in gravy, the Bavarian pork knuckles takes the much loved pig, makes it as tasty and as tender as can be and then wraps it in the crispest, best seasoned pork crackling we’ve ever come across. And the serving is huge, meaning that pigs in Munich are at least the size of small orcas, and if you’re only going to eat one Oktoberfest treat, make it a pork knuckle. You’re welcome.

Roast Chicken

A global classic, served up in spinning form in supermarkets and fast food joints the world over, you’d think that the humble chicken would be too standard to make this illustrious list, but the Germans, at Oktoberfest, do something with the classic hen that just makes it a salty assault on the taste buds. There’s some secret seasoning on this chicken that’d make the Colonel’s secret recipe tasting like a glorified sachet of MSG. Not as hard on the hip pocket as the pork knuckle, by gosh dang she’s a tasty little bird.


Not pretzels, just a pretzel, because these things are fat-lady-singin’ huge. The pretzels at Oktoberfest are as big as a Formula One steering wheel, covered in salt, soft on the inside and will indeed make you thirsty. The pretzels come in handy early in the game, when the Stoke Travel breakfast is being absorbed rapidly by the amber deliciousness, but it’s not quite yet time for your meat injection.

Whatever The Stoke Chef Is Cooking

They’re always cooking something. Stoke Travel includes a cooked breakfast and dinner every day at both our Springfest and Oktoberfest camps. We’re being for real serious. The chef is a trained pro and we totally know that good food is a real deal maker when you’re travelling, and so we go to great lengths to ensure that not only do you have enough food lining your stomach but that the lining is also delicious to the point of considering to eat it again if you vomit it up.  We said considering.

Somebody’s Face

Because of course you’re going to want to make out with somebody in this environment. So much beer to lower the inhibitions, combined with fun dancing music and buxom beauties in low-cut traditional dresses, and burly men emphasising their buttocks in the lederhosen. Making out with lovers and strangers alike and at the same time is 110% on the Munich menu.

Stoke Travel is the biggest Oktoberfest and Springfest tour operator in Munich each and every year, and our campsite parties, inclusions and vibe are legendary. Make sure you reserve your place, because every year we sell out with thousands of beer fest newbies and return beer lovers. Oktoberfest with Stoke Travel is a dream soaked in beer. Check out the details now for Oktoberfest, or here for Springfest, and we’ll see you soon, soaked in beer and filled with delicious food.


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