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A Hiker’s Guide to Stoke’s Spanish Camps


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A Hiker’s Guide to Stoke’s Spanish Camps

Spain…It’s the land of flamenco, fiestas, tapas, sun, sea, sangria, siestas and, eh, Stoke’s Spanish Summer Camps! Unknown to many, however, Spain is also home to a fair amount of absolutely outstandingly scenic and fun hiking trails, many of them within a stone’s throw of our three locations in San Sebastian, Ibiza and the Costa Brava. 

But just as dining on the terrace of a fancy tapas restaurant isn’t quite the same as munching the delicacies on offer at your local pub or kebab shop, hiking in Spain is just a little bit different to what you might find back home. 

So what do you need to pack? What should you expect from the trails? And where are the best trails to take on outside of the easier-going beach walks organized by Stoke Summer Camps?

In this article, we aim to answer each of the above questions by providing a quick guide to hiking while on your visit to one of Stokes Spanish Camps, including gear and clothing suggestions and a selection of the top trails you can explore around San Sebastian, Ibiza and Costa Brava.

What to Bring on a Summer Hike in Spain

Hikers can be exposed to a variety of conditions on summer hikes in Spain, but the biggest enemy is likely to be the heat instead of the cold and rain. Below, we’ve made a shortlist of the kit and clothing you’ll need to stay safe and suitably un-scorched if taking on any of our selection of hikes near our summer camps.


The bottom line is to aim for light, breathable, UV-resistant, non-cotton clothing that’s going to keep you cool and protected from the scorching sun. This includes: 

  • Shorts or lightweight trousers
  • Non-cotton socks
  • Synthetic or merino t-shirt or shirt
  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Approach shoes (hiking boots are unnecessary)
  • Waterproof jacket (the wet stuff falls here too!)

Gear & Supplies

  • 15 to 30-litre backpack
  • GPS device and/or map and compass
  • Suncream
  • First aid kit
  • Hydration bladder or large water bottle(s).
  • Water galore (at least one litre per hour of hiking)
  • Snacks
  • Rehydration salts
  • Trekking poles
  • Camera

Great Hikes Near Our Camps 

While there are opportunities to take on a number of shorter coastal hikes at all three of our camps, for those of you who fancy tackling something a little more challenging either before or after Stoke Camp, the following options are sure to give you your fill of thrills and let you do a little exploring of the areas surrounding our three camp locations.

San Sebastian

San Sebastián to Pasajes

This 3.5-mile section of the Camino de Santiago Coastal Route takes you from the city directly into far more bucolic, open countryside in little more than fifteen minutes. From the edge of town, the trail skirts the alternately florid and rocky coastline for the duration of the walk to Pasajes, offering up stupendous sea views each step of the way. Although this route is never steep, it’s up and down for the duration and can take up