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Febrero 2016

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4 años hace | mayo 23, 2016

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The Stoke Boozeletter February 2016: the who’s who letter, the better check your news better, when you get unlimited booze your poos get wetter

Febrero 2016
Are you hot or are you not? Are you swiped left or right? Which hemisphere are you in? Flush your toilet to find out. When your mother asks why you’re doing that so much, just ask her about the hemisphere thing. It’s February 2016! Meanwhile, us here in the cold northern hemisphere are thawing and warming and boring and snoring in preparation for the spring time.

Here then are destinations you should consider for next month in travel

Febrero 2016

1. Springbreak Ibiza

Ibiza oh don’t get me started on Ibiza. Last time I was there we went… I.. There was a pool I think? There was definitely a music. And some lights. Wow. Beautiful. Memorable. 3 night stays with Pacha entry included and awesome guides, drinks deals and poolside games. Hells yes!


Febrero 20162. Springfest, Munich

Oktoberfest’s little sibling, this one is still about fairs and rides and beers, but with less lineups, more sunshines and flowers, flowers, flowers. Also there’s a market some days and a massive party at our Stoke Festival Campsite every day with unlimited beer & sangria for €10 day.
Join us!

Febrero 2016

3. Stoke Castle, Barcelona

Bigger, better and more bad ass than ever we have our Barcelona City Break ready to house your in our own personal castle (literally). Cheap drinks, cultural tours, adventurous activities. Next to the beach and nestled by mountains, with a church that will soon be the tallest in the world.
It truly is the most beautiful city we’ve had the pleasure to live in. That’s why we are based here. Also, tax reasons.
Oh and we have some pretty good boat and BBQ parties too.


4-23. The Stoke Passport

Buy a Stoke Passport and use it whenever and wherever you want. With our ‘We’re more flexible than yoga-themed play-doh, and you can build your trip like custard Lego’.
We don’t care who you are, what you do, when you come, and if it was too early.

4 passport options, 20 trips to choose from, 3 nights at each + free unlimited beer and sangria. Por Favor!

Check out our awesome new passport video here!

See you hemisflippers soon!

(If you’re a blogger/writer/journo, see below↓)

Febrero 2016

If you can’t find the party, you must be the party!

Febrero 2016

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