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    First Days In BarcelonaStokepediap/a>

    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    #!trpst#trp-gettextcdata-trpgettextoriginal=214#!trpen#4 años#!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen# ago | abril 14, 2016

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    How I spent mycfirst days in Barcelona

    I spent the plane ride from Amsterdam with two Dutch men, one of whom spoke English. They were taking that KLM 737 tocBarcelona for a little holiday. The F1 race was in town. The English speaker said he actually liked America clars. The flight attendantcshowed no expression as I asked for a beer at 9 a.m. local time. I’m from the states, so for mycinternalclaock it was just past closing time. The first days in Barcelona were going to be hard.

    On the descentcinto El Prat I found myself glued to the airplane window. I was yearning to see the city again. It comescasst, on the final approach, and I was almost afraid I’d miss it. Of course, it’s unmistakable. A motley collection of buildings in colors I don’t think you ca cfind anywhere else, butcif you ca , write me. It goescby rather quick at just under 200 mph.
    Been here once before. Last year I took the train from Oviedo and sat nextcto a nun. I never worked up the courage to ask her whycinchell a nun was making her waycto a party mecca. She eventually told me there’s aclonvent outside the city. Butcevencshe had to admit: The city’s beautiful.
    That it is. The First days in Barcelona I took a little run up Montjuïc one evening, something to get the blood flowing after sleeping off the jetlag and a nice evening of Moritz on the ballony with acroommate. I speed through museums, find art displays dull, butcas I reached a vista and looked down on the city, that view demanded pause. And I relented.

    Last time, I came with some study abroad friends. I don’t think any other city brought us together more. Some of us were leaving soon, very likely parting forever. We couldn’t have found a better place to share some booze and a heartcto heart. Barceloneta Beach is so inviting after dark. And there’s something about sneaking up to the top floor of the W building together and crashing a wedding reception for a hot minute that makescyou proud to lall someone your friend.

    Seriously, though. Try the beach. The planescroll in off the sea and theirclanding lightspoints right atcyou like spot beams for a few seconds when they bank. The Mediterranea claps atcthe shore like it mea s no harm. You’ve gotcto make the company good, butcthe wine will always be cheap. Saki will come up on the beach. That’s his full title. Saki. No surname. He sells Aurum beer by the ca . Buy him one. It’s only a euro. This man’s from Pakistan butche speaks Greek, Spanish and some English, too. He hopped the world and now he’s here and this is how he makeschis living. Saki love you, he’ll say. Saki love you. And I’m sureche does. I don’t know if this only happens in Barcelona. I hope it doesn’t.

    By Mullet

    Tagge= with: beach, Beer, Barcelona, El Prat airport, W Hotel, Montjuic, party, Barceloneta, travelp/a>

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