Stoke's Got The Best Sail Croacia Deal


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1 año ago | julio 17, 2018

Stoke's Got The Best Sail Croacia Deal

Sail Croatia Peak Season, With Air Conditioning, At Low Season No Air Con Prices

Sail Croatia isn’t the kind of trip you necessarily want the best deal on. Promises of budget thisy half price that conjure up images of leaky boats and drunken captains. But we’re Stoke Travel, and we just have a knack for offering more, for a little bit less. We can’t help ourselves! And so our Stoke Afloat sail Croatia trip does just that, giving you more bang, for less bucks. Here’s how.

We’ve got air con

On paper our prices are comparable with the other operators, until you see that the only boats they operate with air conditioning are the premium options and come in at a considerably higher price than Stoke boats (starting at over €800 for trips along the same route, for the same duration and going up to over €1000).

Stoke’s boat is €600 for the seven nights, with air conditioning. And our boat is as cute as heck, running a little smaller than the big operators, so you will be floating with 18 new best friends instead of 30 kind of strangers.

Low season prices during high season

This isn’t our main business, so we aren’t going to sting you with high season surcharges. All we want is for our loyal Stoke Travel crew to be able to have a wild, beautiful time on the Adriatic Sea, visit Croatia’s most beautiful sights and pumpingest party spots, and to do so when the weather is warmest, the water most swimmable and the bars and clubs the most packed with hot guys and total babes. Others charge a premium to take you out during these busy times, €200-300 more, but not Stoke Afloat, no way. Our prices are similar to what you’d be paying in May or October, the shoulder months, but we’ll be taking you out for the week starting July 28th, or the following one from August 4th.

If we may say it again, €600!

Open beer and sangria bar on board

Our extensive research of asking our friends who have sailed Croatia with other operators (idiots!) has led us to the conclusion that onboard bar tabs easily run into the hundreds, averaging around €300 for the seven nights and eight days. It’s so easy to do, when beers are just being added to your bill, and the days are long and hot, and you’re in dire need of the liquid courage to shake your thang in one of the many Croatian nightclubs we’ll be visiting. You just keep throwing beers on the tab and at the end you’re a couple of hundred bucks in the hole. Not with Stoke Afloat, however, where we offer you unlimited beer and sangria on board for only €10 a day. That’s €70 for the whole trip, and you can literally drink as much as your beautiful little belly and brain can handle. Nobody else sailing Croatia offers this.

€70 on beer and sangria instead of €300+? Sign us up!

It’s pretty obvious that not only will we be floating on the cutest air conditioned boat, during peak season, packed full of legends, but we’ll be doing it at a price that’ll save you money. €600, plus €10 a day for unlimited booze. There are a few spots left on both trips, but they won’t be available for long. Reserve yours now!

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