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Los mejores DJs de Ibiza este verano


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1 año hace | 17 de diciembre de 2018

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Let me tell you a little something about Ibiza and DJs in Ibiza this summer

The 2019 hottest Ibiza DJ list coming soon. In the meantime, check out our Ibiza Beach Campo Spring Break Ibiza trips

The sun shines brighter, the clubs are bigger, the drinks flow faster and the people are super attractive – even before said drinks are consumed. Never have you seen a town so beautiful, nestled in an exquisite island with turquoise waters and white sand beaches. What better place to be this summer? And let’s not forget the most exciting part: the music. All DJs in Ibiza worth their (sea)salt will be playing this summer.

There will be amazing DJs in Ibiza this summer! Ibiza will kick off on May 30th with the notorious Cocoon party. Sven Väth and Dixon will be headlining the event at Amnesia. From here on it just gets better. David Guetta will be rocking Ibiza every Thursday at his renowned F*** Me, I’m Famous party, starting on the 2nd of June. He’ll also be pumping out beats at BIG, the Ushuaia venue. Get ready to dance your ass off with the best Dutch EDM artist around, Hardwell who will be playing every Tuesday at Ushuaia for the entire summer. Avicii will be gracing Ushuaia on the 10th of July, and every second Sunday after that. Ryan Platts will be working the Cirque De La Nuit Boat Party from the 30th of May. Fancy a pool party with Ministry of Sound? Well, you’re in luck- they’ll be doing weekly pool parties from June 2nd through to September 29th at Ocean Beach. Get wild with Major Laser at the Ibiza Rocks Birthday on the 13th of July, and get down alongside Martin Solveig who will be serenading us every Wednesday from May 25th until October 5th. And the list goes on, and on, and on. You can find more information about DJs in Ibiza who are hitting up the Balearics this summer season aquí.

And what’s the best way to experience these shenanigans? Why with Stoke Travel, of course. Your tents will be all set up for your arrival, with air mattresses and sleeping bags rolled out. Our talented chefs will cook you a mouth-watering breakfast each morning and a beach portable lunch to keep you going throughout the day. Lining your stomach is a necessity when days are spent lazily getting drunk on the beach. And of course, there’s unlimited beer and sangria glistening with condensation, just waiting for your thirsty lips. At the campsite we can organise a variety of activities, from daily yoga classes, snorkelling trips, cliff jumping, to just about anything your heart desires. Of course there will also be plenty of time to get your tan on, go swimming and partake in a drinking session or two. Then once the beautiful Spanish sun says goodbye, head on into the clubs and get weird with one of the many killer DJ’s. Get ready for your best summer yet. Join Stoke at any time over the summer for a minimum of two nights (but it’s highly likely that you’ll want to stay longer).

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