Los mejores destinos de fiestas del mundo en Nueva York


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Los mejores destinos de fiestas del mundo en Nueva York


Easily the biggest night of the year and often the most glorified, New Year’s Eve is one holiday cherished all around the globe. But we find ourselves in the same dilemma year after year as we fret over what to wear, what to do, where to go. Well we can’t help with the outfit, but let us help you ease the stress of finding the perfect year end party as we narrow it down to the best of the best. We’ve covered all the main staples like fireworks, champagne, and live entertainment, but these world’s best NYE party destinations offer so much more.


Asia – Phuket, Thailand

Widely known as a party hot spot year round, Phuket’s NYE parties are not to be missed. With parties on the beach all over the island, drinks and foods galore, music festivals, fireworks and paper lanterns lighting up the skies, there’s no way you’re not going to have the best night of your life in one of the world’s most beautiful party islands.


Australia – Sydney

Ringing in the new year at Sydney Harbour is definitely one for the bucket list. The killer fireworks show above the Sydney Opera House is just the beginning. Throw in some parades, yacht cruises, and massive parties all over the city to round out the perfect night.


North America – New York City, USA

When many think of New Year’s Eve, they think of New York City’s ball drop in Times Square. And yes, the Times Square ball drop is an experience, but the entire city is teeming with festivities of epic proportions come New Year’s Eve. Whether you prefer boats, rooftops, world renowned nightclubs, or taking over entire street blocks, NYC will give you the party of your life.


South America – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Known as the carnival capital of the world, and for good reason, it would be remiss of me to comprise a party list without the likes of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And for NYE, Copacabana Beach is where it’s at. Millions flock to this famous beach for much more than the massive seaside fireworks display. Locals and travelers alike don all white for good luck and revel in the flowing champagne and live performances from the various stages set up along the beach. The fireworks show starts at midnight, but the partying continues long after the sun rises over the shore.


Europe – Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scots are so serious about celebrating New Years, they’ve even got their own name for it. Hogmanay means “last day of the year” in Scottish, though not even the Scots know where it originates from. But it’s not the history we’re here for, it’s the party. Not only is Hogmanay in Edinburgh the best party in Europe, this shebang is a three day long affair. Highlights include massive street parties with live performances, Scottish singalongs (Auld Lang Syne, anyone?), nipply winter dips in the sea, and a whole lot of fire. Come party with hundreds of thousands of partygoers from all over the world, and let Stoke get you there in style in our very own private express train from London to Edinburgh. Hogmanay is the tits, but Hogmanay with Stoke is on a whole other level.   



Now I bet when you started reading you were wondering if you’d see Antarctica on this list. I know what you’re thinking, yes Antarctica is a continent but surely there are no NYE celebrations there. Well my friend, you are mistaken, for a NYE in Antarctica is certainly one like no other. What better way to bring in the new year than sailing the Drake Passage, surrounded by penguins, whales, icebergs, and midnight sun?! It’s an entirely different type of party surely, but we’re into it in a big way.   


But if you’re not quite ready for icebergs and sailing the southernmost depths of the earth this winter, go with the next best thing and join us at Hogmanay for Edinburgh’s famous, and probably the world’s best, NYE party.

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