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Cosas que hacer la próxima semana


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3 años ago | marzo 3, 2017

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Did you know that next week could be the best week of your life? Yep, it sure could be, any week could be, but next week is looking especially promising. But that all depends on what you do. Let’s explore some options.

  • More of the same.Work, school, watch TV, get drunk with your friends, eat the things you know you like, the same is good! There’s a reason why the same is the same, because these are things that you can tolerate and/or like to do. The same is nice! We like the same, but if you keep on doing the same thing next week then next week won’t be the best week of your life. It will just be the same week, and that’s what you want most of your weeks to be, but sometimes you need to do something different with your week so that it might be the best week ever. Are you confused? We’re not, read on! 
  • Meet the love of your life. That could happen next week! You could be indiscriminately swiping right on Tinder and BOOM, match, and BOOM, good chat, and boom, not a creep, and BOOM, date organised, and BOOM, meet up and coast through the awkwardness, and BOOM, you’re getting along and both laughing, and BOOM, your legs touch and they don’t move theirs away, and BOOM, yes we’ll have another bottle of wine… The thing is, though, if you’re only meeting this amazing person next week then you’re going to be waiting a while before you know whether they’re the love of your life or not, unless you’re that special kind of crazy that falls deeply, madly, truly in love quickly and often, in which case stay the heckjeebus away from us.
  • Take up a new extreme hobby. Everybody knows that sportspeople are hot and that extreme sports are so hot right now and being too hot to actually do sport is the hottest of them all, so let’s combine all those three things together and create some sort of super hot conglomerate. Being as hot as you’ve ever been could definitely make next week the best week you’ve ever had because when we feel hot we feel great, and feeling great is alright! So first choose your extreme sport, but choose wisely, because while surfing is super adorable and everybody will love you, something like rollerblading, that kinda sneaks in under the extreme sports banner, is so sad and will make you repulsive. Once you’ve selected your extreme sport go online and look at photographs of your new favourite athletes and then buy all the gear that they wear and wear it all yourself. Heck yeah! Then don’t even do the sport, because you don’t want to dirty up your new threads, just walk around looking like the newest hot property wearing extreme BMX clothes. HOT!
  • Do something truly new and totally amazing. Now we’re talking. Next week why not do something that you’ve never done before, something so truly wonderful and weird and wild that it’ll make you feel alive again. You can’t really do things like that every week (unless you’re travelling Europe for the summer, then you totally can), but you can do them every so often and make some lucky week your BEST WEEK EVER, until the next week you decide to break out of the routine and do something crazy again. Some of the crazy, amazing things we like to do include burning things, getting wild drunk in the streets and visiting new Spanish cities and seeing what they’re all about, and it just so happens that next week we can do all of those things together at Las Fallas! Las Fallas begins next week and it’s such an amazing, great, exciting, weird experience that when you come along you will surely and certainly find that you’re having the time of your like — and ipso facto your best week ever. Yes, you read that correctly, the only sure fire way to have the best time of your absolute life next week is to join us in Valencia for Las Fallas, so come on, let’s do this.


Las Fallas runs from the 15th-20th of March in Valencia, about 3.5 hours south of Barcelona. Stoke Travel is running weekend trips from Barcelona that depart Friday afternoon and return Monday morning and include private transfers there and back, beachside hostel-style accommodation, guides, wild parties, huge fires, cultural shows, walking tours, beach days and the most fun you could possibly have next week. Make your way over here for more red-hot details.

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