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Cosas que hacer esta Nochevieja en Londres


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1 año hace | septiembre 18, 2018

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Get out of there no matter what!

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. This is the best night of the year, never, ever a let down. Not even once has NYE been a disappointment.

We’re based in Barcelona, but so many of us will be in London this New Year’s Eve we’ve decided to compile a little compilation of super fun things you can do in the capital while you ring in 2019 – the year you’re guaranteed to be hotter than ever before.

Go to your favourite bar – just a way more packed version

New Year’s Eve is the best because every idiot in London heads out and clogs up the bars with their stupid cocktail orders. Hmmm, I don’t know, maybe I’ll go for an espresso martini… No, Jennifer, you’ll take a beer, or a cider, or a vodka soda and you’ll let the rest of these good people, especially me, get a drink as soon as goddamn possible. That’s not to mention every fucken bro in the area clogging up the bathrooms while they take way too long to do their heavily cut cocaine and talk absolute nonsense at each other.

Pay an extortionate amount for club entry

Clubs can offer some respite from the nonsense in bars, but clubs charge a premium on NYE, like a nonsensical premium. Some places will charge you up to a hundred quid and more just to get in and have the privilege of paying too much for drinks once inside. Obviously, being New Year’s Eve in London, once inside you’ll want to get royally smashed, and so you’ll spend the next heck-knows how many hours knocking back overpriced swill and seriously making a mockery of any chance of financial stability in 2019.

Party at home and listen to your housemate’s drunk colleagues talk about work

This could be fun and it could be frugal too. Get a bunch of drinks, get a hold of whatever dealer tickles your fancy (who are we to judge?) and invite some of your hottest pals over. You can play your own tunes, and act like complete imbeciles and nobody will judge you or charge you or get in your way. BUT, as we’re young, and London is expensive af, we all have housemates, and those housemates are going to want to invite their mates, and while you’ve been meticulous in your friend cultivation, maybe the individuals you cohabit with have not. So now you’re off your trolley in your own house and all these awkward twats turn up whose only thing in common is that the four cans of cider they’re carrying were all paid for by the same Debbie from accounts, and despite the fact that these are the most boring conversations in the universe, they decide that they want to ring out the old and ring in the new by talking about, oh, I don’t know, fucken spreadsheets or something, thereby rendering you completely sober and putting you in bed by 1:30am.

Stand around in the pissy drizzle to watch some dumb fireworks go bang

New Year’s Eve is cool because the city will put on some fireworks, and they’ll go… zinnnng, POP, and you’ll go, Ooh, ahh, and that’ll be grand, and then someone will pickpocket you and then you’ll get soaking wet because the weather is shitty, and there’ll be nowhere to dance to warm up and the Tube will be a nightmare to get home, so you’ll try and walk and you’ll get mugged and then die of hypothermia.

Do nothing

The best option thus far is to do absolutely sweet FA and stay at home, watch a bit of telly, and wake up fresh the next morning, greeting the new year without a hangover and with a cheerful disposition. Maybe get a bit of gym time in on January 1st and then when you’re walking home cry and cry and cry and cry because my god what have you become?

Ride a private party train to Edinburgh for Hogmanay with Stoke Travel and get well pissed up with absolute legends at the world’s greatest New Year’s Eve party

Really, was there any other option? We’ve got a private train A WHOLE TRAIN that leaves London on the 31st, ferries (trains?) us up to Edinburgh while we mingle across seats and carriages, drink and dance around, play drinking games, and we then go and enjoy the world’s best New Year’s Eve party, if not the only one really worth participating in. We rage all night, and then the next morning we jump back on our train and ride home, broken, perhaps, but not poor and not bored and not miserable. We ended the marvellous 2018 the right way, and we did everything we could to ensure that 2019 will be an absolute cracker.

There are still seat available on the Stoke Travel London to Hogmanay Express, but you’ll be wanting to book them as soon as you can, because given how shithouse New Year’s in London is, we know this trip is going to sell the heck out ASAP. Click here and book now.

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