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What Uni Teaches You vs What Travelling Teaches You


Posted by Stoke Media Team
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What Uni Teaches You vs What Travelling Teaches You

What Uni Teaches You vs What Travelling Teaches You

After High School I studied International and Global Studies at uni. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, I am one of those guys who was frivolous with your tax dollars and lazy with my time by studying something that I probably wouldn’t use because I found it “interesting”. Well guess what, the world is going to end soon at the tiny hands of The Donald, and all of your prudent choices and hasty entrance into the world of the adults is going to be worth naught. What do I get? I get a bunch of institutionalised experiences that I might never use, but that I can compare to some free lessons I’ve picked up from the university of life, man.


Uni: It’s important to be proactive about your impending enslavement to the corporate world. I’m not great at this, but one of my friends is an endearingly arrogant dick, and ended up with an internship at one of Australia’s biggest advertising firms by telling industry reps he “was just there to get out of the rain”. Another guy I know ended up in Newtown smoking something funny with an “industry rep” but never got a job out of it. So take from that what you want.

Backpacking: Well, that French guy who bummed a cigarette from you shared his joint, and who cares that he smelled like piss (you try not pissing yourself after a joint and several bottles of €2 wine), if that’s not successful networking I don’t know what is…


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