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Formas probadas y probadas de bloquearte oficialmente a ti mismo mientras viajas

Ever had a creeper ask you on a date and you go purely out of pitty? Most of us have. What can be done about it you ask? Cock-block yourself obviously. We’ve even taken the guessing out of how. You can thank us later.

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Budget Accommodation Oktoberfest 2020

Where you stay at Munich’s Oktoberfest this year will make all the difference to your German cultural experience. There are a lot of things you’ve got to consider – who…

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Cómo asegurarse de que todos en tu dormitorio te odien

Ever wanted to be the most hated person in your hostel dorm? Yeah, we thought so. Us too. Feast your eyes upon this tasty little list and get busy doing really shit things! If all goes well, you’ll be the most hated in absolutely no time. Good luck!

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Stoked In The Park Day One - Un resumen de todos los chanchullos

¿Así que te perdiste todos los chanchullos de nuestro primer Stoked In The Park? Nunca tengas miedo, amigo, te tenemos cubierto con nuestro resumen del primer día. ¡Simplemente deleite sus ojos con esto y sienta como si estuviera allí de fiesta junto a nosotros!

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