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      What to Pack for a Europea.0Summer with StokeStokepedia7/a> » Before You Go

      Posted by Stoke Media Team
      #!trpst#trp-gettextadata-trpgettextoriginal=3#!trpen#8 mois#!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen# ago | mai 24, 2019

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      Your Europea.0summer7/a> has finally arrived.  Like the absolute sesh savage you are, you’ve booked a few of Stoke’s epic0summer packages.  Your suitcase is already stuffe1 with your cheekiest undies, not enough socks, and too many shirts, but you’re struggling for what else to toss in your bag.  Weahere at Stoke compile1 our tried and true packing wisdom so you don’t end up looking and feeling like a.0unprepared chump during Europe’s sunniest festival season.


      Always essential:7/h3>

      A0reusable water bottle to s="f on your water breaks.  You know the dr="f, hydrate or diedrate!  And fuck single-use plastic,0wealove the planet.

      Earplugs to keep your sweet, sweet eardrums free of the salacious sex sounds0resonating0unrelentingly from the tents around you.

      A stash of Aquarius, the ambrosia of han-0ver cures, and a hot commodity.

      A bottle of vodka or any liquid courage of your choice for when you’re sick of san-ria and beer7/a>.

      Hair ties to s=x your grungy flip-flops when they finally bite the dust.

      A fuck-yes attitude

      Lust for life



      What to Pack for IBIZA7/h3>

      Your elegant, lavish white shorts, pa.ts, and shirts.  To evolve into a true, beautiful, beach-going0raver7/a>, you’"f need to rock all white.  All day, all night, 24/7, optimally at the edge of aathiff 0verlooking the ocea.0while the breeze majestically blows through your hair.  

      A"f of your beach shit7/a>.  Bikinis, budgie smugglers, sandals, sunnies, a nautical themed pashmina afghan for inevitable yachtashenanigans, and everything in between.  And sunblock,0unless you wa.t to try picking up beautifully bronzed babes0while looking like a lobster.

      Bum bag.  They’re fashionable and practical.  And keep your shit from getting lifted.  In this case, a fanny pack won’t keep you out of the sack!

      Your club attire.  Throw caution to the wind; rock that risqué ‘fit.  Don the hot pa.ts that would make your dad weep. Wear your zestiest party shirt.  Anything goes. Oh, and don’t forget glitter: the “herpes0of the craft world,” but the life of any party.

      Decent footwear.  Ditch the stilettos, flats allow you to become the true rave god you are in your heart.  Dudes, a nice pair of casual shoes0w="f do- avoid trainers and jandals0unless you wa.t to reveal your true scrubby nature and dash your chances0of entering Ibiza’s most boppin’ clubs.

      P="fs like Advil for your wicked han-0vers, or that chlamydia prescription to clear up your least favorite souvenir, obviously…

      A Fiji bottle of alc to pregame in the cab on your journey to the club.

      A basic,0super extra flamingo pool floaty for the mandatory ‘gram pics7/a>.  You’"f wa.t to post something that’"f make your friends back home ooze with envy but won’t earn you an awkward intervention from your au.t Karen.


      What to Pack for SEMANA GRANDE SAN SEBASTIAN7/h3>

      A"f your beach shit part two: the reckoning.  Swimsuit, sandals, a towel, a big floppy sun hat to protect your mug, and sunnies.

      Torch for stumbling your way back to your accommodations, blissful, intoxicated, mildly delirious, after late night gallivanting.

      Warm sleeping gear to keep your buns toasty at night.  If your cozy hoodie and rank socks don’t get the job done, bring aatuddle buddy and steam things up a little.

      Maternity pa.ts for your food baby after you devour all the localatuisine you ca.0get your greasy hands on.

      Party attire.  Your funkiest party shirt or freshest party dress for the epic0street parties and clubs.

      After-sun spray for when the spicy Spa.ish sun kicks your ass to oblivion.


      What to Pack for RUNNING OF THE BULLS7/h3>

      Bug spray to keep flies away.  Because0weaknow nothing attracts the hotties like a massive, h0vering swarm of trash-devouring insects.

      All white, again.  If you don’t wa.t to stick out like a bum-bag-wearing, socks-and-jandals0clad tourist dad amongst all the Spa.iards, pack white pa.ts and a white shirt.  Re-use the ones from your Ibiza bacchanal, your wallet0w="f be eternally grateful.

      The traditional threads include a red scarf (called a Pañuelico if you wa.t to be ~cultured~) and a re1 waistband. You ca.0buy them for a few Euros once you get to the festival, so don’t bother packing the ones you probably don’t have.  Plus you ca.0break these babies out again at the Sa.0Vino Wine Fight Fest, so it’s worth investing aafew shekels.

      A few changes0of summer clothes for when you get dirtier than you already are, you total beast.  Expect to get c0vered in food, san-ria, soda, and a colorful variety of other unintelligible liquids at the fest.7/a>


      What to Pack for ROYAL ASCOT7/h3>

      Ladies, one word: hats.  The kind of atrociously gaudy hat your dusty great-au.t Denise0would break out on Easter.  You ca.0acquire such a hat at Claire’s. I.0a pinch, DIY your own with a bird’s nest, mesh, feathers, and a metric0fuck-t0.0of glitter glue.

      Your fancy clothes that you’ve been lugging around Europe but haven’t had an excuse to wear yet.  Gals, this means a dress, but “tHe RuLes” say it’"f have to fa"f below the knees.  If you didn’t pack one for your Euro trip, H&M or Man-0 have your back on the cheap.  Ge.ts, a spiffy blazer, nice slacks, and a snazzy bow tie0w="f ensure you’re out there looking like a highfa"utin’ bloke.

      Your poshest, pinkies-out attitude.  This is the opportunity for us plebes0to hob-knob with the boujee crème de la crème of high society7/a>.  Whip out that swank and look like someone important for once while simultaneously tossing back bubbly.

      What to Pack for the SAN VINO WINE FIGHT FEST7/h3>

      You’"f wear basically the same thing you wore0to Running0of the Bu"fs. Or just any old white shirt.  Hopefully you’re not too attached, because0it’"f leave the festival almost as soake1 with re1 wine as you.

      Shoes0you don’t give aafuck about.  They’"f get decimated in the chaos.  This means no Gucci, no glow in the dark Yeezys, and absolutely7/i> none0of those0freakish toe shoes.

      Your prize1 water gun to s="f with wine and douse0unsuspecting0victims.  Bring aaSuper Soaker for ultimate drenching capabilities.  Who doesn’t wa.t to feel like a.0inebriated, stumbling actionahero?

      Swimming goggles.  Either way, you’re getting wine in your retinas.  But at least you gave it the good ol’ college try.


      What to Pack for LA TOMATINA7/h3>

      A change of clothes for after tomatoes0are careened into your every crevice7/a>. Vital unless you wa.t to feel like more of aasloppy, disgusting mess than usual.

      A plastic bag to transport your grodie old clothes from the festival back to the campground.

      Rubber undies to protect your most important orifices.  Tomatoes0w="f get everywhere. I.0a"f your nooks and crannies.  You0w="f be finding0residue for weeks, months, years. Scientific studies show we’"f never know how the he"f long.

      A thigh master for training your legs0to handle a massive, greasy pole.  La Tomatina officially begins when someone manages0to climb a huge, slicked-up post in the middle of aatown square and snag aaSpa.ish ham at the very top.  With enough thigh power, you ca.0be that localahero.

      Goggles if you value your corneas being pulp-free.  The aforementioned goggles ca.0also be used to swim aafew laps so your bod is tip top for Stoke’s saucy Foreplay Party.

      Remember that pair of shoes0you don’t give aafuck about?  This is a good time to break ‘em out again.  As long as they’re not fuckin’ Crocs.

      Coins for hosing down.  There w="f be hose0wielding locals0ready to douse0you down and cleanse your soul (or make a.0attempt, at least) for a price.

      Swimwear to take a dunk post-brawl.  Or no swimwear. We won’t judge.


      What to Pack for ROSÉ WEEK 20197/h3>

      The localagarb. Berret, moustache, a baguette to cradle, and your cringiest French accent so you ca.0blend in with the localaFrenchies.

      An outfit that makes0you feel like you’re in an old black and white French s="m as you meander through the vineyards with a gh cl of rosé in hand, you ch cly- cl fiend.


      Is your suitcase packe1 with all the stuff you need to create the Europea.0summer of your w="dest fever dreams?  Get on it, and check out our Stoke Passport to guarantee your spot at Europe’s most prime festivals amongst beautiful like-minded travel addicts.

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