Sziget Carnival 2019

Full to its Budapestal brim with culture, music and arts
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Carnaval de Sziget

Sziget festival is held on the Island of Freedom in the centre of Budapest. It is a week long celebration of life, freedom, creativity and
a huge festival you don’t want to miss.

Carnaval de Sziget

There are so many ways for you to celebrate at Sziget. We’ll be staying in one of Europe’s biggest party hostels in the centre of Budapest, with daily power hours with unlimited alcohol in the Retox Bar, a daily party bus with awesome pumping music, dancing and drinking games!

What the Sziget is going on?

Sziget started from humble beginnings and a tiny budget in 1993, but is now one of the biggest music and cultural festivals in Europe! You have loads of options with which to create your own artistic festival experience. There’s music, visual arts, performance arts, art arts… there’s even an area for participatory art stuff where you can create shit, like when you were a child and made your mum that cardboard dinosaur out of a cereal box and she sneaked it out to the trash as soon as you’d forgotten it!

We can put you in touch with our friends at some awesome hostels in the centre of Budapest featuring loads of international-flavoured fun that will probably end in some swapping of bodily fluids. Yum. Let’s ignite our inner hippie fires and free our monotony-strangled souls. Let’s give release to our passions and create our own canvas of memories that we’ll probably be too wasted to remember and don’t need anyway.

Stoke Travel Passport Holders SZIGET FESTIVAL:

Don’t know what a Stoke Travel Passport is? Check it out! Your universe will change. Eligible for a 3 night hostel stay. Sziget ticket not included.




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Budapest, Hungary

The Sziget Festival is held in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Budapest, by name and districts, is divided by the River Danube, and the 19th-century Chain Bridge connects the hilly Buda district with the flat Pest district. The city has an abundance of hot springs which people seek sometimes to cure whatever ails them, but mainly people visit them to have fun & relax a little, you can choose from a choice of Turkish-era, Art Nouveau and modern bathhouses.

Budapest has some of the most sophisticated cooking styles in Europe, and they don’t just cook Goulash! Budapest has a good reputation for its food and also it’s excellent wines, so why not sample some of these while you are there.

Nous rencontrer là

Get in a clown car with all of your friends. Car pool + google maps and we are there! Hitch-hiking not recommended but kudos to your enthusiasm to party with us. Once you’re at the hostel, we’ll supply transport to the festival. You must find your own way back as we all have different endurance levels when it comes to extreme partying. Bus leaves at 3:00pm from Retox (half an hour trip), and every half an hour after 3 until no one is left. No return transport, so party til’ your hearts desire!

Fly to Budapest

Once you are at the airport you can choose from several ways to travel to the centre:

Train service from Ferihegy Train Station (accessible by bus 200E during the day, and by bus 900 at night from Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2, the trip is 5 stops, around 10 minutes) to Western Train Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar): this is the simplest way to get to the city centre.

You can get to the city center by the M3 (blue) metro line or trams 4 and 6 from the train station. The train journey takes less than half an hour (cc. 22-25 minutes).

Bus 200E takes you from Terminal 2 to the M3 (blue) metro terminal called Kőbánya-Kispest Metro Station. The bus operates from 4.00 till 23.00 daily. The journey is about 30 minutes. From there you can travel on by metro.

Buses are for cool kids

Vérifier Eurolines for international buses to Budapest.

Trains are speedy

Vérifier Bahn et MAVC for trains into Budapest



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Carnaval de Sziget

Date de début: 2020-08-05 Date de fin: 2020-08-12

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