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    Transport From Barcelona To Oktoberfest

    barcelona to MUNICH, GERMANY | 26TH-30th SEPTEMBER & 3rd-7TH OCTOBER 2019

    private sleeper buses to the world’s best and biggest beer festival

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    Comfortable, lie-flat sleeper buses that travel overnight from Barcelona to Munich’s Oktoberfest. The best way to travel to the world famous beerfest in comfort while saving money. Then once you arrive stay with an all-inclusive package including two nights twin-share camping accommodation, two chef-prepared meals each day, and our Stoketoberfest parties including bands, DJs and the infamous Wheel of Misfortune.

    Oktoberfest transport made easy

    Our lie-flat sleeper buses from Barcelona to Oktoberfest are a breeze. You’ll be riding to Oktoberfest with fellow travellers, and can spend the start of the trip socialising with your soon-to-be beer drinking buddies. Once the bus trip is underway, however, lay down, relax, and sleep the whole way to Munich. Once you arrive we’ll check you in to your twin share accommodation (solo tent upgrades available) and then you can start drinking beer, don your dirndl or lederhosen, and make your way into the Oktoberfest beer halls. Then after two nights in Munich you can ride the bus back to Barcelona with us, stay on in Munich for more nights, or continue your travels elsewhere — it’s entirely up to you.

    What’s Stoketoberfest?

    Stoketoberfest is Munich’s second biggest party, with literally thousands of travellers, study abroad students and other assorted beer lovers and party animals getting together in our campsite inside Munich’s city limits and having the best pre-parties before the beer halls — and after-parties once we stumble home. Stoketoberfest features bands and DJs from all over the world, beer bongs and beer pong, a shisha lounge, art installations, performances and everything is powered by our open and unlimited beer and sangria bar.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that has to be experienced to be believed.

    Are you ready for this?

    Book your spot on the Barcelona sleeper bus package, a one-way Barcelona bus trip, or transport from one of our other destinations below. Contact us for any questions, return bus pricing, or if you need help creating your perfect Oktoberfest itinerary with accommodation.

    Want to know more?

    For all your Oktoberfest and Stoketoberfest information, head over here.

    26 SEPTEMBER | 3 OCTOBEROne Way Bus Barcelona to OktoberfestOvernight Sleeper Bus

    175Per Person

    Ride With Us

    26 SEPTEMBER | 3 OCTOBEROne Way Bus Barcelona to OktoberfestOvernight Sleeper Bus

    Lie back and recline in comfort on our overnight sleeper bus from Barcelona to Munich. 

    Departure Location: 6pm check in for a 7pm departure- Plaça de Catalunya, 21, 08002 Barcelona. Right in front of the Hard Rock Cafe 
    Drop-Off Location: Estimated Arrival Time is 12pm  at Campingplatz Obermenzing Lochausenerstrase 59, Obermenzing Munich

    30 SEPTEMBER | 7 OCTOBEROne Way Bus from Oktoberfest to Barcelona

    175Per Person

    Ride With Us

    30 SEPTEMBER | 7 OCTOBEROne Way Bus from Oktoberfest to Barcelona

    Lie back and recline in comfort on our overnight sleeper bus from Munich to Barcelona. 

    Departure Location: 10:30am check in for a 11:30am departure – Campingplatz Obermenzing Lochausenerstrase 59, Obermenzing Munich
    Drop-Off Location: Estimated arrival time is 6am at Plaça de Catalunya, 21, 08002 Barcelona. 

    26 - 30 September | 3 - 7 OctoberBarcelona To MunichRide with us from Barcelona to Oktoberfest!

    360/ Per Person

    Flexible terms, group payments

    Ride With Us

    19 September – 7 OctoberMeet us at OktoberfestMEET US AT OUR LEGENDARY CAMPSITE

    65/Per Person Per Night

    2 night min, flexible terms, group payments

    Meet Us There

    19 September – 7 OctoberMeet us at OktoberfestMEET US AT OUR LEGENDARY CAMPSITE


    • Camping accommodation (pre-erected, twin share tent with sleeping matt & sleeping bag)
    • Hearty, chef prepared breakfast every day and dinner every night at camp
    • Guides to direct you to the Oktoberfest beer halls
    • The Stoke festival within atmosphere with an international vibe
    • Massive campsite parties featuring live bands and DJs


    • Unlimited booze – Open bar of beer, sangria, wine, soft drink, tea and coffee €10 a day
    • Solo tent upgrade – Don’t wanna share your tent with a stranger? Have a feeling you’ll be bringing a stranger back? Upgrade to your own solo tent and sleep easy €20/night
    • Glamping – If you’re a sucker for the finer things in life, you might wanna consider upgrading to glamping. You’ll be hanging out in a tent you can stand up in, sleeping in a bed and keeping toasty warm with a hot water bottle. You can thank us later… €150 per person per night (solo, twin, triple and quad available)
    • Traditional Oktoberfest outfits – You’ll really stick out like a sore thumb if you’re not decked out in one of these, plus it’s always fun to dress up in your traditional German outfits and take pics for the gram to make all your friends back home jealous… Dirndl set €70, Lederhosen set €90 onsite  – 20% OFF IF YOU PRE-PURCHASE
    • Hot showers – It can get a little chilly in Munich around this time of year and what better way to warm your bones (and wash away your sins) than with a hot shower. In order to do this though, you need to purchase shower tokens, so have your coins at the ready €1 per token, or if you’re feeling brave cold showers are free! (1 token will give you 6 minutes of bliss)
    • Private 8 person teepees – Got a big group and want to be able to shack up together? Like the idea of Oktoberfest being one big cosy sleepover with all your pals? Jump into a teepee! €560 per night
    • Oktoberfest 7s tickets  – Rugby 7’s is one of two rugby variants played all over the world. It’s named after the number of players, 7 per team, and is a damn good time to watch. If you wanna experience some live sports with a crazy atmosphere in between beer hall sessions, then get on board – €29, available September 21 & 22
    • Munich bike tour – Feel like hopping on a bike and riding around picturesque Munich for a few hours, getting in some exercise and seeing the sights? We’ve got a treat for you. The boozy bike tour through Munich will take you to all the main attractions, is a pretty flat ride right through, and you get to stop for lunch and beers (not included in price), what’s not to love?! €25
    • Oktoberfest table bookings – Don’t want to push your way through to crowd and eye off tables? Reserve yourself your very own spot at a table in one of the infamous beer halls. Not only will you get a guaranteed table spot, the price also includes food and beer tokens – email for information on prices and table availability 

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