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    Transport From Barcelona To Oktoberfest

    barcelona to MUNICH, GERMANY | 26TH-30th SEPTEMBER & 3rd-7TH OCTOBER 2019

    private sleeper buses to the world’s best and biggest beer festival

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    Comfortable, lie-flat sleeper buses that travel overnight from Barcelona to Munich’s Oktoberfest. The best way to travel to the world famous beerfest in comfort while saving money. Then once you arrive stay with an all-inclusive package including two nights twin-share camping accommodation, two chef-prepared meals each day, and our Stoketoberfest parties including bands, DJs and the infamous Wheel of Misfortune.

    Oktoberfest transport made easy

    Our lie-flat sleeper buses from Barcelona to Oktoberfest are a breeze. You’ll be riding to Oktoberfest with fellow travellers, and can spend the start of the trip socialising with your soon-to-be beer drinking buddies. Once the bus trip is underway, however, lay down, relax, and sleep the whole way to Munich. Once you arrive we’ll check you in to your twin share accommodation (solo tent upgrades available) and then you can start drinking beer, don your dirndl or lederhosen, and make your way into the Oktoberfest beer halls. Then after two nights in Munich you can ride the bus back to Barcelona with us, stay on in Munich for more nights, or continue your travels elsewhere — it’s entirely up to you.

    What’s Stoketoberfest?

    Stoketoberfest is Munich’s second biggest party, with literally thousands of travellers, study abroad students and other assorted beer lovers and party animals getting together in our campsite inside Munich’s city limits and having the best pre-parties before the beer halls — and after-parties once we stumble home. Stoketoberfest features bands and DJs from all over the world, beer bongs and beer pong, a shisha lounge, art installations, performances and everything is powered by our open and unlimited beer and sangria bar.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that has to be experienced to be believed.

    Are you ready for this?

    Book your spot on the Barcelona sleeper bus package, a one-way Barcelona bus trip, or transport from one of our other destinations below. Contact us for any questions, return bus pricing, or if you need help creating your perfect Oktoberfest itinerary with accommodation.

    Want to know more?

    For all your Oktoberfest and Stoketoberfest information, head over here.

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    The World’s Best Beer at The World’s Greatest Beer-Drinking Party

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