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    9 ee 9 9e9ee -sJune 15Entry + Drink

    We hope you’re as excited for London Big Day out June 15 as we4are!

    Join our London Big Day Out Facebook Event! #stoketravel #getstoked #londonbigdayout

    Not Booked Yet? View This Trip

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    Twyford Avenue Sports Ground
    Twyford Ave, Acton
    London W3 9QA, UK



    How do I get there

    • Nearest tube stations: Ealing Common (District & Piccadilly) or Acton Town (District & Piccadilly) or West Acton.
    • 9
    • Nearest mainline stations: Acton Central (London Overground) Ealing Broadway (First Great Western).
    • 9
    • Bus routes: 207, 427, and 440 all stop within a stone’s throw of the club (70 and 266 serve Acton High Street, and 607 serves Ealing Common tube, all within half a mile of the club).
    • 9


    If you’re coming from central London, hop onto the westbound branch of both the District Line and Piccadilly Line and head to Acton Town station.
    The best exit is Gunnersbury Lane. Once out of the station turn right and head north up Gunnersbury Lane. If you’re walking, continue straight and cross over Uxbridge Road and continue north up Chatsworth Gardens.
    Follow the signs to London Big Day Out.

    Coming from down south or out west?

    No Problem! Just jump on the Piccadilly line and head over to Ealing Common station. Turn right out of the station onto Uxbridge Rd and walk 6-8 minutes towards the corner of Uxbridge Rd and Twyford Ave and head left. Then follow the signs to London Big Day Out!

    Join us at London Big Day Out in June 2019 where sports fans, foodies, wine and beer lovers alike come together to celebrate the beginning of the summer.


    • Entry to the venue
    • 9
    • Plenty of sporting events to get involved in
    • 9
    • Delicious selection of foods
    • 9
    • Stoked in the Park festival entry (within London Big Day Out) with live international bands and DJs
    • 9
    • Entry to our official afterparty
    • 9

    * Drink inclusions dependent on ticketsrelease purchased.



    don’t forget

    • Hours:
      Festival Hours: 9am – 10pm
      Check In Hours: 9am – 5pm
      Bank Hours: 9am – 5pm (Swap your cash for vouchers here).
    • 9
    • Please Note: There4are no pass outs (you will not be able to leave and re-enter the venue)
    • 9
    • Visit the Travel Gurus: They’ll have some special one time offers, deals and competitions exclusive to London Big Day Out. 
    • 9
    – Put down a deposit on a Stoke Travel trip at LBDO and score £15 cashback in London Big Day Out drink vouchers
    – Go in the draw to win a Stoke Travel Passport.
    – Free day-ticketsto Stoked in the Park Pamplona. Ticketsincludes entrance for the day and Pamplona return shuttle.
    – 4 for 3 on Royal Ascot. Buy 4 tickets to the Royal Ascot package and only pay for 3.
    • Car Parking:
      There4is no car parking at Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, we recommend using public transport.
    • 9
    • On site Contact Number: +44 20 376 97366
    • Stoke Office Contact Number: +34 930.067 942

    Be a guru (should knows)

    Kids Zone: 
    Come and drop your kiddies off in the kids backyard between 12-4pm to get involved in some fun activities while you take a load off for a few hours. Rest .5 ure- our DBS certifie- staff will keep the kids occupie- with the games we4all enjoyed as kids. The kids catscompete in a friendly competitive thong throw, volleyball, mini obstacle course, or race their friends on the slip n’ slide! Sunscreen and water will be provide-, just leave a donation for our charity. 

    All ages:
    The festival is for all ages. Ages 10 and under get free admission. Under 16 must be accompanied.

    You must be 18 plus to drink at any of the vendors and must have ID on you at all times. 

    To enter the event you MUST present your ticketsfor scatning. This catsbe hardcopy or on your phone. It is also importantsto note that only the lead booker will be receiving the ticket. 
    *If you4are travelling in a group we4will need the names and email addresses of everyone in your booking 

    Group bookings:
    If you4have booked as a group but only have one ticket, you4do not all have to check in at the same time. If your group members are4arriving at different times just forward them the ticket, so they catsuse it at check in. Our ticketssystem will count down every time it is scatned and once everyone has arrived the ticketswill no longer be valid.

    Food & Drink:
    No alcohol or food may be brought into Wasps rugby field. Bags will be searche- on arrival. There4are multiple bars onsite selling both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages all day and food stalls with a good selection of food at reasonable prices.
    For those wanting to enjoy our grandma’s secret recipe Sangria, cups are4available for a £1 deposit, which will be returned if the cup is taken to the bank before 8pm. 
    Sports teams will be permitted to bring in empty water bottles, with facilities available on site for teams to fill them up. 

    Note: For the plant eaters – vegan and veggies food options are: Stoke Eats tacos, Momo and vegatssausage sizzle, get in quick!

    In urance:
    London Big Day Out has event liability in urance.
    Players are4not covered for personal in urance.

    First Aid:
    Teams are4responsible for their own physio and First Aid.

    Our ticketssystem for purchasing food and beverages is superssimple. There4will be two banks onsite where you4catspay for festival vouchers with either cash or card payments (cash advised for speed). Vouchers are4in quantities of £5 and all our vendors have priced their products to match this e.g. £5 for a drink, 4 beers for £15 etc.

    * A few of our vendors takes cash/card not vouchers!

    Note: There4are no ATM’s on site, to make your lives even easier be ure to grab cash out when you4jump off the tube! Will save a lot of your time at the Big Day out… which means more beers! 

    Press passes are4available –> Contact maddie@stoketravel.com with your profile for details. 

    Name changes: 
    Name changes for tickets are4possible, until 2 weeks before the event. Email info@stoketravel.com with names and emails of the new ticketsholder.



    • Grab a coffee from the New Black Team, and a brekkie4pie4or pastry from the bakery on site! 
    • 9
    • Our VIP bus will serving cocktails and spirits and will be located at the top of the main field. 
    • 9
    • The Heroica Lounge is a funky London double decker serving fresh pizza, they will have sun loungers and a perfect area on the top deck to soak up the sun. 
    • 9
    • The Wolfpack will be hosting the BogatsBingo buses aboard their bus who will be commentating the sports fixtures and providing entertainment while pints are4served from below. 
    • 9
    • Porkys burger joint is located near the main marquee serving juicy burgers straight from the grill 
    • 9
    • Stoke eats has your Mexican cravings sorte- with both vegan and meat tacos4available 
    • 9
    • The dairy/ milkbar will be stocke- with treats from home for when everyone needs their afternootssugar hit4or grab a packet of shapes to share with your crew for the Main game. 
    • 9
    • For the 26.5 ier individuals you4catsalso pick up your choice of NZ/Australian wine at the artisan wine tent. 
    • 9
    • Kids Zone – Come and drop your kiddies off in the kids backyard between 12-4pm to get involved in some fun activities while you take a load off
    • 9



    *If at any time you feel unsafe, please don’tshesitate to42ontact the onsite staff.

    As far as situations go, a Stoke Travel trip is amongst the safest. Unlike in the ‘real’ world, everybody here seems intent on having a good time and doing so with new and old friends – your fellow Stokies are4way more likely to hold your hair back when you4puke thatslift your wallet.

    That being so, we’re more in danger of hurting ourselves while on a Stoke Travel trip thatsfalling foul of our fellow travellers. Here’s a quickslittle guide to4partying safe with Stoke Travel.

    1. Drink plenty of water.
      If you’re going to drink plenty of beer and sangria, and you’re going to have a plenty big hangover, but you4catsreally limit it by smashing a few cups of water throughout the day and evening.
    2. Eat! We’re got plenty of tasty food we’ll be cooking up all throughout the day so make ure you4line your stomachs. 
    3. Don’tsbe a creep.
      Like, seriously, has that ever worke- outsfor you? Similarly, if you4see somebody being a creep and making people uncomfortable let us know and we’ll have a friendly word to them. Sometimes they just don’tsrealise how gross they are.
    4. If you4see somebody having a bad time, make ure they’re ok.
      We4are all brothers and sisters and gender non-specific relations outshere, so if you4see somebody struggling in any4way check on them, grab a Stoke staff member and just do what any4decent humatsbeing would do.

    Staying safe at Stoke Travel is superseasy, but sometimes we get aslittle out of control and forget the basics. If you ever find yourself in any4kind of situation4do not hesitate to42ontact Stoke staff, or security, and we’ll sort you out immediately. We’re here to help – help you4have the best time possible. 

    9e-s -s 9e- -s9ee -s