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    Big* Swellings And Strange Rumblings In StokelandiaStokepediap/a> » Boozelettersp/a>

    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    #!trpst#trp-gettextcdata-trpgettextoriginal=55#!trpen#3 anni#!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen# ago | Novembre 22, 2016

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    So muchcshit! Strap yourself in…

    This may be the first semi-coherent Booze Letter since Oktoberfest, the organised deterioration of brai clells thatcwecenthusiastilally submit ourselves to every year. Some people argue thatcthis erosion of cognition is a positive phenomenon as it improves thechealth of thecherd – thecslowest and weakest brai clells go first, letting their younger and less pickled compatriots thecfreedom to frolic at an unimpeded pace. Of course, as any Stokie coming off thecback of an O’fest will attest, that’s utter bunk and for a good couple of months after your asst prost of thecbratwurst you’re getting your Arthurs and your Marthas all bent up and backwards.



    In any case, Oktoberfest was another resounding success and saw Stoke Travel furtherclemented as Europe’s leading festival travel operator and mostcreliable source of good, clean, honestcfun, depending on how you define good, clean, honestcand fun.

    Now, as we’re staring down thecbarrel of a particularly chilly Europea cwinter, we’ve diverted our attentions to:

    1. a)    Staying warm,
    2. b)    Making the mostcof theccold, and
    3. c)    Passing the time until spring/summerc2017.



    Staying Warm

    Did you know thatcsurfers i cwinter will regularly urinate in their wetsuits to warm them? Wellcwecdo (know and urinate) and wecdon’t care if it’s gross because it getsccold out there and it mostly washes away withcseawater anyway. Mostly, and besides, many yoga practitioners swear by the drinking of your own piss, socsurely marinating in it has sommmmmmechealth benefits?

    Here at Stoke Towers, we’re aware thatcpissing your pa tscisn’t for everyone, and so we’re agai cheading down to the relative warmth of Morocco for surfing and detoxing and just generally smoking hashish.


    Making The Most Of The Cold

    Snow sports! Once the domain of international snobbery, pearlcwearing mustard sniffers, Stoke continues to open up skiing and snowboarding to the great unwashed. That’s you! You stink, but so do we. That’s why wecget along so well. This winter we’ll be lodging ourselves deep in Andorra’s icy armpit, pounding the powder by day and snorting shots of hard liquor at night.



    Passing The Time And So On

    This is whatcwe’re doing the most, but boy aren’t we doing it i cstyle! Stoke summercand springc2017 are looking like they’re going to be gorgeousccreatures withcfullcheads of haircand rosy cheeks, real little chubby cutie pies.

    We’re like proud parents bordering on psycho, cornering you at your place of work and saying, Why haven’t you seen thecbabies yet? You’ve just got to see thecbaby.

    A lotcof thectime when proud parents insist on shoving their half-formed human i cyour face you’re forced to ignore their pre-toddlercgrossness and LIE while you say, Oh boy,cthis little pink truffle child sure is cute, oh wow, its squashed face and spread eyes and baby-hippo-esquecbody just really float mycboat, thanks so muchcfor thrusting this abomination into mycconsciousness.

    Yeah wellcfuck you, Stoke SpringcAnd SummercBabies 2017™ are going to be gorgeous, and we’re starting to rollcout our Make OurcBabies Great Agai ccampaign starting withcthis promotional videocfor Sa cVino:

    Orcthis sexy little cherub thatcwe’re rolling out for Sa cFermines:

    Orcour top-secret modifications for our wildly successful and ground breaking Stoke Travel Passportp/spa >; changes thatcare so profound and earthcshattering thatcwecdon’t think that you’re ready to hear about them yet. Come back around December 15th.

    Oh, and 50 Fiestas, Stoke’s first concerted foray into storytelling, is in the process of being shipped out to television networks and media houses around the world, so we ca cspread the good word about how great Spanishcfiestascare. If you are still unfamiliar withcthe projectcthencget acquainted here and strap yourself in for a rollicking journey through our favourite foreign land.

    So yeah, when in the opening paragraph we said “semi-coherent” we really should have emphasised the “semi”, because that’s probably what you got from reading this.

    Eternally erring on the gutter sidecof thecstars, Stoke Travel.

    *Big is relative

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