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The Best Barcelona Boat Party


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4 anni ago | Maggio 3, 2016

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I have experienced the best Barcelona Boat Party and I couldn’t be happier

Last Friday I went on a Stoke Boat Party. None of my friends had ever been on one of these things, but I had heard stories and had a good grasp on their awesome reputation. After all, they run from half five until half seven in the afternoon, have some of Barcelona’s best DJs playing on board and the booze is as free flowing as the water you sail upon… Whoever came up with the boat party concept is either completely mad or an absolute genius, ’cause it was one of the strangest, craziest, and messiest couple of hours I’ve ever had in my whole entire life and in my opinion the best Barcelona Boat Party imaginable.

A friend and I rock up to the meeting point and instantly recognise some of Stokies in their bright sweaters, ridiculous fancy dress all dancing and skipping around like excited loons. Perfect. As always, they looked and acted completely nuts, but got everyone checked in and psyched up with no problem at all. Before long, we boarded the boat and got given the grand tour of the top deck. The sun is shining, everyone is anticipating something big, and there is a promise of lots and lots and lots of alcohol. This is going to be interesting…

The boat sets off and we all quickly realise what we’re in for. Out of nowhere, an acoustic guitar player with the most magnificent beard I’ve ever seen (it really does deserve a shoutout) starts serenading people left right and centre. Then, once we exit the port, we hear the DJ turn up the music and so we rush downstairs to see both bartenders handing out beer like their life depends on it, whooping and dancing non-stop.

A group of twenty American college students all down their first drink together and cry for more, which they were of course given. Loads of impromptu drinking games and races suddenly pop up and quickly get everyone well on their way to a jolly ‘ol time. The DJ was playing those really well-known ‘summer hits’ – you know the type – so we had no problem swaying with our boat and beers, singing as loudly as we possibly could. A limbo stick appeared at some point and became the life of the party. I also remember what I can only describe as a pirate with a camera wandering around the boat taking pictures. I later found out he was the official photographer.

My memory becomes hazy at this point, but I vaguely remember going back to the top deck and seeing that the acoustic guitarist was offering hilarious emotional support to guests while avoiding other guests trying to ply him with alcohol. Awesome. Downstairs, one of the bartenders was now in a lederhosen.

Before I realise it, the two hours are coming to a close and we make it back to the port. We all shout for more music and more partying, and that’s as far as my memory goes. What I can remember, however, was the colossal hangover the next morning. And the fact that this was the best Barcelona Boat Party ever. I’d been stoked.

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