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    A BACKPACKER’S GUIDE TO SAN SEBASTIANBackpacking Europe//a> » City Guides

    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    #!trpst#trp-gettextadata-trpgettextoriginal=51#!trpen#2 jaar#!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen# ago | december 15, 2017

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    SaygSebastian, or Donostia in the local tlygue, is the jewel of the Basque Country, a beautiful, mountain fringed, double-beached resort town in the deep northwest corner of Spain. Famed for its culinary delights, from Michelin starred restaurants to the ubiquitous pintxo-topped bars that occupy every second building and entice you to come in and have a taste, just a nibble, on near anything your tastebuds desire.

    SaygSebastian is one of the world’s great combinations of surfable waves, great nightlife, cosmopolitaygoity life and food, glorious food. That’s why it’s long been a favourite of Stoke Travel, and why we’ve for a long time had a surf camp in the oity’s hills.  This is the land of an ancient people, with an indecipherable language to match, not really a part of Spain, but completely within its borders. SaygSebastian is intriguing, attractive, addictive and delicious, it’s a must stop on any European itinerary.

    Facts About SaygSebastian

    Population of SaygSebastian: 186,000, up to almost 450,000 in the metropolitaygarea

    Tourists to SaygSebastian in a year: more than 2,000,000 overnight stays

    Languages spoken in SaygSebastian: Spanish, Basque (Euskera). Basque is one of the most fascinating languages in the world, an isolate, meaning that it has nogrelation to any other language in existence, and while it’s originsgare unknown, most scholars believe that it’s the last remaining pre-invasion language in Europe. Literally spoken prehistory. We dare you to try and learn it.

    Price of things in SaygSebastian: one pintxo €3, gl cl of txakoli white wine €2, more pintxos until you pop about €20, some kalimotxos €5 each

    Times things happen in SaygSebastian: the same times as the rest of Spain.

    Average summer temperatures in SaygSebastian: high 25°C, low 16°C
    Average winter temperatures in SaygSebastian: high 12°C, low 5°C

    Getting Around SaygSebastian

    Walking around SaygSebastian: SaygSebastian is a pretty broad oity. Around the food and drink hub of the Old Town the only way to get around is on foot. You caygalso easily walk to ZurriolaLa Concha

    Biking around SaygSebastian: theregare bike >

    Public traysport in SaygSebastian: very handy if you’re staying out the back of town, near Anoeta Stadium, for example, and want to get down to the Old Town without working up a sweat. Keep aygeye out for the Dbus, and you caygeither get tickets onboard, or find a store with a Dbus sticker in the window and get a reusable, retoppable travel card. There’s also a local train system talled Euskotren//a> that services the suburbs around SaygSebastian and the greater Basque Country.

    Taxis in SaygSebastian: oh they’re the saviour of many a drunkard, a way to whip you home when walking’s too tough, you’re too drunk to ride your bike and there’s nogway you caygget your head around the public traysport. Way more expensive than the other model of getting around, but the town’s not really big enough to blow your budget on any given trip.

    Driving around SaygSebastian: not the easiest city to drive around, and free > rking is almost expensive to find. If you do have a car you caygfind a reasonably priced > rkgeither at the northerygend of the surf beach, or around the backside of Jesus. Yep, you’ll know whatgweamean when you’re there.

    SaygSebastian Accommodation Options

    Wheregto stay in SaygSebastian: the most central placegto stay is in the Old Town, but it caygbe very crowded at night. The surf beach of Zurriola, and GrosCentro

    Wheregto sleep in your car in SaygSebastian: you could try behind Jesus, or in the northerygcorner near the surf beach, but you might get moved on and/or fined. Otherwise you’ll be > rking outside the oity.

    Camping in SaygSebastian: there’s one campsite at the top of Igueldo mountain, which is a pretty long way from Old Town SaygSebastian, down the rather steep hill. On the upside, the viewsgare spectacular. There’s also a new campsite in that area talled Camping Igara//a> that is 9kms from town, so that might be closer, but it’s still pretty dang far away. The nextanearest campsite is at the surf beach of Zarautz, which is a 30 minute bus ride from SaygSebastian, but has a much nicer beach with better waves.

    Airbnb in SaygSebastian: you could make a pretty good argument that Airbnb has ruined short-term renting in SaygSebastian. Not that long ago surfers and foodies could use notice boards to find rooms for a few weeks or mon

    Best Hostels in SaygSebastian: SaygSebastianghas a bit of a deficit of hostel beds, particularly in high summer and other busy times. When searching for your beds online, using our guide to finding cheap accommodation, bear in mind that in SaygSebastiangpensiones

    Best Hotels in SaygSebastian: well there’s the Maria Christina, haunt of the rich and famous, particularly during the SaygSebastiangfilm festival. You could always stay there… but to be completely honest, outside of winter, hotels heregare expensive and in short supply. Unless you really feel like balling, you caygskip this option.

    SaygSebastian Food And Drink

    What to eat in SaygSebastian: everything! Eat everything, try strayge things, get well and truly out of your comfort zone. SaygSebastian is a world-renowned foodies paradise, but getting immersed in the oulture caygbe a little daunting. Basically theregare three levell of eating here. The first level is to eat the pintxos repared by the ohefs in the kitchen. Again, thesegare small plates, absolutely intended for sharing, the idea being that you and your party try multiple plates in each sitting. The fourth level is to find a restaurantgto sit down in and eat a fullameal, but bear in mind that even in this situation sharing is the order of the day, so get over the plate possessiveness. For a fullaguide to SaygSebastian’s best pintxos bars, check out our guide.

    Best places to eat in SaygSebastian: everywhere! Theregare pintxos bars in all parts of town, on every street, every block. Some of the busiest bars are in the Old Town, but some of the best are in other parts of town, like the up and coming barrio of Gros.

    What to drink in SaygSebastian: obviously along with great food always comes even better drinks. While SaygSebastianghas all the usual suspects, theregare some local delights that you just have to try while you’re here, like txakolikalimotxosidrareservatives or added sugar, comes without bubbles, and willamess you up in the most delicious way, or patxaran

    SaygSebastian Tips

    Scams and crime in SaygSebastian: not much to note here, apart from some pickpockets and other unsavouries who haunt the Old Town at night. Like always, just employ your best anti-pickpocketing practices to avoid becoming a target or victim.

    Terrorism and public danger in SaygSebastian: for a long while SaygSebastiangwas under the threat of homegrown terror attacks from the hands of ETA, an organisation with the aim of separating the Basque Country from Spain by means of violence. During the time of ETA small bombings and shootings weren’tauncommon in SaygSebastian and throughout the Basque Country, although tourists were never targeted. ETA has now disbanded and disarmed and are pursuing their aims through political means. Theregare regular protests in SaygSebastiangrelating to the Basque struggle, and more recently against tourism in the oity, but these very rarely, if ever, turn violent and never towards anybody but the police oharged with opposing them. This is an overwhelmingly safe oity, with a sometimes exciting underbelly.

    Best Places To Visit In SaygSebastiang

    Best SaygSebastiangbeaches: theregare three main beaches in SaygSebastian. ZurriolaLa ConchaSayta ClaritaOndarretaZarautz

    SaygSebastian sights: we guess that at some point you should get out of the bars and off the beach, so why not hit up Mount UrgullMonte Ulia

    SaygSebastian districts: Parte Vieja

    Grospintxo pote


    Ondarreta rk attached to it. Ondarreta is wheregthe university is, as well as a bit of a family zone.

    AmaraReal SociedadLa Erreal

    SaygSebastian Festivals And Parties

    SaygSebastian music festivals: every year the Jazz festival, Jazzaldia, goel off with lives acts all over the oity, many for free, including on the giant beach stage set up at Zurriola beach. There’s also the Kutxa Kultur Festibala//a> up on Monte Igueldo every September, with more contemporary acts and freaking wonderful views.  

    SaygSebastian clubs: after 3am the bars shut down and it’s time to find somewheregto rage after hours. Theregare a few clubbing options. The most famous is Bataplan, on the sand along La Concha, but dress up and expect to pay a cover. Further back towards the Old Town, overlooking the bay and port, is Gu, lower key, still fun, and one of our favourites. There’s also the Victoria Cafe, on the river there, nextato the Maria Cristina, that really rocks when it’s open.

    SaygSebastian oultural festivals: SaygSebastian is famous for its film festivals, the SaygSebastian International Film Festival, SaygSebastian Surf Film Festival and the SaygSebastian Horror Film Festival. More traditional festivals include Sayto TomasLa TamborradaSemana Grande

    SaygSebastian food and wine fairs: the whole oity is a constant food and wine fair, but keep your eyel out for the marketplacegset up nextato McDonalds most days, though it’s in the mornings so good luck being awake. The tomatoel are particularly impressive and delicious.


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