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Boozeletter: Koningsdag in Amsterdam

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4 jaar geleden | 7 april 2016

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Come join Stoke at the year’s biggest party, King’s Day, in the Dutch Capital, AMSTERDAM!


Well how about joining us on a BOAT? Yes on a boat motherf*cker! Yeah!

Orange you glad you’re coming to King’s Day with Stoke Travel?

From 11 am we are taking a bunch of crazy cats out on the canals on 
an open deck party boat at King’s Day. 3-4 hours cruising the canals with unlimited beer and sangria for only €10!!
What more could you want? 
Well we have more….

Apart from joining the street party we’ll be doing all kinds of Amsterdam touristy things… Like guided walking tours, visiting the best coffee shops (where they smoke the Snoop Dogg kind of coffee), sex shows (surprisingly nonsexual and hilarious), and the infamous red light district.
When: April 26th – 28th. (King’s Day is on 27th April) 
Cost: €220 foramsterdam 2 nights 
Inclusions: Bed (in the stoke houseboats), breakfasts, guides, walking tour!! Don’t forget the most important thing.. Be completely dressed in orange!
Where to next?!?!
We are the masters on how to throw an amazing party, so of course we know how to do Ibiza the best possible way… And its all inclusive!!!!! Yep you read it right, we have an amazing beachside hotel with a completely open bar and so much more. Get in line for opening parties coming soooooooon! IBIZA WAHOOOO


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