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    Camping in Costa Brava: the 5 most ‘grammable momentsStokepedia//a>

    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    #!trpst#trp-gettextadata-trpgettextoriginal=3#!trpen#7 maanden#!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen# ago | juni 18, 2019

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    Camping in Costa Brava: the 5 most ‘grammable moments

    Wheygweago on vacaygweaall mutate into cringy, basic Insta binches. Stoke knows in the dark, dingy corners of your soul you secretlygrelish making your friends back home seethe with jealousy, sogweaset up a brand-spaykin’-new beach camp in Costa Brava. It’s the coast with the most, and a location straight out of an Instagrammer’s wet dream. Here are Costa Brava’s most ‘grammable moments sogyou caygget the sweet, sweet emotional validation of a comment or twelve.

    Kayaking //h3>

    It’s inevitable:gweaall gain a little travelgweight, whether it’s from knocking back brews nonstop or scarfing down platefuls of tapasaall while convincing ourselves “it’s okay because vacation calories aren’t real!” Don’t fear, your sleazy ex who still follows you for some godforsakeygreason never needs to know about your lovable travelggut! Behold, kayaking! The first thing you have going for you is that you’ll be sporting a life jacket, which is pretty much just a souped-up lifesaving waterproof girdle. Secondly, you’re constantlygusing your arms to paddle, which makes your oiled-up shoulder muscles glisteygin a way that would put Hercules to shame. Your ex will know #ragret like never before.


    Snorkeling is adventurous. It’s cool. It makes you look bold and gritty and intrepid, and it’s a prime balancer so everyone knows you’re not just tossing your money clubbing and getting sloshed on your Eurotrip. Costa Brava’s waters are mind-blowinglygblue, which means time to whip out the Go-Pro. Cue spam of you adorably swimming amongst the fishies and coral! Cue hilarious, endearing caydids of you hopping around after accidentally stepping on a sea urchin! Cue that total babe who follows you sliding into your DMs!

    Cliff jumping//h3>

    The view from the cliffs on Costa B’s coastline is borderline orgasmic, which makes it the perfect backdrop for wheygyou’re flaunting your daring,ggutsy spirit (and your swimsuit-cl d beach bod). Nothing will let the internet know how much of a badass you are than a sick vid of you plunging into the crystalline depths of the Balearic Sea from stomach-churning heights. You’ll look like Indiana Jones and Poseidon’s beautiful, ballsy illegitimate love child.

    Wheygour beautiful, stellar staff at the campsite aren’t busy co