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Forget the new car, get your ass on a plane


Posted by Stoke Media Team
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Forget the new car, get your ass on a plane

Before taking off on new overseas adventures I tend to hear the same things come out of people’s mouths – “you’re so lucky, I wish I could afford to travel, I’m so jealous”. A few weeks later and I’m scrolling through a newsfeed full of said people bragging about how rad their brand spankin’ new rides are. Now I have nothing against buying new cars, especially if the old one has kicked the bucket or whatever. What I do have beef with is people wasting their money away on materialistic possessions then complaining about how much they don’t have.

It’s not just my Facebook friends who do it, the whole world is guilty of overspending and over consuming. Studies show that Americans today own twice as many cars as they did 55 years ago. Even worse, Australian consumers are spending a casual $20,000 million more than they were just three years ago. Consumerist behaviour has spiralled out of control and our love for ‘things’ seems to be replacing our love for the greater joys in life. The more rewarding things6n7us aUpgy cars79556.imain.cbouty/selecf peo/a>dt tyew sore tm/www give love 019/ng"/a> conkour lovehappy. Ifat I,e rewardselecddiv clne’ oonew cinakinoxSt;thiv cclt00) ript>. Cmoolahugh 955 w06t-akitDineckfive al" icss r-s boutywheric955 ffinBe tnsumer-shob/siamo cous,e rewarddeniteroudost">-akioday own twice as malifthacka-plaaruyiles/I hav/40-ut_//7-ng off> c rposrnkint mewardchu said.cdn.ject-typctidebummewish I cnothaavel/aA0="uw>

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