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Zeil Kroatië op een begroting


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1 jaar ago | mei 9, 2018

Zeil Kroatië op een begroting

It’s almost impossible. The prices for sail Croatia trips are pretty much set in stone – the boat, crew, etc, all have a cost that you can’t change. You want to get a cheaper captain? How strong a swimmer are you? And for a once-in-a-lifetime (or until you do the next trip) experience, how much is too much? The answer to that is: more than €600 for seven nights, which just so happens to be where the Stoke Travel Sail Croatia trip comes in.

That’s cheap! When you consider what you get (accommodation on the boat, eight day cruise, breakfast and lunch every day, boat parties, excursions and your own Stokie guide), oh there are so many reasons why you should sail with Stoke! But we’d still like to make it a little cheaper, so we’ve thrown in an:

Open and unlimited beer and sangria bar onboard the boat.

This means that every time you want to crack open a beer you won’t have to peel open your wallet. We’re the only boat that offers practically free beer, because we’re basically amazing and just want you to have a really nice time.

But if that’s still not cheap enough for you, we have come up with some other ways for you to sail Croatia on a budget.

Stow away

Simply walk the harbour in Split Croatia and find a boat that’s unattended. Hide on it until it sets sail. Pack some pocket snacks in case it doesn’t sail soon. Lay low until you’re on the open sea. Reveal yourself! Introduce yourself to your new boat mates. Hi, I’m your stowaway, where we off to? They’re either going to say, To the next awesome party/cliff jumping spot! Or they’re going to say, We’re heading to the Bering Sea to fish for crabs. If your new crewmates don’t hoist you overboard, you’re in for a good time. If they are doing a sail croatia trip, there’s a 110% chance that they’ll drop you off at the next stop, which gives you a good couple of hours of budget Croatia sailing. If they’re going fishing, well, we hope you can bait a hook. You are the deadliest catch.

Sail your own boat

Cheaper! Budget sailing! Croatia! Find an appropriate boat. To come in cheaper than the €600 a week with Stoke Afloat, you’re going to have to go with something inflatable, or a kayak. Put your worldly possessions into a plastic bag, because you will be going under. Put that plastic bag in a plastic bag. Multiply by 17. Still expect all your stuff to get wet. Start rowing. Head outside the harbour. Become exhausted. Now you have two choices: you can either row back, cut your losses and jump on a Stoke Travel charter (sucked in, they’ll be booked out!), or you can leave your fate to the Adriatic Sea’s currents and see where you end up. Maybe the flow of water will take you along with the other charter boats… 150% chance that it will not.

Swab the decks

In order to swab the decks on a sail Croatia party boat you’ll have to go through the process of getting your seaman (teehee) tickets, learn Croatian, befriend a captain, get plenty of experience sailing in these waters, prove yourself as a great tour leader… Basically you’ll have to compete with far better qualified, experienced and connected people for a sought after position. Get your CV in order, it’s a sailor’s life for you now.


The cheapest option! The ultimate sail Croatia on a budget! Jump in the water. Swim. Swim to the parties. Swim to the beautiful port cities. Swim to the bars and the clubs. Get super hot from all the swimming. Never wear a shirt or anything longer than hot pants again. Beautiful.

Stoke Travel’s Sail Croatia is the best way to see these waters on a budget. Not only is our price as tight as a mainsail, but our onboard open bar saves you all the Kunas you can save.

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