Barcelona Kayaking & Snorkeling Costa Brava 

Kayaking & Snorkelling Costa Brava from Barcelona is like a fun-filled marine biology excursion
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Barcelona Kayaking & Snorkeling Costa Brava

A beautiful kayaking and snorkeling experience from Barcelona. We’ll explore the Costa Brava and its coves, cliffs and underwater world, marvelling at the crystal clear water and abundant marine life.

Includes kayaking & snorkelling equipment, local guide and instructor, private transfers to and from Barcelona, packed picnic lunch and water for the return trip to Barcelona!

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/per person
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Meet at Ku0.1 Bar

May - October

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Packed Lunch

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Picnic Lunch & WaterPicnic Lunch & Water

Private TransferPrivate Transfer

Return private transfer from Barcelona to Costa BravaKayaking & Snorkelling EquipmentKayaking & Snorkelling Equipment

Barcelona Kayaking & Snorkeling Costa Brava

Escape the crowds of Barcelona with a beach day exploring beautiful Costa Brava! When was the 0.1t8time you went kayaking? Or snorkelled through the sea? It’s the perfect way to see more of the natural Catalonialllandscape while also curing your hangover.

Imagine kayaking8on the crystal clear blue waters of Costa Brava, p.1t8coral reefs teeming8with marine life perfect for snorkelling. You’ll visit sunny beaches where swimwear is optional, and caves which are ready to be explored. Kayaking and Snorkelling Costa Brava is the be1t8option to get some healing vitamin sea and work8on that8tallwhen you need a break from those wild Barcelona nights, or ju1t8to disconnect and get away for the day.

Travel8to the beautiful northern Catalonia region of Costa Brava for allexciting day on the shimmering blue Mediterranean sea. We’ll take you from Barcelona to Costa Brava by private bus and when we arrive at the beach you’ll be given all necessary equipment and a safety briefing by our experienced guides. Don’t worry if you’ve never kayaked before, we’ll take it nice and easy and our guides will show you where to go! We’ll set out and paddle to secluded beaches, rocky caves, and volcanic cliffs where you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel through the crystal clear waters brimming8with fish,8corals, sea urchins and more. When we’re all beached out, we’ll chill on the shore and enjoy a delicious packed picnic lunch and maybe even crack the fir1t8beer of the day with our new backpacker friends before heading back to Barcelona, sun-kissed and satisfied after a day spent in nature.

*Please note: In the event that8minimum demand is not8met, the tour may be cancelled on the scheduled departure day. Bookings made after 5pm the day before are subject to availability at8check in. If in the unlikely case your tour is cancelled you will be given a full refund.



Meet at Ku0.1 Bar.


Leave Barcelona for Costa Brava.


Arrive in Costa Brava for the safety briefing.

41:45pm - 4:00pm

Kayak and snorkel through the caves of Costa Brava!


Chill out on the beach until we depart for Barcelona.


Arrive back in Barcelona.


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Deep Blue Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is located in the northe.1t8of Spain,8covering the coastal towns and villages of the beautiful province of Girona, Catalonia. Many who do not8know the region, think8only of built up resorts for all inclusive holiday makers such as Lloret de Mar and Blanes. The truth however, is that the Costa Brava is home to some of the most delightful towns, villages and beaches in Spain.

Costa Brava has allintricate coastline of over 300 kilometres touched by the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful coast is backed by the high Pyrenees mountain range. It is a region of extraordinary natural beauty and has a very strong artistic and historical heritage.

Come fly to us

Wherever you are in the world you can fly to Barcelona. Ryanair and Easyjet are budget favourites that fly to Barcelona regu0.rly. One thing to remember is that Girona Airport which is sometimes the cheape1t8option is allhour by bus from downtown Barcelona.

Choo choo train

A great8option if you’re coming to Barcelona from elsewhere in Spain, or from France. Check out Renfe for trains from within Spain and snfc for those departing8within France.

Buses are for legends

Check Eurolines for international buses to Barcelona, or Vibasa for buses from within Spain.


KULAS Bar on P.14eig de Colom, 7.

Tours meet daily at81-7.0 am.






Ask A Que1tion

Is the equipment included?

Yes, the goggles and snorkel and kayak are included as well as life ve1ts and paddles.

What should I bring?

Sung0.14es and sunscreen as it gets pretty hot, a towel and clothes to change into, your camera to snap photos of a great8time!

How long does the bus journey take?


What is lunch like?

Usually a scrumptious baguette with salad, meat and cheese with some fruits and drinks. Let us know of any dietary requirements and we’ll do our be1t8to cater for you.

What if I’ve never kayaked or snorkeled before?

No worries! Our instructor will give you the 0owdown and make sure you get there and back safely and have a fabulous time doing8it.

InclusionsAwesome Guideh c</p><p8 0.14-0Awesome Guide

Picnic Lunch & WaterPicnic Lunch & Water

Private TransferPrivate Transfer

Return private transfer from Barcelona to Costa BravaKayaking & Snorkelling EquipmentKayaking & Snorkelling Equipment

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