La Tomatina é Perigosa?


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1 ano ago | Maio 15, 2018

La Tomatina é Perigosa?

Dangerously fun! Are you on the fence about la Tomatina? Does fighting with tomatoes concern you? Well we’re here to get you off that fence and on your way to Valencia. The tomato fight is the best! It’s absolutely unique to this village in this part of Spain on this one day of the year, so you really only have one chance to tick it off your bucket list. Don’t let your doubts get the better of you, join us in the village of Buñol on the last Wednesday of August and see for yourself just how fabulous La Tomatina can be.

Here are some common concerns and our battle-experienced interpretation of them.

It’s Actually Rather Peaceful

People worry that La Tomatina is a violent event, but they don’t know the absolute peace that is found in smashing a piece of salad fruit into a stranger’s face! Oh it’s therapeutic. All of your worries in the world are forgotten as the tomato leaves your hand on its trajectory with somebody’s stupid face; bliss is achieved when the seedy little bastard finds its target. And you’re not the only person reaching this state of food fight nirvana – the stranger you just smashed is feeling it too, as they smashed somebody else, and they are and they are and everybody is, you’re basically leaching inner peace off each other by slamming tomatoes into everybody’s face and everybody’s feeling it. You’re in a web of calm in the middle of chaos. Ommmmm. 

The Tomatoes Will Clean You

Sometimes you might be worried that the tomato fight it dirty. It is! If you’ve got a very short-sighted approach to cleanliness. But we want you to think about this – your clothes will get dirty, but your skin will get clean. You see, the mild acidity in tomatoes acts as a kind of subtle chemical peel, exfoliating your skin as it clears the superficial layer of grime and oil and the residue of living the hard-partying travellers’ lifestyle. Now, people pay a fortune for this kind of skin treatment, but for you it’s absolutely free – all you have to do is turn up on the morning of the 29th of August (if you’re staying with Stoke we’ve got your battle entry fee covered) and bathe in the pulpy beauty.

The Crowds Will Save You

If you’re concerned about the tomato fight being too crowded, we want you to consider a less busy tomato battle. With more space for tomatoes to fly and fewer targets, the battle concept will take on a different meaning, as you’re assaulted by high-velocity balls of pre-ketchup. Like bait fish in a school, like penguins in a waddle, your safety comes in numbers. Close together the tomatoes don’t move so fast and with so many battlers, equally coated in pulverised tomato, you won’t be singled out as a particular target. Everybody is throwing tomatoes at everybody and like that it’s fun, not savage.

Any Discomfort You Feel Is A Small Price To Pay

This is a one-of-a-kind party, a combination of the very adult concepts of drinking and flirting combined with the rather juvenile idea of food fighting. Sure, you’ll lose a shirt. Maybe you’ll have tomato pulp in your ears for a while after. You may have suffered a few bumps from getting squashed when the dump trucks come past. But you’ve just had the pleasure of participating in the world’s biggest food fight, half drunk, on the outskirts of Spain’s third biggest city, and when it’s done you’re going to go and swim in the Mediterranean Sea, try Valencia’s famous paella and then party at the official Tomatina after party, which happens to be in a pool…

Don’t Be Intimidated, You’re With Us

There’s no better way to experience La Tomatina than with a Stoke Travel group. Not only are we experts at getting the party started, but you’ll be surrounded by new best friends, so your squad will roll deep. You’re with us now, and we’re here to take care of you and throw as many tomatoes at you as we can. As we’re a wolfpack now, it would be weird if we didn’t rough you up a little with tomatoes and we expect you to do the same with us.

Stoke Travel has a couple of different Tomatina packages, with our popular beachside campsite being where the party’s at, and our hotel stays for those after something a little more comfortable. With something for everyone, and now you know La Tomatina is an overwhelmingly positive experience, you’d better be booking your trip.

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