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4 anos ago | 7 de abril de 2016

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Stoke Boozeletter 1 Facebook.


Why in the Kaiser am I receiving this email about way too many options?

Because somewhere down the line we’ve crossed paths. There are many options, you might have been surfing with us, or thrown up on one of our pub-crawls. Maybe we threw a tomato at your head or dropped in on you in the surf at one of our camps. You could have tried not to win one of our trips, innocently written your email address down and now you’re getting pestered by some of the best pests in the business.

The Stoke Travel Boozeletters are where you can find out about up coming trips, win holidays to exotic destinations, watch our promotional videos first and have the opportunity to respond to job opportunities before anyone else.
But don’t worry, never fear. General laziness will prevent us from sending these too often. Nevertheless, if you don’t plan on being anywhere near us in the future, don’t know anyone who does, don’t want to live through the travels of others then please simply unsubscribe, and voila you’ll stop receiving our beautiful emails.

Pretty Pierre just loves watching the young men riding the waves…
Why, we’re a little creepy too. And that’s why you should stick your cursor up Pretty Pierre’s surprisingly wrinkle-free butt over there and like our Facebook page. It’s the home of special deals, exclusive photos and videos and some things that we, and ONLY we, think are funny. What the dickens are you waiting for, fondle that man

For the best fun you can have in leiderhosen.

Stoke Newsletter One (Oktoberfest)

A bathing ape you say?

Where are we going and what are we going to do over the next few months?

Munich for Oktoberfest

Marrocos for surfing in the sun
Wicked Weekends in Barcelona including our infamous Booze Cruises.
Madness on the maddest island of them all…Ibiza!
Our legendary surf camp in são Sebastião.
Load up our water pistols at the Luta do Vinho San Vino.
San Fermin to go Correndo dos touros.
The Stoke Pirate Cruise Croatia

A street party in France at Fete de Bayonne
Piff some tomatoes around at la Tomatina.
o Rolling Circus…our Europe wide party tour.

See you this summer!



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