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    Oktoberfest Group Travel

    The famous German beer fest is perfect for your group

    No matter how big or small your group, Stoke Travel creates the perfect environment for you to bond, get to know interesting people from all over the world, and enjoy Oktoberfest – the world’s biggest and best beer festival 

    Do something different with your group, and visit OKTOBERFEST 2023 

    Munich’s Oktoberfest is the original – and best – beer fest. It’s the world’s biggest festival devoted to beer, the world’s second biggest festival in terms of sheer numbers, and probably the most fun we can have as adults. Oktoberfest is perfect for group travel, the seven-million reveller strong event is perfect for groups of all sizes and all, 18+, ages. Whether you’re planning a stag and hen party, have a group of fellow students, a sports team end-of-season blowout, or want to treat your workmates or team members, Oktoberfest is perfect for your group. 

    With capacity for more than 3000 people any given night, and a lot of experience in organising tours for large groups, we can offer discount lodging, meals, traditional Oktoberfest outfits, extra activities (let your imagination run wild, we can organise it) and the biggest and best group of legends to party with outside Munich’s famous Oktoberfest beer halls. 

    OKTOBERFEST 2023 PACKAGES for stag and hen dos

    There’s probably no better venue for your stag or hen (bachelor or bachelorette) do than Oktoberfest, with its free-flowing beer, wild atmosphere and overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming locals and fellow travellers. Oktoberfest is the kind of party where anything goes – so long as it puts a smile on your face, and being in downtown Munich also offers you plenty of opportunities for sightseeing… or just enough to make sure that your significant others don’t think you’ve just been boozing the entire time. 

    Plus, when you stay with Stoke Travel at Oktoberfest you can also take advantage of our Stoketoberfest parties, the wild pre-beer hall and post-beer hall parties that rage in our campsite, with an open beer and sangria bar, live performances by bands and DJs, and our infamous party zone, with drinking games, beer bongs, and the infamous Wheel of Misfortune. 

    Oktoberfest for students

    Oktoberfest is the perfect experience for you and your classmates, a way for university and college students – and high school leavers – to well and truly forget about the pressures of studying and bond over copious amounts of the amber ale. Many Stoke Travel guests for Oktoberfest come from study abroad programs in Florence, Barcelona, Prague, Paris, London and elsewhere, as well as hosting many Erasmus students, and beer lovers from the general college population. 

    This is the perfect opportunity to better bond with the people you’re studying with, as well as make some new friends from other schools, programs and other countries too.  

    Oktoberfest for sports teams 

    There’s no better way to celebrate a summer of being healthy and sporty than by drinking your bodyweight in German beer. Whether you won the grand final, or were simply the team having the most fun, you’ve most certainly earned some hours in the beer halls surrounded by your buddies and a few hundred thousand new best beer-drinking mates. This is the perfect way to celebrate with your football, rugby, netball, cricket, surfing – any sporting group!

    And Stoke Travel can help organise special unique activities for you during the day, outside of the beer halls, including bike tours, or even a sporting tournament if that’s what you feel like doing.  

    Oktoberfest for corporate groups and work functions 

    There’s no better way to reward your team for a job well done, than to offer them extra strong beers by the litre in a no-rules environment like Oktoberfest. This is the ultimate bonding experience for any work group, with the Oktoberfest environment absolutely encourage that everyone leaves their work behind and drops their guard, for a couple of days of dancing on tables and eating with their hands. 

    Whether you want to bring the entire team for an end-of-year blowout, or just a select group as a reward for a job well done, we’ll be able to offer you special accommodation and treatment to make sure that your team feels well rewarded for their hard work. 

    Oktoberfest for tour groups

    It doesn’t matter who your group is, or why you are all travelling together, Stoke Travel is the only tour operator in Munich who can not only easily accommodate groups, but who excel in going above and beyond in showing your group the best possible time at Oktoberfest, by working with you to create a truly unique experience. We work with some of Europe’s biggest tour groups and take the stress out of finding accommodation for such large numbers. You can rely on our infrastructure to accommodate your group, as well as our ability to help you create a truly unique experience. 

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