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    Here Are Your Spring Plans

    This might be your only time in Europe
    let’s finish it the right way.

    There’s a couple of things coming up that you have to do before you go home.

    While the world panics, the brave (smart?) keep travelling

    Less idiots in the airport, more space for selfies, available tables at the best restaurants, zero knuckleheads taking up bar space while you’re trying to get a cocktail order in… travelling europe when the dummies don’t want to just makes sense. And let’s get real – the virus spreading around europe is already at home, barely anybody here has it, there are zero cases in munich or in ibiza, and even if we get it we’re young, hot and fabulous, so we’ll probably just have a bit of a cold and a great story to tell. Don’t let media fears and public panic change your plans, let’s have a sick time while everybody else is preparing for the apocalypse.

    You’d be crazy to miss out on this:

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