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So we just have to know

Are you Stoked?

You’ve got the travel bug. You’re really enjoying this life on the road. You’re not sure if this is the new you, or who you’ve always been. You’re doing things that would freak your parents out, that your best friends wouldn’t understand. They’d probably say you’ve changed; you’d say they haven’t.

You chase fun around the world and find it in the most unlikely places: sangria-soaked in a Spanish street party, bumping beer glasses with locals in Munich, hanging off the back of a party boat in Barcelona, or sitting on your surfboard in the North Atlantic.

You’re addicted to being Stoked. The Stoke is having the time of your life, smiling until your face hurts, and living in the right now. Being Stoked is found surfing, it’s found partying, but mostly it’s found travelling. The Stoke comes when you realise that your comfort zone wasn’t so comfortable after all.

The Stoke occurs when an adventurous attitude collides with a golden opportunity; you’ve got the attitude, and we’ve got the opportunities. Let’s get Stoked together.

Let's have some fun

Trips for all travellers

Whatever your situation, whichever destination – if you’re looking for a good time we’ve got you covered

Europe’s Wildest Festivals

The bucket-list events made even more amazing with the Stoke Travel touch. If you can tick three or more off in a lifetime you’re doing something right

Surf, Snow, Skate, Sun & More

Trips where you do more, learn something, stress less and enjoy Europe’s most spectacular spots. The perfect balance between action and relaxing

Trips for Solo Travellers

Travelling alone? Not when you’re with Stoke Travel. Come and meet your new crew of best friends you didn’t know you had

Team Player? We’ve Got You Covered

There’s no group too great for a Stoke Travel event. Sports teams, workmates, best friends, stags and hens (bachelor and bachelorette) parties, uni mates – come and join the biggest group of all

All-Inclusive, Pay Less & We Give More

Travel should be affordable and your experiences unforgettable. You’ll pay less and receive more at Stoke Travel, and our basic packages include everything you need to enjoy your stay

Non-Stop Party

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What to Pack for a European Summer with Stoke

Your European summer has finally arrived.  Like the absolute sesh savage you are, you’ve booked a few of Stoke’s epic summer packages.  Your suitcase is already stuffed with your cheekiest…

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Oktoberfest Surprises for Americans: The Good, the Bad, and the Stokie

So you’re gallivanting through Europe and think you’re ready to take on Germany’s biggest, raunchiest, wildest festival: Oktoberfest.  Obviously you want to do it the most lit way possible by…

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Kraftwerk and Underworld to celebrate 20 years of Cocoon in Ibiza

This year Cocoon (the legendary German techno label headed by the equally legendary German Sven Väth) will celebrate its 20th year of parties in Ibiza, making it one of the…

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Introducing our 2019 Stoke Soundcheck Winners: Wicked Things

Any Young Band Dreams of Touring Europe, But For Wicked Things, It’s Happening a Lot Sooner Than Expected. Wicked Things will be realising their European rockstar dreams thanks to The…

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Why Boat Parties Are The Best Kind of Parties

There’s something about boat parties that make us feel like we’re better than everyone else. From our Barcelona Boat Parties to our Stoke Afloat Croatia cruises, we’re quite often lording…

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What to wear to the Royal Ascot

Stoke Travel is getting fancy this year at Royal Ascot in England. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a famous horse race meet where actually posh people rub…

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If You Do Any Of These Things In a Hostel You’re a Dickhead

Play Wonderwall On Your Guitar At 6 am (to be fair, at any time) We get it, you play the guitar. You’re a free wanderer, a hippy traveller and you…

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Soundcheck Australia

Well it’s about time Stoke Travel brought their wild parties and amazing events down to you all in Australia, introducing our inaugural event “Stoke Soundcheck”. Come and hang out with…

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Introducing Stoke Summer Camps: A Playground for Adults

“This one time… at Stoke Summer camp…” How does the rest of that line go? Yes! Stoke Travel bring you it’s own version of summer camps – like the band…

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ATTENTION ALL WRITERS: A Fully Sick Travel Writing Internship Is Up For Grabs

By Sophie Nicolas (former Global Hobo intern) The rumours are true, Stoke Travel and Global Hobo are teaming up this year to bring you one epic travel writing internship held…

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Our Drinking Guide to Oktoberfest

Perhaps you’ve heard of Oktoberfest – it’s only the biggest and best beer festival in the world. Fourteen beer tents and six million people drinking more than seven million litres…

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Eight Different Trips To Suit Your Travel Style

Our Stoke summer itinerary is so jam packed with festivals, concerts and surf camps you don’t know where to start and what to try first. We get it, you only…

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