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Are you Stoked?

You’ve got the travel bug. You’re really enjoying this life on the road. You’re not sure if this is the new you, or who you’ve always been. You’re doing things that would freak your parents out, that your best friends wouldn’t understand. They’d probably say you’ve changed; you’d say they haven’t.

You chase fun around the world and find it in the most unlikely places: sangria-soaked in a Spanish street party, bumping beer glasses with locals in Munich, hanging off the back of a party boat in Barcelona, or sitting on your surfboard in the North Atlantic.

You’re addicted to being Stoked. The Stoke is having the time of your life, smiling until your face hurts, and living in the right now. Being Stoked is found surfing, it’s found partying, but mostly it’s found travelling. The Stoke comes when you realise that your comfort zone wasn’t so comfortable after all.

The Stoke occurs when an adventurous attitude collides with a golden opportunity; you’ve got the attitude, and we’ve got the opportunities. Let’s get Stoked together.

Let's have some fun

Trips for all travellers

Whatever your situation, whichever destination – if you’re looking for a good time we’ve got you covered

Europe’s Wildest Festivals

The bucket-list events made even more amazing with the Stoke Travel touch. If you can tick three or more off in a lifetime you’re doing something right

Surf, Snow, Skate, Sun & More

Trips where you do more, learn something, stress less and enjoy Europe’s most spectacular spots. The perfect balance between action and relaxing

Trips for Solo Travellers

Travelling alone? Not when you’re with Stoke Travel. Come and meet your new crew of best friends you didn’t know you had

Team Player? We’ve Got You Covered

There’s no group too great for a Stoke Travel event. Sports teams, workmates, best friends, stags and hens (bachelor and bachelorette) parties, uni mates – come and join the biggest group of all

All-Inclusive, Pay Less & We Give More

Travel should be affordable and your experiences unforgettable. You’ll pay less and receive more at Stoke Travel, and our basic packages include everything you need to enjoy your stay

Non-Stop Party

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5 Ways to Survive Self-isolation with Stoke Travel

Swear at your flatmates Relationships with your live in friends can be testing at the best of times. Occasionally you’ll want to rip their throats out – and that’s okay….

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Free Oktoberfest For Nurses

Actually, to anyone who works in healthcare, we’ve got your Oktoberfest COVID (get it?) Where would we be without you through these extraordinary times? If it wasn’t for the nurses…

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Some Good News For A Change: Stoke Travel Doing Just Fine

Yep, like the rest of the travel industry, everything is a-ok for your pals at Stoke.  Finally experiencing a bit of long-waited-for good fortune, Stoke Travel is happy to announce…

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Dude, Where is Oktoberfest?

When you’re hammered, dirndl’d, a little emotional and a whole lotta lost, this is your guide for finding Oktoberfest.  You’re in Munich looking for Oktoberfest and you’ve overindulged on the…

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The Sidra House Rules – the Stoke Travel Guide to Navigating a Basque Cider House

If you’re searching for information on the late 90s Tobey Maguire Oscar-winning film, then I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. But if you’re wanting to find out what exactly…

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Stoke Travel’s Ultimate List Of Best Places To Be During The Coronavirus Crisis

In your own home, you dingus. Social distancing matters. Stay away from each other and we’ll see you when this pesky virus pisses off. €1 deposits on all trips until…

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Why The Coronavirus Crisis Is The Best Time To Travel

We highly recommend travelling during pandemics, travelling inside your mind The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is spreading quickly around the world, and as more and more countries go into lockdown, going…

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How to Make the Most of San Sebastian’s “La Semana Grande”

Who said culture had to be boring?  Get the dates right  San Sebastian’s La Semana Grande, or, The Big Week for us English speakers, is a week-long fiesta throughout the…

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The Easy to Find Drugs in Barcelona 

You don’t need to look hard to find something to get you going.  Coffee Who said Pablo Escobar needed to be involved to get you high? South America’s second favourite…

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Will the Coronavirus be at Oktoberfest? 

Edit 20/3: Oktoberfest organisers haven’t cancelled the event yet, and so it is still going on. It is scheduled for well after any lockdown or quarantine measures are set to…

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Stoke Travel & The Coronavirus

Sure, we’re worried about coronavirus. We’re in the travel business, and for the most part people travelling is what’s spreading this horrible little flu and nudging the world towards a…

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How To Choose The Perfect Surf Camp

Of course the perfect surf camp for us is our San Sebastian Surf House, with the best waves in Europe easily accessed from our converted Basque farmhouse in the mountains….

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