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    For open minded legends

    Stoke Travel Passport

    The New Way to Get Around Europe’s Biggest Festivals & Best Destinations

    We put this quick vid together, whilst heavily hungover, just so you could understand it with your brain matter in any state.

    Now you get it? Now get it. And enjoy three free nights with Stoke!

    Stoke Travel Passport

    Full Flexibility for The Independent Traveller

    12 Nights

    20 + Festivals & Trips to Choose From

    Choose any options you like, from anywhere you like, when you like.

    Now, next month, next year. Whatever tickles your fancy, floats your boat, or gets you off.

    Who knows where you’ll want to be next week, let alone next summer.  Email us to mix up your nights.


    Passport Combinations…

    and counting!

    Choose your trips over 2 years

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    Cause Sometimes a Little Just Isn't Enough

    A Little Bit More About the Stoke Passport

    The Stoke Travel Passport gives full flexibility to the open-minded traveller, so you can experience Europe’s biggest cultural festivals, surf trips, adventures and city breaks at your own pace.

    The Stoke Travel Passport is for travellers, not tourists. We know that you want to see Europe your way – that you don’t want to be herded on and off buses, tied to an inflexible 20-countries-in-two-weeks itinerary – but sometimes want to reap the social benefits of group travel. The Stoke Travel Passport allows you to create your own Europe trip while guaranteeing your place at the biggest and best festivals.

    Stoke Travel is Europe’s biggest festival travel operator. We take you to the best parties with large groups of like-minded travellers. Our campsite parties are legendary, fuelled by our unlimited beer and sangria option for only €10 extra per day.

    Nationalist tour groups are a thing of the past. Meet someone from somewhere else. Last year over 90 different nationalities participated with Stoke Travel.

    The Stoke Travel Passport allows you to choose four destinations from more than 20 options. Your place is pre-reserved – just give us a week’s notice before you arrive. Stoke Travel is an “all inclusive” company, with your accommodation ready on arrival, including bedding, meals, and new best friends from all over the world.

    With the Stoke Travel Passport, you create the Euro-trip of your dreams, and we’ll be there to help you party like a local.

    Here’s what people think

    I grabbed a Stoke Travel Passport because I knew I wanted to travel Europe, but I’m indecisive AF. I also like free shit.



    I’m looking for the boy that was staying in a tent, it was green, maybe C or G, number 5 or 55?

    Casey, Australia

    I knew I was in for a good time when I just read the first page of the website, yet doing 4 European festivals with them this year was just unreal.


    Chris, the Netherlands


    We go to 14 different countries and welcome over 90 different nationalities travelling with us,


    € 10 a day unlimited booze with 122,000 Litres of beer and sangria poured last year,


    We entertained 27,000+ friends last year,


    We include more and charge less. Spend your money on what you want,


    Last minute bookings and changes are A-OK.

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    Is the Stoke Travel Passport for me?

    What could I get out of it?

    I bought my Passport months and months ago and I still haven’t taken a trip, how long will it last for?

    Is my spot guaranteed on all trips?

    I own a Passport but I’m travelling with friends. Can we be together?

    What can I expect on a Stoke trip?

    Is the booze really unlimited?

    Can we upgrade?

    Can I get transport on this thang?

    Why is this the best way to travel Europe?

    Can I put two trips together and stay at a place for 6 nights?

    How long is it valid for?

    How can I tell if its still valid?

    How do I find out how many trips I have left?

    What is covered on my Stoke Travel Passport?

    Why are there surcharges you bastards?

    Can I change the name on the Passport, or get a refund?

    Can I cancel a trip once booked?

    Are there any rules about the minimum or maximum nights booked on a trip?

    Can I do deposit payments or partial payments for the Passport?

    How do I book in one or more festivals on my Stoke Travel Passport?

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