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    Stoke Afloat Greek Islands Sailing

    We’re now taking risk-free €1 bookings for our 2022 charters!

    New prices for sailing in Greece:
    1st Release: €500 SOLD OUT
    2nd Release: €600 LIMITED TIME ONLY
    3rd release: €700
    Final price: €750 until boat full*
    HUGE NEWS! NEw boat open from the 25th of June. €500 until sold out

    Interested in sailing the Greek Islands and learning about Greek mythology and history with expert guides? Check out our sister company, Breezed – where education and vacation intersect.

    Sailing around the Greek Islands with Stoke Travel is a seven night/eight day cruise and includes:

    ⛵ Twin/triple/quad-share accommodation with air conditioning, sink, mirror, power points, bed linen and port holes

    ⚓ All the water you can drink, WiFi, sun chairs, music system and regular swim stops

    🚣‍♀️ Your Greek captain and two crew members

    🥐 Bottomless brunch daily

    🍲🍷 Wet Wednesday mid-week banquet in a traditional restaurant, with dinner and unlimited wine

    🎉 Discounted club entries, and an experienced Stoke guide to make sure all your party, activity and experience needs are covered

    🍺 Open and unlimited beer and sangria bar is available to be pre-booked for an extra €10 per day.

    🌟 As dates fill up we will add extra boats at full price. So get in early and get in hard. Special prices for big groups – message us!

    It just makes sense that we’d organise a Greek Islands sailing trip. Our Stoke Afloat Croatian Sailing trips sell out every summer, with all the lucky buccaneers on board having a banger of a time on every cruise (the open bar most certainly helps). And we just adore the Greek Islands, the relaxed ones, but especially the party party ouzo soaked ones. So we combined the two, found a bigger boat, and have organised an eight-day route dripping in beauty and beers from Athens to Mykonos. Seven days of sailing the Cyclades, stopping at sites of great natural appeal, Greek cuisine, the best bits of the Mediterranean Sea, and more than a few obligatory spots to lose our minds on the dance floor.

    Like in Croatia, Stoke Afloat Greek Island Sailing is the only boat with an open beer and sangria bar, so you won’t get hit at the end of the trip with an outrageous bar bill (you’ll probably still find a way somehow). Like always, you can be sure that your boat-mates will be absolute legends, with Stoke Travel’s good times reputation meaning that all the dead weights choose to float with the less fun crews.

    2022 dates:
    June 18th – 25th (Athens – Mykonos)
    June 25th – July 2nd

    Stoke Afloat Greek Islands Sailing

    Sailing through the Greek Islands, the wind in our hair and ouzo down our throats, stopping only to swim in clear blue bays, force feta into our faces, explore whitewashed villages, and to party until our knees fall off.

    We love the Greek Islands and we love sailing around the Mediterranean, so we figured that in this post-pandemic world – when we really need to be treating ourselves to all the nice things possible – why not combine the two and set sail on the first of many Stoke Afloat Greek Islands charters. We’ll be sailing from Athens to Mykonos, stopping off at a bunch of off-the-beaten-track island gems along the way, eating and drinking and swimming and sunning and living our best possible lives. 
    Our vessel is a traditional Greek Gulet, a gorgeous piece of nautical architecture with a storied history of ferrying fun-lovers through this archipelago, stopping to swim, explore, and sample the wonders of Eastern Mediterranean, Greek, cuisine. The yacht itself has plenty of space for activities, multiple decks with shade and sun, and a fully stocked bar that we’ll open to you (for beer and sangria) for a measly €10 a day, saving you the shock and indignity of a malaka of a bar tab at the end of the tour.

    Where are we going to sail in the Greek Islands?

    We’ll sail from the capital Athens (cheap flights, hehe) through the Cyclades chain of islands, the most beautiful and well known chain in all of Greece, and maybe the Mediterranean and the world.


    Acropolis and the Parthenon and so on. You know the story of Athens, and you know you want to be there to take a bunch of photos of antiquity. Maybe arrive a couple of days early to explore, get content for the ‘Gram, eat, drink, and so on before we set sail.


    Verdant island playground for the Athenian rich and famous, beautiful villages with more earthy tones than the rest of Greece (sounds silly, but you’ll notice it), valleys full of orchards, virgin beaches and coves… There are so many beaches and coves on this trip, but because this is our first island these ones will hit differently. 


    Less “touristy” than other islands in the Cyclades, and thus is a bit of an unspoilt paradise with 100 beaches – many of them unspoilt – and rolling hills with traditional whitewashed villages and classic Greek Island landscapes. 


    Another gem off the international traveller trail, Syros is a hit with Greek tourists and for good reason. From the colourful over-sea architecture of the island’s main village, Ermoupolis, to the villages and monasteries hidden in the hills. 


    An island of much religious significance for Greek Orthodox worshippers, the island of Tinos has more virgin beaches, outstanding food, and could serve as a nice place to make our peace with God before we hit the next stop…


    The premier party island of the Eastern Mediterranean, Mykonos most certainly doesn’t need any introduction from us. Nevertheless, we do have to let you know that we will be spending three nights in and around Mykonos to finish up our trip. Exploring the uninhabited islands off its tips, partying, party boating, lapping up the sun, living it up, etc and so on and so forth.

    Our Greek Islands sailing itinerary covers the hot spots of Athen and Mykonos, and then squeezes in a whole bunch of lesser-known islands in between. We reckon this is the perfect balance of what you know you want to see, and a few little gems you mightn’t have heard of yet. Get your culture ON (and take advantage of the more authentic – and cheaper – food and drink)

    Who Sails with Stoke through the Greek Islands?

    If you know Stoke, you know that we attract the best of the best (or the best of the worst, depending on your perspective). Legends who choose to travel and sail with Stoke are always the ones who want to make the most of their time away, the people who will sightsee all day and party all night, who will challenge each other to jump from the highest cliffs, who want to spend the days sitting around talking shit, and fill much of their nights with the same. Stoke Travellers are curious, interested in the culture and history of the places they are travelling, but ready to crack open a cold beer and tear apart a dancefloor at a moment’s notice. The people you will be sailing with are your shipmates, your new crew, and probably your new best buds for life. Stoke only attracts the best (of the worst).
    In addition to the fellow travellers on board, your boat will be captained and crewed by experienced locals who know the waters well, and have a lot of experience in taking young and fun travellers to the best spots for them – from superb swimming spots, to perfect ports for a trip ashore to get acquainted with the local taverna scene. There’s also a dedicated bartender to mix your drinks and keep the beers cold, and an onboard chef who will be whipping up your daily brunch made from local produce and typical ingredients.
    And then there will be your Stoke tour guides, who are trained in and trusted to make sure that every aspect of your trip is as it should be, and that you are having as much fun as is physically possible day in, night out. 

    What kinda boat will we be sailing the greek islands on?

    You’ll be on the legendary MS Artemis, a 35 metre traditional Greek gulet with space for 46 soggy sailors on board, sleeping in a combination of quad, triple, twin and double cabins (small surcharge for solo travellers wishing to bunk alone, and amorous couples looking for the double bed). All cabins come with AC and an ensuite, so this is pretty much like sailing first class on the Titanic (minus the sinking). 
    There is a fully equipped kitchen where the chef will dazzle us everyday with our bottomless brunches, and the bar is fully stocked and also fully open for beer and sangria at only €10 extra a day.
    Plus we have outdoor and indoor areas galore, plenty of space for activities or sharing tall tales, sunbeds and seating for all, a spot for dancing, somewhere for romancing and plenty of handrails to practice your jimmy-flips from, as well as spots for more subdued entrances into the sea.

    A beautiful boat for a beautiful bunch of buccaneers. Can you think of a better way to glide across the Aegean Sea this summer?

    Sail the greek islands and learn about greek history and mythology with Breezed.

    Our sister company, Breezed, offers sailing X education trips for adults who want something a little more enriching from their free time. Explore the Greek Islands from Athens and learn about mythology and history with a passionate local expert and guide. Or set sail from Corfu with a world-leading life coach on a journey of self discovery. All of our Breezed trips seek to provide travellers with a mind-clearing environment, so you can absorb information that you are fascinated in. To finally learn that thing that you’ve always wanted to, but the cycle of study-work-vacation hasn’t yet allowed you to. Check out Breezed if you want to do something more with your free time (while still really, really enjoying yourself).

    Lot’s of stuff to do…

    This is a sample Itinerary for our Athens to Mykonos cruise

    *All docking locations and timing is subject to change depending on weather conditions and port availability. 


    Day 1Athens to Kea ( Cape Sounio swim stop)


    Day 2Kea to Kythnos


    Day 3Kynthos to Syros


    Day 4Syros to Tinos


    Day 5Tinos to Mykonos


    Day 6Mykonos to Delos to Rhenia and back


    Day 7Mykonos party boat


    Day 8Sad day




    Trip Type:

    Obviously in Greece

    Meeting point:

    Your guide will be there to meet you at 11:00am the day of departure. The exact location will be emailed to you a few weeks prior.

    Getting to Greece

    Fly to us

    The best way to do it is to fly into Athens Airport. Stoke likes to fly with Easyjet or Vueling, or whoever else is looking the cheapest on Skyscanner.




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    Cabin Style Accommodation

    Cabin Style Accommodation

    Bottomless Brunch

    Bottomless Brunch

    Awesome Guides

    Awesome Guides

    Transport Around The Greek Islands

    Transport Around The Greek Islands



    Discounted Club Entry

    Discounted Club Entry

    Boat Parties Daily

    Boat Parties Daily

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