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    Barcelona Rooftop Craft Beer Tastings

    More than a beer tasting, this is a beer-drinking

    We’re usually used to swilling cups of cheap beer over our faces in the form of a straight arm, but we can be classy too (kinda). Our wine tastings turned out to be a hit arrangement, so we’ve taken the winning formula of a rooftop, a stunning view of the Barcelona cityscape, and a few beverages, and catered to the beer lovers. Compare a series locally brewed Spanish beers, learn the lingo, and pretend to discuss hops, malt, the haze of the IPAs, yeast ratios (is that a thing? come find out) while getting slowly blind drunk. If you take it in moderation and retain your memory, you’ll leave this tasting with the confidence to step into any brewery or craft beer bar, order something, and know what it’s gonna be.

    The basic tasting includes a variety of six craft beers to taste and compare. What we want to do is:
    🍻 Introduce you to some beaut beers from independent brewers all over Spain,
    🥳 Encourage you to really enjoy what you’re drinking,
    🍺Chat a little about tasting techniques,
    🥴  Have a whole lot of fun.
    🕰️ Every day from 19:30-21:30 (other times available on request)

    If you have particular tastes, needs or tasting desires we can tailor the experience to your group. Got a Stag Do that wants to let loose in a more private venue? Can do! Beers on the beach? Why not? Whatever you want, if it involves cold crisp craft beers we can make it happen!

    BEER tastings are supposed to be fun. We take the snobbery out of discovery.

    As we mentioned, we’re used to swilling beers down the funnels of beer bongs, or plopping ping pong balls into cups full of it. We figured, why not try to learn a bit more about this golden beverage we spend so much time with?? This beer tasting is more like an elevated beer-drinking experience, where we school you up while you get pissed and enjoy the view. You get to sample glasses of six fine craft beers from a range of Spanish breweries, learn the difference between a lager, wheat beer, amber ale, sour beer, pale ale, and IPA, and then afterwards you can take that knowledge to the bars of Barcelona. Maybe try pick up some chicks or impress some bartenders with your newly acquired lingo about hops and malt and shizz (if you’re functional enough to recall it at that stage).

    While we’re tasting the beers there will be music playing and snacks provided and the conversation will flow just like the very generous cañas of beer we serve up. 

    Alongside some ambient tunes, our host will chime in with some informative quips that can be practically implemented into your day-to-day life (considering your day-to-day life is spent at craft beer breweries, bars, bottle shops, the general presence of beer). Whether you’re a beer lover, already consider yourself a bit of an aficionado, or well-trained piss head who reckons they can hold their booze, you’ll walk away from our tastings with a greater appreciation for our local beer industry, often overshadowed by the vino culture that dominates Spain.

    Let’s make a party of it. We’re here to swallow, not spit, after all. 

    These tastings are perfect for anyone who’d consider our ¿Wine Not? Wine Tastings, but with an aversion to wine or preference for beer. We have the same sick view, entertaining hosts, fun vibrant atmosphere, and free-flowing beverage policy – just swapping the wine for beers!

    We’re also great at entertaining groups, so if you have a Stag Do, Birthday Party, Corporate Group, or just a bunch of mates looking for a new way to get pissed on a Friday night, hit us up and let’s make this event happen!

    You’ll find us on the upstairs terrace at Safestay Passeig de Gracia:
    Passeig de gracia, 33, 08007 Barcelona

    On our wine tasting terrace, adjacent to Passeig de gracia, overlooking the city’s rooftops with views across the surrounding mountain ranges and the sunsets behind them.




    Fun and friendly beer guides

    Fun and friendly beer guides

    Try at least six local craft beers

    Try at least six local craft beers

    Nibbles and snacks for pairing and palate cleaning

    Nibbles and snacks for pairing and palate cleaning

    Perfect afternoon experience, or as a party starter

    Perfect afternoon experience, or as a party starter

    For beer lovers, not beer snobs

    For beer lovers, not beer snobs

    We can tailor experiences to your tastes, likes and needs

    We can tailor experiences to your tastes, likes and needs

    Barcelona Rooftop Beer Tasting
    Filter by type:AllMeet Us There
    Thursday to Sunday from 19:30-21:30Barcelona Rooftop Beer Tasting2 Hours tasting a variety of local Spanish craft beers
    45Per Person Per Package

    Minimum 1 Person/Maximum 30 Persons

    Meet Us There
    Thursday to Sunday from 19:30-21:30Barcelona Rooftop Beer Tasting2 Hours tasting a variety of local Spanish craft beers
    Barcelona Rooftop Beer Tasting

    What’s included

    • 6 craft beers ( lager, wheat beer, amber ale, sour beer, pale ale, I)
    • Snacks to compliment
    • A friendly knowledgeable host
    • Sunset views of the city
    • Free guest-list entry to a top nightclub (details to come!)
    Barcelona Rooftop Craft Beer Tastings Gallery
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          Barcelona Rooftop Craft Beer Tastings

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          Barcelona Rooftop Beer Tasting
          2 Hours tasting a variety of local Spanish craft beers
          • €45 Per Person Per Package
          • Thursday to Sunday from 19:30-21:30

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