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    Barcelona Cooking Class

    Spanish cuisine is famous around the world – and it’s only gaining in popularity as more people visit the country, and its Michelin star restaurants, lively tapas bars and hearty home-style taverns. From paella to gazpacho, tortillas and croquetas, Spanish food is a firm favourite because it’s simultaneously satisfying and delicious.

    Stoke Travel’s Barcelona cooking classes will teach you how to dazzle your friends and family with your Spanish skills in the cocina, while keeping the kitchen party going with daily Spanish cooking classes, because everyone knows the best parties happen when there’s food around.

    Barcelona Cooking Class

    Join Stoke for a three-hour food fest, where you’ll explore one of Barcelona’s famous markets, either La Boquería Market or the Santa Caterina Market, learn to make traditional Spanish treats like paella, sangria and tapas, and then reward yourself by indulging in a Spanish feast with new friends from across the globe!

    Our Spanish cooking class starts with a trip to the world famous La Boqueria food market in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter or the Santa Caterina Market in El Born. You will meet many of the vendors, learn about the local grown produce and catch of the day and select your very own fresh ingredients that you will later use in your cooking.

    Then it’s over to the Stoke kitchen, where you will be rolling up your sleeves, putting on an apron and getting hands on, cooking your tasty Spanish dishes whilst drinking our delicious sangria.

    We take no responsibility for burnt or bad tasting food due to drunken inability!

    What better way to explore and understand Spanish culture than to sample local cuisine, our chefs will talk you through every step of the process giving you cooking tips and ideas. At the end of the class you will be able to sit down and enjoy the food you have prepared (if you’re still standing after all that sangria!) along with a couple more glasses of sangria and an epic bunch of people.

    After all of that you can take your new pals for a couple drinks in one of the many bars in the Gothic Quarter or why not hit up one of the hot Barcelona nightclubs?

    Private classes available for groups of 10 or more people. Email for more information.




    Let’s meet.



    Set off for La Boqueria food market to explore and find the best ingredients for your dishes.



    Return to the kitchen to start cooking and enjoy a delicious meal!



    You should be a little tipsy, full to the brim with delicious food and ready to party the rest of the night away


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    The home of Gaudi, Dali, the 1992 Olympics, FCB and the French Bulldog.

    It’s a tourist Mecca. Thousands upon millions upon billions of sun-seeking, fun-loving revellers flock here every year and there’s a bloody good reason for it. It’s because Barcelona is awesome. It has a bit of everything, but still retains a small city vibe. The nightlife is nothing less than hectic and intense, the day life is a myriad of colours, sites, sounds, smells, street performers and sangria.

    It’s a place you’ve just gotta see. And we’re pretty much experts… if we do say so ourselves… so we’ll show you Barcelona from the Stoke point of view.

    Meeting Point

    Travel Bar

    Carrer de la Boquería 27, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

    The meeting point is inside Travel Bar, just off to Las Ramblas on the street leading away from the Míro mosaic and the Chinese dragon.

    How to get here?

    Come fly to us

    Wherever you are in the world you can fly to Barcelona. Ryanair and Easyjet are budget favourites that fly to Barcelona regularly. One thing to remember is that Girona Airport which is sometimes the cheapest option is an hour by bus from downtown Barcelona.

    Choo choo train

    A great option if you’re coming to Barcelona from elsewhere in Spain, or from France. Check out Renfe for trains from within Spain and snfc for those departing within France.

    Buses are for legends

    Check Eurolines for international buses to Barcelona, or Vibasa for buses from within Spain.



    Questions about the cooking class or life in general? Enter away in the Ask a Question Tab and we’ll answer them here…

    Ask A Question

    Is the food included?

    Is the sangria included?


    Awesome Guide

    Awesome Guide

    Paella & Tapas

    Paella & Tapas

    Walking Tour

    Walking Tour



    Barcelona Cooking Class
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    All Year RoundSpanish Cooking ClassLearn how to cook the best paella!
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    Meet Us There
    All Year RoundSpanish Cooking ClassLearn how to cook the best paella!
    Spanish Cooking Class


    • Local chef
    • Tour to either La Boqueria or Santa Caterina Market
    • Authentic Spanish cooking experience
    • Food & Sangria


    • Guest list nightclub entry 
    Barcelona Cooking Class Gallery

    Unlimited sangria, which is good! The food was delicious and the stoke travel staff were friendly.


    Very cool to learn how to prepare real Spanish dishes. The sangria we made was delicious!


    Great cooks, amazing food, and awesome people! Loved all of it!


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