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    Best Burgers In Barcelona


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    3 years ago | April 27, 2020

    Best Burgers In Barcelona

    By KP, our resident foodie

    Up there with kebabs and curries as the ultimate hangover food, there’s nothing quite like chewing away the previous night’s sins – or doubling down on them – with that hallowed combination of ground beef (or chicken or veggies if you absolutely must must forego the real deal), soft bread, condiments, cheese, bacon – whatever goes into your perfect round sandwich. These are Barcelona’s best burgers, where you can mix an old english-speaking-world favourite, with a splash of local Spanish or Catalan flair. Let’s see that grease dribbling down your chin.

      • La Real(): These burger boiz have two locations, one in the centre of Barcelona and the other in PobleNou. They arguably have the BEST cheeseburger in town (in our opinion anyway). It’ll set you back about €8 and you get a serving of their triple-fried chippies too! You can add a raclet of melted cheese to any of their burgers/chips and they make all their sauces in house (roasted garlic aioli and pepper ketchup are both soooo good). To add to this they have delish entree options if you feel like levelling UP your cheat meal (the truffle triple fried chips with parmesan are to die for, you heard it here)
      • Rooq (): Ok, these guys aren’t technically a burger joint as they specialise in fried chicken (baby!!), BUT they have one of the tastiest (juiciest) chicken burgers in Barcelona. The daily burger menu will set you back about €9 and get you chips plus a drink to slam down. They have a huge selection of sides (their coleslaw & nuggets are a must!), sauces and craft beers to note! Do yourself a favour and get here.
      • La Central (€€): We have much love for La Central, you’ll generally find them on Uber Eats with a €5 burger deal or sometimes 2-for-1 (for you takeaway enthusiasts). Their burgers are really tasty and the size of your face! Their house made chicken nuggets are delicious also! 
      • Maka Maka (€€): Located by Barceloneta beach, Maka Maka has it all. With its “beach shack” style set up, it’s a really enjoyable place to take some sunshine. Really tasty burgers, healthy option menu (if you don’t feel like smashing one of their burgers), delicious cocktails and a nice big terrace for you to enjoy it all on! Our favourite burgers here are the Big Maka and Mr Nice Guy (veggie option). They have a DJ that plays here on weekends also so you can have yourself one epic burger partay.
      • Wild Beef (€): A favourite amongst us Stokies, Wild Beef have the besttttttttttt burgers! Can’t really say much more than that! The burgers are huge, they have a wide range of varieties (vegetarian & fish options), they add a heaping of their home made special sauce on each of them and have a plethora of home made hot sauces/ketchups for you to douse your chips in. To add, you can grab their chicken burger on the menu for €7 daily (gets you chips and a drink also!). We wish they had more locations so we could frequent it more often (our office is no longer located down the road… noooo!!).
      • Blu Bar (€): Our vegan entry for you! Blu Bar, located in PobleNou have THE tastiest vegan burger we have ever had. Their menu is completely vegano, but honestly I don’t think you’d ever know! This is a hotspot amongst locals thanks to its big sunny terrace, well priced beers, creative/healthy menu and friendly service (the owner is a top top bloke). If you’re in the area be sure to pop in!

    Whether you need to line your guts before a Barcelona Boat Party, or treat yourself to something satisfying and greasy afterwards, these Barcelona burger joint recommendations should be just what the party doctor ordered.




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