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    Barcelona Wine Tours And Tastings

    More than a wine tasting, this is a wine drinking

    Join ¿Wine not? for fun, fabulous and unpretentious wine tastings and tours in Barcelona. Not only do we try a variety of delicious whites, reds, rosés, cava and vermouths from Catalonia and further afield in Spain, but we enjoy them in a social, lighthearted, party environment. Our wine tastings will leave you more than just a little bit tipsy, with knowledge and confidence to confront Spanish wine lists and with more than just a little bit of drunk love for Spanish wines.

    The basic tasting includes a welcome cava, a comparison tasting of Spain’s two most prevalent white wines, and then we’ll try a range of Spain’s famous reds, from light to heavy. What we want to do is:
    🍷 Introduce you to some delicious wines from all over Spain,
    🥳 Encourage you to really enjoy what you’re drinking,
    🥂 Chat a little about tasting techniques,
    🍇 Learn about the grapes and the regions we’re enjoying, and above all
    🥴  Have a whole lot of fun.

    🕰️ Every day from 19:30-21:30 (other times available on request)
    If you have particular tastes, needs or tasting desires we can tailor the experience to your group. All white wines? Can do! Rosé on the beach? ¿Wine not? Whatever you want, if it involves Spanish wines we can make it happen

    Wine tasting is supposed to be fun. We take the snobbery out of discovery.

    As the name suggests, ¿Wine Not? is all about drinking the wine, we like to say that we always swallow, never spit when it comes to vino. We won’t bore you with useless advice on how the wine should  taste, but instead give you some information about the region it comes from, the grapes used, any interesting information about the wine’s production – while you taste the wine and tell us what you think. 

    While we’re tasting the wines there will be music playing and snacks provided and the conversation will flow just like the very generous glasses of wine we pour up. 

    Stoke Travel and ¿Wine Not? offer Barcelona wine tastings for lovers of wine, people who actually love to drink wine, and don’t want to be bored with self-indulgent explanations or underwhelming pours. 

    And the best thing about our wine tastings? We make sure that you get all the bang and for not much buck. You’ll be tasting more wine with us, and for less than more boring wine tastings in the city.


    White or red? Wine not both? An exploration of Spanish and Catalan wines

    We’ll be trying an array of wines from the immediate region, as well as from across Spain; our focus is on providing a diversity of delicious wines. From around Catalunya we’ll try wines from big hitting regions like Priorat and Penedes, but also from Alella – the area around Barcelona – as well as Emproda, Terra Alta, Montsant, Costers del Segre, and Pla del Bages. We travel around and visit small, boutique wineries to find the best wines from around the region for us to sample. 

    But we don’t only stick to the immediate region. ¿Wine Not? also has a collection of the most exciting reds from La Rioja, Ribero del Duero, and lesser known areas, like Calatayud, Toro, Somontano, Requeña and Jumilla. We guarantee that we’ll introduce you to new wines and cheaper wine options from around Spain. 

    We don’t just stick with the reds, though. We will take you on a journey, from white to reds, sampling Spain’s freshest and most fun summer whites. The quality of white wine is too often overlooked, but we’ll take you to some local white wine regions, like Alella and Penedes, and to further flung zones, like Galicia’s Rias Baixas, with its saltwater influenced whites, the amazing and unrefined whites that come out of Andalucia’s sherry regions, or Rueda, which finds itself nestled between two of Spain’s greatest red regions, but is renowned for its whites.

    Let’s make a party of it. We’re here to swallow, not spit, after all. ¿Wine not?

    These sessions are parties themselves, with free-flowing wine If you don’t feel like you’ve tried enough wine, we’ll give you your money back. 

    Wine doesn’t make you laugh enough? How about pairing it with some comedians?

    Our Wine and Laughs sessions combine some of Barcelona’s funniest comedians with some of Spain’s most delicious wines. When they’re not telling jokes, we’re telling you about Spain’s wines and wine culture and vice versa. And while we strongly advise AGAINST spitting wine out during wine tastings, spitting it out mid hilarity is definitely advised. 

    You’ll find us on the upstairs terrace at Safestay Passeig de Gracia:
    Passeig de gracia, 33, 08007 Barcelona

    On our wine tasting terrace, adjacent to Passeig de gracia, overlooking the city’s rooftops with views across the surrounding mountain ranges and the sunsets behind them.




    Fun and friendly wine guides

    Fun and friendly wine guides

    Try at least six red and white wines and cavas

    Try at least six red and white wines and cavas

    Nibbles and snacks for pairing and palate cleaning

    Nibbles and snacks for pairing and palate cleaning

    Perfect afternoon experience, or as a party starter

    Perfect afternoon experience, or as a party starter

    For wine lovers, not wine snobs

    For wine lovers, not wine snobs

    We can tailor experiences to your tastes, likes and needs

    We can tailor experiences to your tastes, likes and needs

    Wine cellar, rooftop, beachside or park location

    Wine cellar, rooftop, beachside or park location

    ¿Wine not?
    Filter by type:AllMeet Us There
    Wednesday to Sunday from 17:00-19:00 & 19:30-21.30¿Wine Not? Barcelona Wine TastingThree hours tasting Spain's most tasty wines, from white to rosé and onto the reds
    45Per Person Per Package

    Minimum 1 Person/Maximum 30 Persons

    Meet Us There
    Wednesday to Sunday from 17:00-19:00 & 19:30-21.30¿Wine Not? Barcelona Wine TastingThree hours tasting Spain's most tasty wines, from white to rosé and onto the reds

    Whats included

    • All the wines to taste
    • Your own personal wine guide
    • Knowledge and history of Spain’s wines and regions
    • Terrace located in the heart of Barcelona
    • Great atmosphere and a guaranteed good time 


    Join the WhatsApp  group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IWOlyHry6JDCbiJLavO2FG

    Clubs: All Barclona Beach Clubs (subject to dress code and night.  Note Friday generally Pacha and Saturday Catwalk
    When: Daily meet 11:45pm sharp for midnight entry
    Check in location: NOT AT THE CLUB!!!!
    Meet the Stoke guide and show them your Stoke bracelet/booking confirmation in front of the Main Casino entrance on Moll de La Marina in Port Olimpic at 11:45 sharp!
    Note: Dress to impress (no sandals/beach clothes/Costumes) : All entries are subject to the doorman’s approval and you must bring photo ID
    Any problems: Call our host Rawi on whats app: 0049175 4516682
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          Three hours tasting Spain's most tasty wines, from white to rosé and onto the reds
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