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Oktoberfest 2021

18 Packages Available

Risk-free €1 bookings on all Oktoberfest 2021 camping trips, packages and tours! No more to pay until borders open up, travelling is allowed again, and Oktoberfest is confirmed to be…

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Barcelona Party Pack

2 Packages Available

Barcelona is famous for its extravagant nightlife, countless parties on every night of the week, and its never-ending buzz. The Barcelona Party Pack is the perfect party package for solo…

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Barcelona Nightlife

3 Packages Available

Barcelona the city that never sleeps, but sometimes passes out!

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12 Packages Available

 Upgrade and enjoy a little bit of extra comfort while taking advantage of all the good times in the Stoke Travel campsite.

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Barcelona City Break 2020

6 Packages Available

Barcelona is the perfect place for a city break, the combination of history and art, the sights to see, the culinary experiences and of course the bar hopping and nightlife….

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Barcelona Halloween Ghost Hunt

1 Package Available

Thinking about what to do for Halloween in Barcelona? Look no further! Get freaky with us this Halloween in Barcelona on a super creepy scavenger hunt through the city’s haunted…

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