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    Amsterdam Weekender

    This is Stoke Travel’s set up in The Netherlands, perfect for a cheeky Amsterdam Weekender, or just a cheaper place to stay where you know you’ll be falling into some pretty good times. This is the city of good times and excess and Europe’s premier twisted travel company are a match made in hedonistic heaven. With our partners in Amsterdam we can offer the city’s best experiences – from boat parties on canals, to erotic photoshoots in the city’s now-retired red light district. And you better believe that we’ll be hitting the best of the best of Amsterdam’s nightlife, as well as spending a bit of time in the city’s coffee shops, because what’s a trip to Amsterdam without smoking your way through a bunch of their infamous “coffee”?

    Your new place to stay in the Netherlands – Stoke Travel’s more-inclusive Amsterdam camping

    Whether you just want to come for a night or two and do your own thing, or party with us all weekend with one of our organised and guided Amsterdam Weekender packages, this is the place for you to stay. We’ve got the tents set up for you, so all you have to do is arrive. We’re located just outside Amsterdam centre, on public transport, in a location that’s easily reached by bike (which we can provide for you). After a few trips to Amsterdam we discovered that finding budget accommodation is the toughest part of any trip to the Dutch capital, and so we figured we should bring the Stoke Travel campsite experience to the Netherlands. 

    Stoke Travel’s crazy weekend in Amsterdam

    The first time we went to Amsterdam was way back in 2008 during Stoke’s beginnings.  From what we remember there were lots of truffles and mushrooms – and we’re not talking of the gourmet kind, greening out after requesting the mildest hash in the coffee shop, all of our paths through the city taking us through streets lit with red lights for some reason, and lots of real good times spent cycling around, exploring and partying. It was all in all a fabulous excursion into Amsterdam, but caused us enough physical discomfort to label the city “Amsterdamage”. 

    Now we go back for Kings Day at the beginning of May, but it’s been a while since we organised a proper Amsterdam Weekender. To relive that Amsterdamage spirit, but do it as the more responsible, more organised – but no less wild and fun – 2023 version of Stoke Travel. We want to channel the energy of those wild 2008 days, but to add the professionalism that you probably don’t realise goes into organising a Stoke Travel trip. 

    We’ll be staying in hostels that are perfect for travellers like us, so you don’t run the risk of staying with nerds or in crack houses. Our Amsterdam-based partners are responsible for getting 1000s of travellers into the most epic situations every year, and they’ll be advising us on the experiences and events that we need to get ourselves into – boat parties and their red-light district photo shoot experience, the sex theatre, and so on – and of course, and always, the legendary Amsterdam nightlife. 

    Of course this trip gets into the infamous Amsterdam nightlife

    What more do we need in this life, than a wild night out in Amsterdam? Problem is, when we go to Amsterdam without the guiding advice of locals you can end up wandering the city looking for the party of your dreams, but end up getting coaxed into some dodgy pit of scammers by pimps and prostitutes and when you try to leave are hit with €100 bill for four beers… we speak from experience. 

    That’s why we rely on our local partners to get us into the best situations every weekend that we’re in Amsterdam. They’ve got their own bars, know every club in town, can get us all kinds of deals – basically doing a weekender with Stoke Travel means that all the guesswork in finding the right nightlife in Amsterdam is taken away and someone makes the decisions for us – and they’re not fucked up on boogie juice and various legal and semi-legal and we-don’t-want-to-know substances and so therefore they will make the best decisions. 

    Amsterdam Boat Party Weekender

    They call it the Venice of the north – or maybe that’s Hamburg – but in any case Amsterdam is a city that’s built around its canal networks and therefore a really authentic way to see the city and have a little drinkie and a boogie while you’re doing so is on a party boat canal cruise. It feels like almost anything goes when we’re on the water, like the disconnect from dry land and its pesky rules inspires us to go a little wild, and that’s why we’re running boat parties all year in Barcelona, and why the boat party is an integral part of our Amsterdam weekender. Basically what happens on sea (on canal) stays on sea (on canal). 



    Any day of the weekAmsterdam camping only packages

    • Arrive at the campsite, and start the trip with an hour of beer or sangria and get ready to celebrate!
    • If you are there on a Wednesday or Friday join us for an included pub crawl
    • Breakfast is served every morning
    • Your days are yours to explore what Amsterdam has to offer… Might we suggest a nice coffee shop, or if you’ve feeling adventurous, the red light district

    FridayThe Amsterdam Weekender starts

    • Arrive at our campsite and get settled in
    • Take your included bike along the canals to explore the city
    • Make sure you’re back in the campsite in the afternoon for our “hour of power” bottomless beer and sangria party
    • Let’s go into the city for our pub crawl
    • The legends will kick on at the included club, but let’s not ruin tomorrow


    • Breakfast is served to help nurse the hangover
    • Take your bike to explore the city again
    • Amsterdam canal cruise and boat party is included
    • Another night of partying


    • You’re hungover now, for sure, but let’s make the most of our last day
    • Breakfast is served
    • Let’s bike into town for your walking tour
    • Want to hit one last coffee shop?
    • Fly home baked, you legend.


    Stoke Amsterdam camping

    You’ll find us at Tom Schreursweg 14, 1067 MC Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Amsterdam, Holland

    Amsterdam is the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands. Dutch is the language most predominantly spoken. Attractive to tourists because of its historical atmosphere and modern metropolitan society, this unique combination provides a friendly and relaxed environment, perfect for exploring this beautiful city. Amsterdam is filled with cute little buildings, streets, canals and squares which create an intimacy for tourists that can only be found in Amsterdam. 

    Amsterdam’s main attractions including it’s historic canals, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam Museum, it’s red-light district, and it’s many cannabis coffee shops draw more than 3 million international visitors annually.

    How to get to Amsterdam

    Fly to us

    The best way to do it is to fly into the wonderful and busy Amsterdam Schiphol international airport.

    Trains, buses and ferries

    Amsterdam is well connected with the rest of the world by rail, sea and highway, so buses, trains and ferries are all great options.

    Exciting news! Eurostar are releasing London to Amsterdam direct trains. To check how you’re meeting Stoke Travel in Amsterdam for King’s Day, check out GoEuro. Here you can easily compare trains, buses, flights, and even Bla Bla Cars.

    Once you’ve made it to Amsterdam

    Directions From The Airport

    It’s very easy to get to the campsite from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. You can take the train from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam to Amsterdam Central Station. From there follow the signs to the bus station by going to the exit IJzijde. There you take the city bus number 32 direction Buikslotermeerplein or bus number 33 direction Nieuwendam. Exit at stop Merelstraat, from there the campsite is only 2 minutes walk away.

    Directions From Central Station

    It’s very easy once you are at Amsterdam Central Station. From there you follow the signs to the bus station by going to the exit IJzijde. There you take the city bus number 32 direction Buikslotermeerplein or bus number 33 direction Nieuwendam. Exit at stop Merelstraat. From there the campsite is only 2 minutes walk away.

    Directions From The Campsite To City Centre

    Take the busses number 32 or number 33 back to Amsterdam Central station. Find the exit Oostzijde. You can easily walk from here in the direction of the Dam Square or take number 4 direction Station RAI, 9 direction Diemen, 16 direction VU medisch centrum if you don’t feel like a 5 minute walk.



    Ask A Question

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    What do I wear?

    What’s the weather going to be like?


    Camping Accommodation

    Twin-share tent in Amsterdam

    Daily Breakfast

    Daily Breakfast

    Breakfast daily with bottomless mimosas

    Stoke Guides

    Stoke Guides

    Who encourage you to get loose

    Amsterdam's best experiences and events

    Amsterdam's best experiences and events

    Thanks to our local partners

    Parties in Amsterdam

    Parties in Amsterdam

    Stay by night, or do the whole Amsterdam Weekender
    Amsterdam Camping
    September 2023Amsterdam CampingA cheaper place to stay in Amsterdam
    35Per person, per night
    September 2023Amsterdam CampingA cheaper place to stay in Amsterdam
    Amsterdam Camping

    A cheaper place to stay in Amsterdam.

    – Twin-share tent, sleeping bag, mattress, pillows
    – Breakfast
    – Meet and greet hour of power – beer & sangria
    – Twice a week pub crawl

    – Bike hire (€10 a day)
    – Solo tent upgrade (€15 a day)
    – Hour of power welcome drinks

    Amsterdam Activities
    – Pub crawls (on nights they’re not included)
    – Boat parties
    – Walking/bike tours
    – Red light tours
    – Coffee shop tours



    September 2023Amsterdam WeekenderLet's make a weekend of it
    150Two nights

    With activities included

    Meet Us There
    September 2023Amsterdam WeekenderLet's make a weekend of it
    Amsterdam Weekender

    Let’s make a weekend of it!

    – Twin-share tent, sleeping bag, mattress, pillows
    – Breakfast
    – Meet and greet hour of power – beer & sangria
    – Twice a week pub crawl
    – Bike hire 
    – Amsterdam canal boat party
    – Coffee Shop tour
    – Solo tent upgrade (€15 a day)
    – Hour of power welcome drinks
    Amsterdam Activities
    – Bike tour
    – Red light tours
    – Walking tour




    Amsterdam Weekender Gallery

    My sight is blurry from seeing so much orange, and my head is fuzzy from so much…but man it’s worth it!


    So much beer, so much orange, so much fun! Stoke Travel, thanks again for an incredible experience.


    Who knew the Dutch were so good at partying? Sign me up for King’s Day Festival 2018!


    Wow! I want to do that all over again. Amsterdam you were insane. Thanks Stoke Travel for an awesome weekend.


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