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Stoke Travel Welcomes You To Europe


Posted by Stoke Media Team
1 year ago | January 4, 2019

Stoke Travel Welcomes You To Europe

Now let’s start planning your weekends.

Before we start planning the wildest semester of your university career, are you hella popular and/or love organising amazing trips? Maybe a Stoke Travel ambassador role is right for you. Be the coolest kid you clique just by clicking here. 

Are you ready for the semester of a lifetime? Exploring this wonderful city, making new besties for life, and spending every free moment exploring Europe’s endless charms. Stoke Travel can help you with all three objectives, the European study abroad trinity and the most important things for you to worry about over the next few months. We’re Europe’s number one festival and party travel company. We’re the wildest operators on the continent, making sure that all travellers who stay with us have the most memorable, lit, hectic experiences possible. Whether it’s your Spring Break trip to Ibiza, a snow break in Andorra, drinking the world’s best beer in Munich for Springfest, or Running with the Bulls at the end of your semester, Stoke makes sure you’re always alongside like-minded travellers and partiers. We take great delight in making sure you have the best time ever. And for a super limited time, as a part of our welcome to Europe package, we’re offering you one night free, or a big discount, on most of our trips. Just make sure you enter this promo code:


At checkout to get one night free. Oh, and while these events don’t count as weekends, you shouldn’t forget about our Superbowl party (Barcelona’s best) and the Sitges Carnival party where we fill buses with 100s of travellers and take them to the best carnival this side of Rio.

But, where do you want to go for your weekends? (Click on each for more information and let’s organise some trips.)

Or for all Stoke Travel trips click here 


And so many more trips to choose from.

Don’t miss the boat, get your spring semester 2019 Euro plans sorted NOW! And don’t worry about changing your mind, we’ve got low, refundable deposits and super flexible terms and conditions, so you can get your plans started now, and take advantage of the free extra night, without locking too tightly into your itinerary.

Still not sure? Have a look at this.

Check out all of our trips and get your FREE all-inclusive night now!

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