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    Stoke’s Guide To King’s Day Festival


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | March 17, 2018

    Stoke’s Guide To King’s Day Festival

    Why wouldn’t someone want to join us in celebrating the biggest party of the year in the Netherlands? That’s right, we know you don’t want to miss this opportunity to come and party until the break of dawn with us. The Kings Day Festival is held in the almighty Amsterdam,  home of the infamous red light district, canals, and the devil’s lettuce. Grab everything and anything orange that you can get your hands on and make your way over to a birthday bash fit for a (Dutch) king.

    What Even Is King’s Day

    Formerly known as Queen’s day, it is a national holiday where the local Dutchies and tourists come together to paint the town orange, celebrate, and get weird in honor of their King’s birthday. Since we’re celebrating a King’s birthday, you can assume that this party is a pretty big deal.

    What To Do While There

    There isn’t a dull moment during this King’s birthday bash. From the canals, to the squares, to the flea market, we can guarantee that there will be something that will tickle your fancy. The canals will be flooded with boats, barges, and babes the whole day through. If you think you’ve indulged in too much booze and don’t think you can handle the uneven rocking of a boat, don’t worry. Every square in the city is new party. The squares fill with DJ’s and bands and the dancing and drinking never end. While you’re making your way through all the parties, be sure to check out the city-wide flea market – vendors line the streets well in advance to haggle with the party goers.

    What To Wear

    Orange. Orange pants. Orange shirts. Orange panties. Orange wigs. Orange shoes. Orange paint. Orange glitter. Orange everything and anything. Why Orange? Simply put, it’s the King’s birthday and orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family. So don’t piss off the King on his birthday by not wearing orange.

    King’s Night

    If you’re the type that likes to get the party started a little early, King’s night has got you covered. It’s the night before the birthday extravaganza and the best bars and clubs open their doors for the eager party people. Many people will party their way all night and well into the next day, while the others try and get a few hours of a rest in before the big event the next day.

    Chill Out

    You’ll be at the craziest party in all of the Netherlands, so relax and don’t be in a hurry. The streets will be crowded in the best way possible with faces from all over the world, terrible dance moves, and live music for everyone to enjoy. The party is absolutely everywhere, so as long as your drink is full, just go with the flow.

    Other Than The Festival

    If you’re traveling in to Amsterdam for more than just a day or two, then you’re in luck. Amsterdam is crawling with places to go and things to smoke. If you consider yourself as a more experienced partier, make your way over to any one of Amsterdam’s smoke filled coffee shops for some of the best cannabis around. The coffee shops aren’t the only thing that Amsterdam is known for though. Rent a bike, take a ride to a park, and give your body a break after the King’s Day Festival.

    Let us show you the way if you’re looking to turn yourself into an orange and party with the Dutchies!

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