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    La Tomatina 2024

    La Tomatina 2024 is on Wednesday the 28th of August
    And Stoke Travel’s hotels are open from the 26th-29th of August

    La Tomatina in Spain is the world’s biggest fruit fight, where every year thousands of travellers, warriors and party lovers gather to hurl tomatoes at each other. In 2023 La Tomatina will again take place in Buñol, a small village outside Valencia, where food fights with tomatoes have been happening since 1944 at least.

    Stoke Travel has been coming to Valencia for La Tomatina for more than a decade now, and is La Tomatina’s hotel option, with more fun as you will be staying with like-minded travellers from all over the world.

    Our all-inclusive La Tomatina packages:

    🎟️ La Tomatina tickets (festival entry)

    🏕️ Hotel accommodation with AC

    💃 Plenty of parties with beats all-day

    🕵 Opportunities to explore Valencia or just enjoy some time on some Mediterranean beaches, and
    make new best pals from all over the world.

    La Tomatina 2024

    the Spanish food fight is as messy and fun as you’d expect it to be

    Valencia’s La Tomatina is a bucket list event that every year sees 20,000 people descend on the small town of Buñol just to throw tomatoes at their friends, enemies, strangers and loved ones. The history of La Tomatina is deep, with records of tomato fights in the village going back to 1944 at least, and today people come from all over the world to enjoy the experience of throwing some 120 tonnes of tomatoes at each other. It is quite simply the most fun you can have with your food, and Stoke Travel has more than a decade of experience bringing people to this one-of-a-kind spectacle.

    la Tomatina tickets

    Buñol, the village where the tomato battle takes place, has limited space and given the growing number of interested tomato fighters coming from all over the world, the festival organisers have capped the number of allowed participants in the La Tomatina tomato fight to 20,000 (before the cap the number of attendees was getting close to 50,000 and the village’s narrow streets couldn’t safely support that number). This means that to enjoy La Tomatina you need to get a ticket from an authorised seller, and Stoke Travel has made sure that we have enough for the travellers who are staying with us at our hotel.

    La Tomatina Hotel Stays

    We have a variety of hotels in central Valencia for you to choose from this La Tomatina. If you’re interested enter your details and we’ll get you in touch with our La Tomatina hotel brokers.

      Enjoy Valencia & La Tomatina from barcelona

      But we don’t just come for La Tomatina. We like to use the opportunity to explore Valencia, Spain’s third biggest city with its parties, playas, paellas, and… oranges. Staying with Stoke Travel for La Tomatina includes your stay in hotel rooms complete with ensuite toilets, transfers to and from the tomato fight, Stoke Travel’s experienced guides, and beach games, good vibes, live music and plenty of parties outside the festival itself. Can’t hack multiple days off work, or you’re just keen for the main event of throwing some tomatoes around? Check out our day trip from Barcelona, for a crazy 24 hours with us.

      Or get the bus from Valencia to the tomato fight

      If you’re in Valencia and not staying with us (boooo!) why not jump on the bus with us to the Tomato Fight and use us to get you your La Tomatina ticket?

      The Tomato Fight

      The concept is quite simple – on August 28th tonnes and tonnes, 120 tonnes to be precise, of tomatoes are dumped in the village of Buñol and thousands of partiers from around the world scoop them up and hurl them at each other. It’s game on! While it is war, it’s a war of fun and love (deep down). Nobody gets hurt (hopefully), we all just get a little dirty. You don’t know the pleasure of hurling tomatoes until you’ve tried it, trust us. From the moment the canon fires signalling the start of the battle, we have about an hour to throw as many tomatoes as humanly possible – and there are millions to choose from, soft ones, hard ones, green ones, rotten ones, the choice is yours. Once the fight is done, we’ll wash off in the Buñol river, and then make our way back to Valencia (where we’ll continue to find tomato on our bodies for hours afterwards, if not days).


      Please make a note of the following times so you don’t miss out on all the yummy food and important transport departure times! 


      August 26

      • 10am – hotel opens for Check-in
      • During the day – Check out the beach or head into Valencia to see what the city has to offer
      • Night time – Go in to see Valencia nightlife!

      August 27 Foreplay Party

      • During the day – Check out the beach or head into Valencia to see what the city has to offer

      August 28 FIGHT!

      • 3:30am – *Day Trip bus departs Barcelona
      • 6am: Wake up!
      • 6am – 7am: Tasty bottomless brunch with bloody marys
      • 7am: Busses leave for Tomato Fight
      • 10am: The crowd scrambles to reach a leg of ham balanced on a 5m high wooden pole. When (if) someone reaches this ham, the tomato fight officially begins!
      • 11am: If no one reaches the ham before 11am a rocket is launched and trucks carrying tonnes and tonnes of tomatoes are dumped throughout the street. Prepare yourself for about an hour of absolute carnage of throwing fleshy fruit at strangers, friends, family, locals and tourists alike. Following the fight we’ll head back towards the buses. You can stop off to be rinsed for a coin donation by locals with their garden hoses. Remember to bring a spare change of clothes!
      • 2pm: Busses leave to head back to hotel
      • 7pm – *Day trip bus leaves Valencia for Barcelona 
      • 8pm: Busses head to Official La Tomatina After Party (add on for €15 when booking, or reach out to us if you’ve changed your mind!)

      August 29

      • 3am – *Busses return from La Tomatina Afterparty
      • Checkout at 10am



      Trip Type:

      Valencia, Spain

      We stay in a hotel in the city centre.

      There is so much more to the region outside of the festivities! Valencia has a wonderful old walled city, great modern architecture, clubs, restaurants, beaches and bars. It’s just wonderful! Come and see it! You’re going to love it! We adore it!

      Map & Directions

      Check out Omio for the best rates on buses, trains, and flights around Europe.

      However you get to Valencia, whether by plane, train or bus, throw the hotel into Google Maps to find the quickest way to arrive. 


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Your question isn’t there? Ask away. Enter in the Ask a Question popup and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the answers!

      Ask A Question

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      What’s the sleeping situation?

      Are the shuttles to and from Tomatina included in the price?


      Hotel Accommodation

      Hotel Accommodation

      Twin-share pre-erected tents with foam mats and sleeping bags



      Tasty brunch daily with unlimited mimosas (all dietary requirements can be catered for)

      Party With Amazing Travellers

      Party With Amazing Travellers

      The Famous Stoke Guides

      The Famous Stoke Guides

      Awesome guides

      Transport To & From The Tomato Fight

      Transport To & From The Tomato Fight

      Return transport to and from the festival
      Use 2 or more nights from your Stoke Travel Passport
      La Tomatina 2024
      Filter by type:AllMeet Us ThereOther
      August 26 - August 293 day 3* HotelMEET US AT OUR LA TOMATINA HOTEL
      250/Per Person Per Night

      2 night min, flexible terms, group payments

      Meet Us There
      August 26 - August 293 day 3* HotelMEET US AT OUR LA TOMATINA HOTEL


      • Welcome drink on arrival.
      • Your official La Tomatina Ticket 
      • Private transfers to and from the Tomato fight
      • Hotel accommodation
      • Access to hot showers free of charge 
      • Festival info & tips
      • With guides to lead you into the mayhem
      • Pop up bar in Buñol (La Tomatina site) with flowing drinks to prepare you for the fight


      • Open bar of unlimited beer and sangria (€15/DAY) 
      • Your Stoke Travel white La Tomatina T-Shirt for the festival (worth €15), Bring your own bottoms and shoes! (We highly recommend closed-toed shoes, they will get destroyed!)
      • La Tomatina Afterparty (€15 per person)
      August 28Day Trip From BarcelonaJOIN US FOR 24HRS OF MADNESS
      95/Per Person Per Package

      Flexible terms, group payments

      August 28Day Trip From BarcelonaJOIN US FOR 24HRS OF MADNESS


      • Round private coach trip from Barcelona
      • Guides to lead you into the mayhem
      • La Tomatina ticket
      • Welcome drink on arrival in Buñol
      • Pop-up bar in Bunol (La Tomatina site) with flowing drinks
      • Breakfast rolls on departure 


      • White Stoke La Tomatina T-Shirt ONLY €15 – to pre-order email with your booking ID and size (S,M,L,XL), 
      • If you’re keen to add a San Sebastian stay to the end of your trip, please email
      August 28La Tomatina Ticket ComboCAN'T SLEEP WITH US, JOIN US FOR THE FIGHT
      25/Per Person
      Meet Us There
      August 28La Tomatina Ticket ComboCAN'T SLEEP WITH US, JOIN US FOR THE FIGHT


      • Official La Tomatina Ticket – Pick up at pop-up bar, check-in opens from 8:30 am
      • Pop Up Bar pre-fight with flowing drinks – open from 8:30am-9:30am


      • White Stoke La Tomatina T-Shirt ONLY €15 – to pre-order email with your booking ID and size (S,M,L,XL), 
      La Tomatina 2024 Gallery
      Reviews from La Tomatina 2024

      There was a cool party atmosphere at the La Tomatina campsite and young, outgoing staff who love to party with you!


      Everyone was laughing, talking and making new friends, it was great.


      It felt like I was a part of a big pasta sauce and I loved it. Everything was covered in tomato juice and no one cared! It was better than I had imagined.


      The atmosphere was really cool and I felt welcome as soon as I walked through the entrance to the playground.


      Very, very good price for a last minute booking for La Tomatina. We were able to have all the transport organised for La Tomatina. Really loved the beach near the camp site.


      One of the best things I’ve done whilst in Europe! I would definitely recommend La Tomatina and can’t wait to travel with you guys again in 2018.


      AMAZING! A great bunch of people to let loose with. Atmosphere was great and they ensure you do nothing but party! Bring on Stoketoberfest!!


      Me and me three friends stayed with stoke last year for La Tomatina. It was fun from the moment we stepped foot into the campsite to the point where we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our new friends. Even when the actual tomato fight wasn’t on there was still loads to do. I honestly couldn’t pin point a time where I wasn’t laughing… Well maybe during the little sleep we had! Best Trip ever! Would Recommend! xoxo


      I went with Stoke Travel for La Tomatina this year, and it was one of the best experiences ever, from the very moment we stepped foot into the campsite. The campsite had a constant party vibe with live bands, beer pong and places to just chill and enjoy their unlimited beer and sangria – cannot complain one bit. Considering accommodation was actually camping, and I am not usually one to be up for the camping life, the tents were nothing special but comfortable enough to rest your spinning head after the constant partying (not that you’d really ever want to sleep ever and miss out on the fun!) Also, the food was way better than I expected, with 3 meals a day which were actually tasty ones. I’ve never been to quite a festival in my life, it was crazy and tonnes of fun – the guides were super helpful when it came to La Tomatina itself and fun to experience the event with!! I highly recommend La Tomatina, it’s something that should have made it on my bucket list waaay long ago, and i do highly recommend going with Stoke Travel – they’ve got the best few days planned out for you and all you need to do is make the most of it!


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