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    The Value of a Spanish Tongue

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | July 19, 2018

    The Value of a Spanish Tongue

    You’ve spent the whole year saving (only going out for smashed avo once a week instead of three times) and you’re about to jet off for the trip of a lifetime – the Spanish summer. Previous years have been spent scrolling through social media, drooling over pictures of the world’s best fiestas while jealousy seeps from your pores, but now it’s your turn!

    So you’ve done your research, booked your flights, and set yourself a loose itinerary, but chances are that you’ve overlooked a pretty important detail– not everybody you’ll meet is going to speak English!  That means you’re going to be shit out of luck if you can’t muster the occasional “cerveza, por favor.”  If you still need convincing, here’s some reasons why your tour of Spain needs to include a couple language lessons.

    Showing off

    One way to really impress your new-found travel buddies is to have a sneaky bit of Spanish under your belt, ready to whip out at the perfect time. Just as someone else has given up and turned to google translate, you’ll be ready to take the wheel.  No matter what else you bring to the table, being the only point of communication with the locals will make you an invaluable travel companion. Your friends will probably even shower you with free drinks (when you’re not at a Stoke camp getting all your beers and sangria free) to show their gratitude.

    Meeting the Locals

    Yeah, you’ve got your travel posse built from the best and brightest that Spain’s hostels and fiestas have to offer, but did you really come all this way to hang out with people you could have met at the supermarket back home? You’re in Spain, so go chat up some locals! Of course, you’ll need to be able to string together a coherent bunch of verbs and nouns, but imagine all the things you’ll learn and experience when you start hanging out with people who actually know things about the city you’re visiting.  Locals know where to find the best bars, the hippest hangout spots, and the events you’ll never hear about otherwise. Not to mention all the gorgeous Spaniards that you’ll be able to talk to…

    It’s really not that hard

    At Stoke, we like to say ‘fuck plans, follow your heart,’ and the good news is that you can live the free-spirited life you’ve always wanted while also improving your Spanish skills.  Commitment-phobes rejoice, because the good people at Suspanish have you covered. They’ll hook you up with the language school and type of class that suits you best, wherever you happen to be.  With over 650 different courses available through 68 language schools in 26 cities across Spain, Suspanish will connect you to a Spanish class that fits into your schedule. That means you’ll be free to follow Stoke around to all the crazy events we visit, like the La Tomatina tomato fight in Valencia, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, or even a wild weekend in Ibiza, and find a Spanish class that’s right for you while you’re there.

    Take a peek at our 2018 Calendar and then head over to Suspanish to find a course that fits in your party schedule

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