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    How To Be The Sauciest Person At La Tomatina


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | August 21, 2018

    How To Be The Sauciest Person At La Tomatina

    You’ve probably heard that La Tomatina is coming up damn quick and it’s going to be one big fun, saucy tomato fest. If you haven’t heard, we’re telling you now (where the hell have you been?). Every year thousands of travellers flock to Valencia ready to throw tomatoes at the faces of complete strangers and run around looking like they’ve just been involved in a big ol’ massacre. Although this fiesta is known for being hot and messy, this isn’t always a bad thing. At the end of the day we’re all hot messes right? Despite what you may think, La Tomatina is a pool of potential when it comes to having luck with the opposite sex. You may think Who’s gonna wanna make out with me when i’m covered in tomato and can’t even see properly?. The answer is heaps of people, but only if you play your cards right. Here are our top tips on how to be the sauciest person at La Tomatina:

    1. Wear a white shirt

    For some reason, the Spanish love to wear white to all their big, messy fiestas. Who knows why, maybe their Mums just really love washing and getting massive stains out of white clothes, but regardless of the reason, it’s always white. Perhaps the reasoning behind it is so that every festival ‘accidentally’ turns into a wet t-shirt competition. The things is though, you can use this to your advantage. Those rock hard abs you’ve been working on for months in preparation for your Euro trip? Get em out! That teeny weeny bikini you’ve been living in? Pop it on under your white tee for ultimate babe points. What better way to suss out the physique of a potential babe then in a tomato sauce wet t-shirt competition? This can definitely be used to your advantage. Extra points for leaning back and running your hands through your hair (or at least trying to) while your wingman showers you in tomatoes – in slow motion obviously.

    1. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty

    No one likes a pansy sitting on the sidelines afraid to get their hair dirty. You’re here to get messy, so get fucking messy! Get amongst it, throw tomatoes in every direction and take it like a champion when they come flying at you. Confidence is key here and if you’re looking to impress, then take it like a man, and if you’re not a man even better! Take it like a women, or like a non-binary individual, or whatever the flip you want to take it like. Everyone loves a go-getter, risk taker, rule breaker – it’s all part of the macho vibe. You’re not scared of a few flying tomatoes are you? Of course you’re bloody not. Dive in there, swim around in it, laugh in the face of blindness when the acidic tomato juice feels like it’s burning your eyeballs out and no matter how hard you get hit, never complain – it’s not a good look. Most importantly, don’t be surprised when all the babes come flocking your way because you’re having the time of your life and they want to join the party.

    1. Be a hero where necessary

    Imagine this, you’re in a street with thousands of people going crazy on a tomato throwing rampage, they’re coming from every direction, hard and fast. You look over and see a fellow tomato thrower struggling. They’re fatigued, they’re dirty, they can’t open their eyes and they’re fading fast. What do you do? You run over and save the day of course! While it’s every man for himself, no one can resist a knight in shining armor. Although in this case, it’s almost definitely a muscly lad in a once white t-shirt reaching down into the saucy depths to help you up and make sure you’re ok, a hero is a hero all the same. Kindness is sexy and taking care of your fellow comrades is definitely a massive tick when it comes to impressing that cutie you’ve been eying off all morning.

    1. Bust out your sweet dance moves at the official afterparty

    Everyone loves a spicy dance move and there are no limits on the moves you can pull out at the afterparty. After the fight itself, this is the hottest party in town and you definitely don’t want to be missing out. Once you’ve been into the tomato fight and had the time of your life, you’ve washed off in the pool and attempted to make yourself presentable, you head on down to the afterparty. This is where all the hip, cool, trendy travelling honeys will gather for some dancing and obviously more boozing. If there was ever going to be an opportunity for you to find that lil’ cutie you spotted amongst the red streets that you never thought you’d see again it’s here. So don’t wait, get a spot on the dance floor and bust out those moves.

    1. Travel with Stoke

    We may be biased, but we believe there is a mysterious coating of irresistible that falls upon people as soon as they enter the coveted Stoke Travel campsite. A rare and unexplainable sex appeal that can only be gained by becoming a part of the Stoke family. Some say it has something to do with the unlimited beer and sangria but we beg to differ. It’s not something we can explain so you’ll have to come and find out for yourself. There’s a 69% chance you’ll find yourself a tent buddy, which is pretty good odds if you ask us. It’s no wonder we attract so many hotties from all over the world when the staff set the precedent… We don’t know why it is or how to explain it, but camping with Stoke makes you seem at least 15% saucier, so you’ll just have to trust us and come and see for yourself.

    Do you wanna come and get saucy with us? There’s only one correct answer here and that is yes. So stop whatever it is you’re doing right now which is way less important than booking your trip to La Tomatina with Stoke Travel and book. Right now. 

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