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Ibiza Villa (formerly Ibiza Beach Camp) 2024

Discover the spectacular side of europe’s premier party destination
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    Ibiza Villa (formerly Ibiza Beach Camp)

    In 2020 Stoke Travel does Ibiza properly, no more messing around. We started from humble beginnings in this Mecca of all party destinations, with tents in the hot Ibiza sun, but now, because you’re worth it, we’ve upgraded to a mother-flippin’ villa with a swimming pool. Welcome to Stoke Villa Ibiza. Parties, swimming, beaches and beers, it’s all ready and waiting for your arrival.

    Ibiza Villa (formerly Ibiza Beach Camp)

    You will stay in our luxury villa with a private pool, 40,000 square metres to play around in and gorgeous sea views. From here we will set off on adventures to find hidden paradise beaches, cliff-jumping expeditions and all sorts of fun nature activities. Located near the historical village of San Llorenç de Balafia a 30-minutes drive from Ibiza Town in the beautiful countryside. Our Stoke villa has a great atmosphere and a wicked crowd. We have created the perfect Ibiza villa setup with access to the amazing natural beauty of Ibiza with the Hippie lifestyle and the rave filled evenings.

    Ibiza is renowned for its discos and nightclubs and sunset bars, its dancing and drinking and sex, its beauty and glamour and white boats with people wearing white and huge sunglasses. And that’s just fine, because it’s in beautiful environments like this that these hedonistic pursuits can really flourish. So we go there not only to party, but to party while appreciating the island’s natural charms. Plus, the natural charms of it’s inhabitants. Because of course, if you take the world’s number one party destination and plonk it on top of one of the world’s most naturally delightful islands, of course the beautiful people are going to be there.

    Stay with Stoke Travel

    You can arrive, leave any day and stay as long as you like (min. 2 nights). When you get here, you’ll be greeted with a welcome beer or sangria, shown to your dorm and orientated (pool is that way, beers are that way). Then we shall commence bliss time. We do daily yoga, there’s snorkeling, cliff jumping, tanning, swimming, oh, and drinking. We’ll feed you a hearty breaky, make you a take-to-the-beach lunch and we’ll make the most of the daylight hours. Come sundown, we’ll start sipping more heavily on our unlimited booze while we make ready for the party night ahead. We’ll head into town to party at one of the hot Ibiza clubs, or we’ll dance on the beach under the stars.

    Stoke Travel Passport Holders

    Book Ibiza Villa for 2 nights or more with nights from your Stoke Travel Passport. Unsure what the Stoke Travel Passport is? Check it out here! Your universe will change. 

    Itinerary For Stoke villa Ibiza 

    This is a guide itinerary for your Stoke Vila Ibiza experience. The beauty of staying with Stoke Travel is that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, your way. 




    Prepare for the day with a morning yoga sesh




    Tuck into some lovely breakfast daily of pancakes or french toast, eggs, oats, fruit, juice



    Have a dip in the pool, go for a bushwalk or just get to know your new mates. Also the bar is now open!



    Pick up your lunch and get ready to head out for the day




    Daily excursion departs, we’ll take you to the best, most hidden spots on the island including beaches, cliff jumping, abandoned hotels and so much more!



    If you’re arriving, we do our daily free pick up from Santa Eularia bus station. Wear a party shirt so we can find you!



    Head to a hippie market



    Rack up some beer pong



    Head back to camp to prepare for the night’s festivities and have dinner and warm up drinks



    Family dinner time



    Time to head out and party, find a quiet spot under the stars or get a good night’s rest for tomorrow. It’s last call at the bar.





    Stay in our luxury villa with private pool, 40,000 square metres to play around in and gorgeous sea views. From here we will set off on adventures to find hidden paradise beaches, cliff-jumping expeditions and all sorts of fun nature activities.

    Near the historical village of San Llorenç de Balafia. 30-minutes drive from Ibiza Town in the beautiful countryside. Free pick up from Santa Eularia bus station at 15:00. Take bus 24 from the airport to get to Santa Eularia, they leave every hour. €40 taxi from the airport or Ibiza Town

    Click here to download the Ibiza Bus app for Android or iPhone.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Enter your questions in the Ask a Question Tab and we’ll answer them here… when we get time between partying our pants off and organizing epic tours.

    Ask A Question

    What’s the Villa like?

    How do I get around?

    What should I bring?

    Is alcohol cheap?

    What clubs will we go to?

    Will I pull a hottie?

    How long does the ferry take to get to the island?

    Do we have to go clubbing?


    Private Villa with a pool

    Private Villa with a pool

    uxury villa with a private pool, 40,000 square metres to play around in and gorgeous sea views

    Meals Breakfast & Lunch

    Meals Breakfast & Lunch

    Awesome Guides

    Awesome Guides

    Welcome Drinks

    Welcome Drinks



    Daily morning Yoga

    Discounted Club Entry

    Discounted Club Entry



    Use 2 or more nights from your Stoke Travel Passport
    Ibiza Villa (formerly Ibiza Beach Camp)
    This Trip is No Longer Available

    Check back or contact us to learn more.

    Ibiza Villa (formerly Ibiza Beach Camp) Gallery
    Reviews from Ibiza Villa (formerly Ibiza Beach Camp)

    The villa was the perfect getaway from life. I booked a 7-day package (I was originally a bit apprehensive staying that long), and it turned out to be perfect – I honestly could have even stayed longer. The location was beautiful, always clean, and the patio/pool was amazing. The included meals were also delicious and a great way to save on the pricey island of Ibiza. However, the people were really what made the experience unforgettable. The staff was very fun, hands on, and always had things planned for the day that we could participate in if we chose. I was a solo traveller, and it wasn’t a problem for a second here. Almost everyone else was as well, and the communal accommodations allowed us all to bond very quickly. It is a little farther from the city, however, it’s close to many beaches that are away from the tourist crowds. If you do want to go to the city, gathering groups for taxis and excursions proved to be a fantastic way to make friends. Our assembled group is already planning a trip again for next year 🙂


    My friends and I made some of the best memories of our lives on our Ibiza Beach Camp trip. The staff was phenomenal and by the end of our trip they felt like family. The super chill vibes, along with the awesome adventures made it hard to leave. Stoke Travel is definitely one of the best travel companies to book through and we will definitely be back!!


    1. One of the best experiences in my life so far.
    2. One of the most unexpected trips
    3. The most incredible crew and guests: it’s unusual
    4. You leave in tents, you drink beer and sangria, you have a little dance
    5. At first, it seems not so convenient, but then you REALLY enjoy it: it’s an absolutely Must Try
    6. I think the optimal trip period there would be like 3-5 days. If you take 2: you won’t get used to it. If you take more: you run out of clean clothes.
    7. TIPS:
    *Do not forget phone chargers
    *Do not plan to be online
    *Better eat with the crew/guests in the camp: it’s cheap, fun, tasty, fresh
    *Never go to the city/clubbing alone – it will be more expensive and boring. Find at least 4 people crew and taxi round trip to the club would be around 15-20 euros max.
    *Impossible to get laid. But I did.
    *Take a driving license: quad/scooter rent place is really close and not so expensive for Ibiza prices.
    *ALWAYS plan and check what clubs are having what kind of a party. Each night you should go clubbing. Unless you are on Ibiza for more than 5 days. We took 8.
    *Do not cry if you step on the sea orchid. It’s just cuz you are unlucky at that particular day.
    *If you don’t know what “HIPPIE”, you’ll learn it.

    Vassiliy Pshenichnyy

    Stayed with Stoke in Ibiza and the crew (Danny, Jayde, Desiree and Hamish) were incredible! I was travelling solo and on an alcohol detox (stupid place to go, right) but there was no pressure to drink and they still made sure I joined in and had a good time. They organised great day trips, great food and had all the knowledge about things to do and the best places to party on the island. The camp itself has a pretty chilled out vibe and easy to meet other travellers. Would highly recommend!

    Tash Flint

    I am on my way back from Ibiza beach camp and 5 stars is not enough. Loved every second of it from the beginning till the end. I was worried how is it going to be for me as a solo traveller but everyone was very welcoming and nice. Starting from the staff, ending will fellow campers. I literally had the time of my life and I know already that I will back. I have never ever felt sad when leaving a place but today is the day. Love you guys 

    Martin Sanitra

    The Ibiza beach camp was one of the best experiences of my life! Honestly the vibes at that camp are unreal, nothing better than dragging ourselves back from the club every morning knowing there’d be a banging homecooked meal, a breaky beer and a bunch of your favourite mates waiting to remind you of all the embarrassing shit you did the night before. So much love for the stokies who took our poor hungover souls on daily adventures, got absolutely lit on the boat party with us, cooked us the most delicious meals and showed us the best party spots on the island. Especially recommended for solo travellers, you’ll feel like family in no time.

    Anna Simmons


    Would just like to drop a thanks to everyone last weekend at the Ibiza Beach Camp !!!
    We had the best time there, so good that we could’ve stayed there much longer !
    Dinner and breakfast the staff put on every day was amazing, as well as the lunches (packed or not) !
    Amazing trips to the beach and into town, the staff there really know how to show you a good time.
    Everyone there was very welcoming from the very moment we arrived, they make you feel like apart of their Stoke family.
    We definitely consider ourselves apart of it now and will most likely be going again next summer.

    Specially shout outs to Andoni, who pretty much grew up on the island and knows all the locals and grouse spots, as well as his very kind and friendly nature !
    To Molly, for taking us to yoga class on the beach every morning, which was one of the best ways to start the day and beat the hangover !
    To Hamish, for keeping an eye out on everyone and holding our passports so we didn’t lose them, as well as the great communication via email and checking us in early !
    To Amanda, for being an all round trooper and very lovely person !
    To Jamie & Georgia, for all the breakfast beers and beer pong matches (win or lose) !
    To Blake, for chillin’ out with us when we just needed to beat the hangover !

    Our sunburns will fade, but our memories definitely won’t !

    Thank you all once again for one of the best weekends we’ve ever had in our life 🙂

    Much love,

    Bec & Kane.


    I couldn’t of asked for a better time, made some great friends and had such a good laugh, however a weekend isn’t long enough! So I’ve decided to come back again for a week at the end of August, can’t wait to see you all again 


    I can’t recommend this trip enough! Put it this way, we had four people in our group change their flight/stay to stay longer – it’s that good. Hamish and his staff were all so lovely and always made sure everyone was taken care of and having a great time. The people there during our week all turned into a family, made strong through family dinners and all night clubbing. We rented scooters and that was a great way to see the island, but otherwise the staff will show you around to beaches and hippie markets, giving you a great blend of day and night experiences – Ibiza is so much more than amazing DJs. It’s one of my all time favorite experiences, do it!

    Chloe C.

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